I strongly believe in collaboration and assisting my clients to design what they find most beautiful. We all have an esthetic forest inside made up of the trees of our small decisions. I call this one's "natural motif." My job is to perceive my client's inner sense of beauty and build their piece around it.

I like to convey a powerful feeling without being overly ornate or complex. I like designs from the Art Deco period, ethnic cultures from the past, Modernism and Japan. Sufficient art to make a powerful impact but no more is what I aim for. My work is almost simple.

I'm always listening for the project's motif, which is some simple geometric shape like an angle or an arc, an irregular trapezoid or even a circle with 10 sides. It may come from the client or the location, from ergonomics or traffic flow. Once I have the motif I build variations and versions of it all over the piece which results in a consistent look. Everything feels right.

There might be several motifs that interact and there will be exceptions and paradigms. The motif will guide the design through unforeseen situations and provide inspiration for new features.

My designs are not fixed or finalized until the whole piece is done. Good ideas can be included at any stage of the game, from anyone who suggests them.

If you start out with restrictive ideas like all angles must be 90 degrees, no details are allowed, the "boss" must be obeyed, or everything must be symmetrical, congruent and rubber stamped, then you have lost the game before it has even begun. You cannot create a powerful work starting with negative presumptions. There will always be details and variations, they are essential to create the flavor of the piece.