I'm Dave Boyle and I'm a designer, artist and sculptor with a very strong sense of 3D space. I work mostly in wood, but also in metal and stone. Instead of creating conventional sculptures to be looked at, I build artistic furniture, porches and decks, arbors, fences and gates. I'm a construction artist.

Please look through the photo galleries at the examples of my work. I hope that most of you will see something to like, a few of you will find something to love, and some will love it so much that you'll call me up and hire me to build something for you! I would love to hear about your next project.

Click around and see what you can find, clicking on a small picture will get you a big one. Leave me some comments on the guest book. Everything here I have designed and built myself, including this website and all the graphics on it. Thanks for dropping by to visit and have a nice day!