Chapter 1: Cards

1-Womans Problems #

Once upon a time there was a woman who had a problem. She decided she would find a man to solve her problem for her. Now the woman had 2 problems.

Chance and Intent - distribute

Opportune Intent

intent and effort

Once upon a time intent burst forth onto a landscape of opportunity.

Once upon a time there was a dance between opportunity and intent. Need 2 dancers who compete - pas de deux - cold at first then loving.


twice women are getting bonked on the head - should be one each

Forest Spring

Forest Spring

Once upon a time a young boy decided to spend a day in the country. From the moment he woke up he prepared for the hike that he had anticipated all week. He planned to walk from home to the edge of town on city streets, then hike across country, through farm fields and strips of forest, then finally arrive at the Dairy Aire, a cafe and playground area on the edge of town. There he could play on the swings and other equipment and buy a lunch. A burger and fries - luxury! His Mom would drive by later and pick him up. And so he set out, all loaded up with boyish enthusiam and optimism, who knows what adventures the day might bring!

The city streets were rather loud and busy, and he knew that behind the Dairy Aire on his side, the land was all forest and corn fields. He reasoned that it must be posssible to make the turn sooner, enjoy a trek across the countryside and come upon the Dairy Aire from it’s back yard. He made the turn, found the fields, and went cross country.

there was a spring fed pool - no-one can know where the raindrops have been

Silently the waters slipped downstream taking their secrets with them.

He emerged from the forest and to his left appeared a stream of water. Flowing downhill. That’s odd he thought. I just came from around that way. I would have had to have seen a stream before now. So he took off his socks and his shoes were no stranger to water so he stepped in and splashed upstream, back under the trees. He found himself in a small pool under an alcove of dense leaves. Sunlight slanted down and lit up the water in a green and silver glow.

The surface of the pool bulged upwards in half a dozen places. Sometimes the water on his legs was warm and sometimes it was very cold. He walked about in the knee deep water. Where the surface bulged upwards he could feel jets of water shooting up vertically out of the ground. The water that came up there was cold more often than warm. This must be a spring he thought. The water is coming out of the ground. He imagined the landscape for miles around. Water falling as rain soaked into the ground and flowed down deep into rocks and sand. The pressure from the falling water forced up water from deep below, from the darkness til it came out here. It was impossible for any awareness to know all the places the water had been. He looked away from the water and tilted his head back to look up at the canopy of dense trees. He wanted to remember this place as it was so beautiful. From his throat he made gurgling sounds that mimicked the sound of the water. He drank some and it was so good, now the cold was the best. He felt terrific, his mind became calm and without words.

new themes

The line that people will not cross

people will collaborate with amoral things until they get to a line they will not cross

None of that wealth for that guy - the Ron Jeremy Effect

someone wealthy in one dimension will be denied success in another

the double boom of the gong

the appearance of a darkness

the wall of truth on the horizon

a flash of recognition between characters on the eband

Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect

Once upon a time a young child lived her life. She ran around and did things, visited animals and flowers, and was kind to insects, esp a favorite bee. Her parents talked a lot and they were worried because the young girl would not. They had her tested for aphasia and her hearing checked. She showed as perfectly fine. She would bark out many single words all the time, then laughed and went back to exploring. She wanted to please everyone but talking meant thinking about words and she didn’t trust them as a way of getting things across. Then one day she was out with the family and was about to jump across a stream but her Mom asked her a question. She froze in indecision then turned around and answered the question at great length. Her mother stared at her then broke into a huge smile then went back to doing her picnic stuff. She coyly asked more questions as the girl could now talk. So the girl had a vivid memory of the first time she spoke and the distrust she had of words from the very start. Words are imperfect and can easily distort one’s meaning. So much better to use the ether band.

So she left the stream and walked back to speak to her Mom and we think she made such a choice. But then in the lbb, she runs back and leaps over the stream with ease.

Co Option

Co Option

In an ancient forest a large insect has 8 legs and uses a pair as a fan for cooling. As time passes that pair of legs becomes both a cooling fan and a blanket for cold nights. One day the insect is chased up a tree by a nasty mammal and falls. The mammal’s family is waiting down below with mouths wide open. The insect flaps it’s cooling legs and flies away. That’s how wings evolved - they were repurposed from another quality.

Bridge Over Night

River of Void

Once upon a time there was a woman who was an expert at dreaming. She had pursued her art for many years with great discipline. She practiced lucid and intentional dreaming and now was very capable and accomplished. Others called her a master but with much more to learn she allowed herself to bask in the recognition only rarely. She could travel around in her dreams looking closely at things and allowed the dramas to unfold without interruption. One night in a deep sleep she was traveling down a country road next to a river. The road curved to pass over to the other shore through a covered bridge that arced up and over in a fanciful double curl. She didn’t want to go into the bridge as it seemed a little scary. It’s color flowed like sheets blowing in the wind and the upper part changed shape when she looked away and looked back. The panes of glass in the side wall reflected back like mirrors that sometimes went full black.

Feeling not so attracted to the bridge she chose instead to meander on down to the river. She walked down to the shore for a while and picked up something interesting.[artifact, talisman, fossil] She wanted to put it in her pocket so it would still be there when she returned from the dream. But she knew this was not possible and she dropped it back onto the rocks. She saw on the other side all sorts of fascinating things and wanted to go there. She looked up at the bridge from underneath. The wood work was fantastic - intricate panels of polished wood that arced up on one side and back down on the other. Now interested she walked up the shore and back to the road. But when she returned to the bridge it was gone, as if it had blown up. There was shattered wreckage at the landing pads on each side. Now there was no way across, and she regretted not crossing it when she had the chance. She stood in the portion of the landing that remained and looked off to the other side.

She remembered that dream during the day and it became a challenge for her to find a way across. She did searches on the internet, and looked at books of different bridges. She looked at hundreds of images but none of them seemed just right. A few nights later she returned to the same dream. She conjured memories of all the different bridges she had studied onto the scene. Some fit on one side, others fit on the other, but none fit both sides at once. Until she could find a way over, she was stuck on this side. Using her experience she stopped concentrating on the bridge and looked more closely at the rest of the scene. The river was pretty typical, lined with rocks and tiny waterfalls. One larger waterfall as tall as her sat under the place where the bridge used to be. Then she noticed something odd. Up to now she had been filling in the scene with the idea of flowing water. Now she looked at it closely to see how it was. The river was not made of water but of darkness. Darkness flowed down the river bed, and at the waterfall, where there should be a mist of water, there was instead a mist of darkness.

In other dreams she would stand on one side looking out over the blackness that flowed below. There must be some way to cross she thought. How did the bridge come to be out anyways? She looked around at the part she stood on. A stone floor built out from the rock, wooden walls and an arched roof. There was no evidence of damage or broken pieces. Was the bridge not yet finished? She recalls again that first night she had seen it. She was sure it had been complete. Was she fooling herself? Maybe she presumed it had been there but on closer inspection found this was not the case. She was certain it had been there, she clearly recalled looking at it’s shape, color and elaborate decorations!

Now she became more interested in crossing that river than ever before.

During the day she would memorize the images of many different bridges, then at night she would use the power of recollection to impose them on the scene. But none of them fit. But then it began to happen. Slowly from one side then the other, a bridge that fit would assemble and reach towards the center. The process picked up speed and became faster and then it was done. The strangest bridge she had ever seen now arced across the river. It was not what she would call good looking. Not at all. Now she realized what had kept her back. She had been choosing bridges that appealed to her, that looked beautiful. Her unconscious bias kept choosing bridges that looked good but didn’t fit. Now that the bridge was in place she boldly walked into the dark covered area and crossed over to the other side. In the middle there was a moment of vertigo and nausea. It was only the connections to the bridge that were scary. Once inside it was an easy ride. Looking closely she saw that the connections didn’t really exist, there was cracks of total darkness on each side.

From both sides the bridges cork screwed into each other. They wrapped up into each other in a dynamic fractal, becoming infinitessimlly small at the actual crossing point.

Rung Bell

Gong Rung

Once upon a time the monks in a mountain top monastery cast a new bell to ring at the proper times. They had all worked together seamlessy and tranquil but the bell they poured was a dud. When the big log struck it the only sound it made was thoomp. So they had a retrospective meeting to uncover what had gone wrong. They went to the monk who had designed it. There he had a model of a small bell that he would ring with a violin bow. Sand on the metal plate would flow from steady positions. He claimed that the shape of the bell was correct and not the problem. So they went to the monk who had designed the mix of metals. He felt the bell and pounded it all over with a padded wood block. He announced that the metal was the correct mix, the problem must lie elsewhere. So they went to the monk who had supervised the pour. He announced that the metal was too relaxed, too calm, it would have to be melted and repoured and this time with some wound up tension.

So they melted down the big bell and took out some junk from off the top of the molt, so that the next pour would be a little smaller. This time they were all keyed up and arguing and scolding each other. Amid much swearing and cursing they poued out the hot metal, but mistakes were made that they rushed to correct. Another mistake happened and they corrected again but the bell ended up with 2 mounds of density circling each other like a yin and yang. It would take the pour a week to cool down so the monks showered off and relaxed with some food, beer and wine.

A week later they hang up the new bell and it’s striking log on one side. At one point 2 striking logs faced the bell on each side when an accident happened. One of them slipped and struck the gong before the intended time. This produced a double ring that stretched all the way down the valley. So they kept both strikers and used them at slightly the same time. This produced a thunderous double ring that bounced off the mountains and was heard all the way down to the sea. The monk who supervised the tension filled pour pronounced this one as good enough.

As usual Zhe was aloof and diffident, apparantly an aftermath of being clawed by an animal in childhood. ”You show an unnatural interest in my whole.” Zhe stated. “Have you not one of your own?”

Manta stood up straight and forward. “I assure you I am far more interested in my own whole rather than yours.”

“Hmmmph,” Zhe replied. “I hear that a lot, from people like you, who come sniffing around my whole.”

“You are mistaken. The depth of your whole is not as profound as you believe it to be.”

Zhe is the overt woman in the bunch, and Zher is the covert

On the second pour, it took days to melt the metal up to the same temperature, everyone is ready to be calm and directed. The big fired clay mold sits on levelling blocks. The monks position the spout and the metal starts to pour. But the block on one side fails and the mold tilts and goes off level. The metal starts to pool on one side. The young monk jumps in to reset the block but can’t do it alone. Suddenly it becomes unstuck and moves back to it’s correct position. The young monk sees that Zhe was there and was the one who helped. But the mold is now tilted to the other side. They jump around and shore up that side too. So excess metal was deposited on both sides. It seems like a total failure but they let it cool for days then test it and it’s amazing.

Cave man psychos

Athletic Date

Once upon a time there was an athletic man who met an athletic woman. They were both happy to meet each other and it was kind of inevitable since other athletic people were the only kind they ever hung out with. Everyone else had faults. They decided to go on a date together, a workout date, how very athletic! On the appointed day they met at the stadium and ran a few kilometers around the track. Then they swam some laps in the pool, followed by riding more kilometers on their bikes. At each event the man made a bigger and bigger deal about defeating the woman. Running faster, swimming and bikeling, he was becoming quite a pain. He proudly displayed his torso far more than she was comfortable with. But she remained stoic and unaffected. Back at the stadium they approached a tall wall. There was a passageway visible in the wall but it was 15 high and there were no handholds that could be used for climbing. It went outside of their vision and only the entrance was visible. How to get up there? She bent forward and picked a long and strong yet very light pole, then demonstrated how to use it. Standing far back, she ran at the wall carrying the pole, and planted the end in a small pit. She threw the weight of her body upward until she was vertical and upside down. The pole first bent to a scary degree then straitened out. Pushing up with her arms on the pole, she made it into the center of the passage way and stood up on her feet. The pole fell back down and he caught it before it hit the ground. Feeling kind of anxious, because he had never pole vaulted before, he walked far back, then ran forwards. He planted the end of the pole and tried to throw his body upwards, but couldn’t contain the energy of the bent pole and it whipped out of his hands, leaving him in a heap upon the floor. He looked up, the girl was standing in the passageway. She looked down at him, then turned around and was gone.

He got the pole out again. Ran, planted it, and struggled upward in an ungainly manner completely devoid of technique. By sheer stubborn struggle he managed to get his fingers up onto the ledge. From there he dropped the pole and hauled himself up and onto the floor of the passageway. The girl was there staring at him. She turned and ran on. He rubbed his sore spots and trotted after her.

[in little big barn we hear about what she really thought of that arrogant jerk]

the pll

Once upon a time a boy rode his bike to the library to do some research. He wanted to learn about an electronic circuit called the Phase Locked Loop, or pll. In electronics class in school he was learning about a radio receiver circuit called the Super Heterodyne. It was extremely complicated. Yet all the modern radios he saw in stores proudly displayed the word pll on their front panels. Why school would teach him about an old technology instead of a modern one was a mystery to him. But outrage never got things done and self directed learning often did. So one bright Saturday morning he rode his 10-speed bike off to the Glen Cairn library. It was not the closest library to him, but he had already searched the card catalog there and discovered the books were elsewhere. The ride would be a bit of a trek that hopefully would pay off.

He rode up and over the bridge, along the ridge then a little down hil to the Glen Cairn library. He had never been here before yet had seen the place a thousand times before. It sat at the top of a valley where major roads flowed and he had seen it from the car for many years.

A boy goes to the glen cairn library to find a book about phase locked loops. The card catalog led him there. He goes into the stacks, steps around an advertising poster, finds the book and reads it. The library staff takes away the poster and he looks out the windowed wall and sees a vast long distance.

Clear Pond

Once upon a time there was a beach on a lake famous for it’s crystal clear water. When conditions were right it would turn transparent, giving one the effect of floating in space. Every rock and piece of sunken drift wood on the bottom was visible. But a number of things had to be just right. The temperature, position of the sun, time of day and year, and especially, it had to be undisturbed. When reckless swimmers thrashed about, the water became cloudy and the effect was lost. Many people swam noisily at the very spot and some even while wondering about the secret location of the mystery lake of super clear water of Lake Murphy.

It was a real pleasure to swim so very carefully to not muddy the water and spoil the effect. It’s a not very well known gem among the people who know the area well. All the locals kept it a secret to keep it from being spoiled by the outside world. So it’s kind of a legend. But one year some tourists who happen to spout pseudo science go there and play with their beach ball that muddies the water and you can’t see down deep at all. It’s the slobs, they muddy the water with shouts of Energy! and Frequency! Because there is little current it takes a while for the murk to settle back down again. So the serious people including a young girl on vacation visiting relatives decide to trek through the marsh to get to the places where the lake is still clear. All because the mindless people who spout nonsense are unaware of what’s really going on. They talk about Magical Energizing versus Quantum Healing. and crystal attractions. They debate that humans are all energy and how scientists are mistaken when they weigh bodies that have just died. Because of course the weight of the soul has passed on, scientists who can’t find it must be wrong.

A thing becomes sacred when a human decides it is then convinces others it is too.

The young girl carefully treads water out to a shaded spot in the clear lake. She passes through warmer and cooler areas. She floats on her back and looks up. She imagines dancing in the sky as a beautiful being of light. She imagined her astral form leaping up to dance in a swirl of freedom and abandon. She lets some air our of her flimsy beach ball, then sits on it. It’s just bouyant enough to hold her head above the water. She concentrates on staying still and for moments the surface of the water is like liquid glass, flowing and making an optical effect. Everything underneath can be seen clearly, the sensation of floating is very strong. Her brother and friends are closer to shore and splash each other. Because she’s not making any ripples herself, she can read the water and know what her friends are doing even though she can’t see them. She moves out farther around an island of reeds and once again wills herself into disturbing the water as little as possible. Now she can sense the fish and the insects. A drama unfolds with Damsel and Dragon flies, water striders, mosquitos and the fish that eat them. A bird drops down onto the pond and regards the girl. It snaps at a fish as it snaps at the bugs. With the wiggling fish in it’s mouth it looks at the girl one more time then flies away.

Primal Role

Primal Role

once ran over a waterfall, and cut out the cliff. Some thing [early people] diverted it and it ran over a different part of the cliff. The dry stream bed left behind now had a broad slope, jambled rock, soil for growing, and a smaller stream for water.

Once upon a time a river cut through a cliff by the sea, then moved on further to the east. This left a broad slope of soil and jambled rock leading downhill to a beach. A village grew up there over time of a peaceful folk who did not make weapons or become war like. One day another tribe of villagers came upon them and attacked. An old man was killed and the alarm was given. The women ran carefully uphill with the children into a large lodge at the top of the slope. The men sparred with the invaders but were outmatched by the warriors weilding clubs and flint edged swords. So they fled downhill. Seeing that their goal was now undefended, the attackers went uphill towards the lodge. Several stepped into large cracks that had been covered over with thatch onto the treacherous rocks below. Some broke their legs and others fared worse. The cries and frightened shouts of the trapped women threw the rest into a fervor of blood lust and they gathered outside the lodge then all together they ripped away the thatch wall. Inside were the women of the peaceful village but instead of cowering in fear as their sounds had suggested, they were involved with pulling back some wooden posts. They all succeeded at once and the roof collapsed as a giant tree trunk that had been held up there dropped down onto the slope. The branches of the trunk had been trimmed and sharpened into points. The deadly device rolled downhill and many of the attackers were killed outright. They turned and ran and several more were once again tripped by the jagged rock pits. The log rolled over them, impaling their bodies on the sharp branches. As it picked up speed bodies that had already been stuck through were flung up into the air. The survivors ran faster and headed for alcoves on the side of the slope cut into the rock. But the men of the village already occupied those safe zones and they pushed the attackers back out into the path of the log. Moving very fast now it rolled over the remaining attackers and all were killed. Only 3 young men who had acted as lookouts remained at the bottom of the slope. They stared in shock and horror as their mates were shredded and killed. Finally regaining their senses they turned to run and escape but the men of the village who had fled earlier were there and subdued them. The young men were taken up to the high cliff and thrown off. Their bodies smashed upon the rocks and were carried out by the sea. All were now dead.

The elders and wise folk of the peaceful village took a tour of the carnage and made suggestions on how to improve the defenses. They agreed that their real weapon, the one thing that made them superior to those who weilded clubs, was that they could see over longer periods of time.

In ancient times another tribe invades and they try to kidnap the hot looking women. They are the pride of the tribe. Things are the same even today.

Circus Tent #

Once upon a time a woman drank her tea while looking out her kitchen window. Morning fog filled the valley that lay off beyond her property. The area was locally known as “the big hole”, and today something was different. She could hear the sounds and echoes of many people working. She leaned in to listen closely, and what was that? - animals? The sounds grew louder and more co-ordinated. This was interesting. She sipped some of her tea.

Suddenly a large wooden post swung up into her view from below. She could only see the top of it above the fog, which was sent into swirls by it’s passage. For a brief instant she was reminded of the shape of a person. The top of the post was fitted with heavy metal rings that supported lengths of stout rope. It must be standing on its end, she thought. Which would make it a very tall post. And long ropes too. She watched patiently, and in time, other posts swung up above the fog and into view as well. They too had metal rings at the tops, from which also descended double lengths of rope. They were shorter than the first one. The fog was quickly disappearing as the sun came out, allowing her to see more of what was going on.

There was one giant post at the center, and several smaller posts in an imperfect circle around it. It occurred to her that this must be a big circus tent going up. That would explain the sounds of the animals and all the busy shouting. It would mean that the metal rings at the tops of the posts were there to support the tent, which would soon be hauled up on the ropes. A very large tent like that needed strong tackle. But she sensed that something had gone wrong. The shouts had taken on a different tone. She drank some more tea, this was fascinating.

She heard sounds of concern and alarm. The heavy tent fabric was not being hauled up. She looked closely and saw that while the metal rings on the outer posts all lined up with each other, they did not line up with the post in the center. It was out of phase. How ironic! she thought. And it was the first one to go up! She wondered if they would rotate all the outer posts to line up with the first. It seemed more sensible to just rotate the one in the center. But maybe they were loyal to their first post, and would leave it untouched. She watched in fascination. The fog was completely gone now but since it was in a valley she could only see the top halves of the posts.

The sounds dwindled down to just a few lone shouts of encouragement then stopped altogether. Although she hadn’t seen anyone yet, no people or animals, just heard the noises, she felt an air of suspense and a focusing of everyone’s attention. Into her view appeared a very athletic person, climbing up the central post to the top. The face was hidden as it’s back was turned to her. She couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman. Or even a human. It could have been simian, with it’s long limbs and powerful body. It was dressed in a very strange costume like a Harlequin or a Pierrot. All checkerboard squares of black and white. Well this was a circus after all. It hauled itself up at a measured pace with confidence and great bursts of strength.

She drank the last of her tea. As she watched, the creature reached the top and used it’s body weight to yank the post around on it’s axis. Using it’s considerable momentum, body weight and strength to tug it around. It was an amazing display of athleticism. At times it looked quite precarious, and dangerous too. She could sense that everyone on the ground was riveted to the scene just like her. Hoping there would not be any accidents. The person in the costume threw it’s body weight around, and slowly the post rotated. She rinsed her empty tea cup in the sink and put it in the drying rack.

After numerous tugs the post was rotated into the correct position. The circus worker now faced her and she could see the front of it’s costume. It was a uniform shade of gray. She saw the face. It was a human woman, not a man or an ape. Although a very manly looking woman. In fact she recognized that face from the current cover of Popular Lesbian magazine. It was a famous acrobat who worked with Cirque De SoLabia. Shouts and claps of applause rang out as the athletic woman climbed back down to the ground. The great sheets of fabric could now be hauled up to the tops of the posts, forming a nice big tent. The woman looked up at her kitchen clock, oh! Time to get the baby out of the bath tub!

the girl is here and that’s not her kid

Climb Mate

Climb Mate

* Once upon a time a man sought enlightenment and climbed a mountain. [he went with friends and they kept dropping off early - one woman was caught slapping herself - she looked up when the eagle cried] After struggling he achieved the top of the mountain, he had found his path there. He headed back to town only to discover that the path back to the village was lost. It had been easier to get to the top of the mountain than it was to get back to town. He devised a scheme to lower a rope that he could climb down, then the magic rope would disentangle from the rock and fall down for him to use again. And there he is still, lowering his rope and climbing down. Until he gives control of his life over to his cat lizard.

A man and a woman make a date to go mountain climbing - she knows a great spot. The next day he gets dropped off at her place with his climbing gear. She has a very tiny car. What do you need all of that stuff for? she shrugs. We’re just going to the mountain. There’s just enough room for him and his kit and off they go. When they get there she jumps out in her 2 piece suit with a cloak over top. He trucks in with all his cold weather gear, backpack, ropes and tools. And they start climbing up. Taking the largest and most traveled path. In short order the path veers onto a lookout built atop a small hill. A large wooden platform has been built there with steps leading up to it. She runs up shouting and waving to her friends who are already there tanning themselves in their favorite spots. They are all shirtless and in a moment she is too. There They all display their torsos proudly. It’s the beautiful people’s topless sun tanning platform party at the base of the mountain. “Oh yeah baby, sunshine is LOVE!” “And love is enlightenment” they chant back in response. She invites her date to come up and join them. I’m headed up the mountain he says. What mountain? says she. He points up - she sees nothing but cloud in the sky. He walks back to the trail and selects a narrow path that showed little general interest. And up he goes. She enjoys the mountain and so does he.

Thug Logic

Thug Principle

a city of 10 thousand, 99 thugs and one super psycho - the search for the thing that can make everyone illegal

an argument with a moral person - sex is the obvious choice to declare taboo then indulge in, first is the ether band, the emotional telepathy that neurotypicals have with each other. To gain advantage over that natural handicap the psychos secretly foster and enable the healers and crack down on them at the same time. So the claims of the spiritual people become more and more outlandish which causes the skeptical people to dismis those events without credence. Fogging up the whole thing and keeping it in it’s infancy. So sex and the ether band were chosen to be muddied like the water to confuse the enemy - what the psychos call the neurotypicals. How about a series of misadventures: the thugs are trying to make telepathy illegal but failing because they’re stupid. And it’s obvious right in front of them that it should be sex. Finally they’re forced into doing the thing that was obvious all along

We have to find their weakness and exploit it by playing two sides against each other.

The head thug - pasha? - kidnaps a woman who is standing in his way to power. They have a conversation where he tells her that sex is illegal now and so he is justified in killing her. She uses the logic of karma as a rebuttal and he can tell that some of his people are resonating with her. She asks as a rhetorical qustion is he going to make emotional connecting between people illegal as well? Because he will never be able to stop that. He has her taken away and slated for death, he gets the idea of boosting people of knowledge on one side and making their claims sound ridiculous on the other. Her family comes to get her back and they are told that she has disappeared. or even better: they hand her over and the family leaves quietly

Let them argue, he said. A thing contested is a thing paralyzed. With room for other things to pass unnoticed as well.

Little Big Barn - we learn that she escaped with the help of some friendly thugs and she actually did disappear to safety.

Megazord #


Once upon a time a giant monster threatened the city with destruction. It was easily able to knock down buildings, rip apart bridges and kill thousands. The word went out for a hero who could stand up against this unnatural thing. The city badly needed saving! Live coverage of the attack was shown on tv, and a group of students watched it all unfold in their high school auditorium. At a hastily announced assembly. Unknown to the world at large, five of those students are the Power Rangers! They immediately skip out of school and transform into their alter egos. The jet plane is in the shop so they have to take the commuter train. It’s very awkward and the ride seems to take forever. People are staring at them in their brightly colored costumes. Gotta get that jet back working again! they all agree. But finally they get to the site of the destruction and are able to confront that damn monster.

They each try out their own specific attack and while the monster is sore and damaged, it is easily able to fend them off. So they regroup and do what they always do in tough spots like this: they assemble themselves into the Megazord! A giant hero monster with a big sword! He’s full of energy and rootin` for action, he charges right in and starts clobbering that pesky monster with terrific blows. But the monster is once again able to fend off the attack and the battle continues with neither side able to gain the advantage.

The monster gets lucky and is able to push a building onto the Megazord who is knocked off his feet. Before he can get back up, the monster sprouts his wings and flies away. The Megazord then lays back down comfortably in the wreckage and breaks into his component parts, the five teenage students. They shake it off and hail a taxi cab. It’s a small one and they really have to cram in for all of them to fit. They ride back to school and go to the cafeteria because it’s lunch time. Battling that monster has given them a big appetite.

Over lunch trays piled high with food, they have a spirited discussion of the morning’s events. Who is that frickin monster? Where did he come from? The general agreement is that it was sent by their arch enemy Rita Repulso. There is much spreading of the legs and punching of the air. Then they turn to discussing the actions of the Megazord. While each individual had been a part of the Megazord, none of them have a complete memory of it’s thoughts and actions. That’s the way it is when you give up your individuality to become a greater whole. Maybe it wanted to do this? they suggest, and Maybe this is what it was thinking? They bandy ideas around the table and finish their big lunches. With their plates finally empty, the relax into their chairs and enjoy some much needed burps and farts. Finally they arrive at some working theories but need more information to verify them. So they plan to fan out through the city after school to do more research. Good thing they all take easy courses, what a busy day!



Once upon a time a young man walked the streets of a windy city. He saw two women with two little kids on the other side of the street. He did not find them attractive. It was a very windy day and only a few people were out, and those few walked briskly, intent on the comfort of their destination. He was slightly behind them so they did not notice him. He couldn’t stop looking at them and thinking how unpleasant they were. They got to the end the block and the corner of the 4 storey building they were walking next to. As the got to the corner they surprised a pair of seagulls who were startled and tried to fly away. But the wind was concentrated there at the corner and the first direction the gulls tried to flee towards was strong and gusty. So the birds flapped like mad and only succeeded in staying in the same place, just a foot or 2 above the women and their kids. They all looked up in total wonder. Here was 2 beautiful birds beating the air like mad yet stuck above them close enough to touch. The looks of wonder on their faces was so pure and honest, the young man across the street felt guilty for disrespecting them in his thoughts. Everyone is capable of being enchanted by beauty he concluded, he vowed to never judge anyone harshly because of their appearance of economic status again. Eventually the birds gave up trying to fly into the wind, they reversed their direction and sailed away safe and sound.

[one little girl walks through Little Big Barn]

Ecobuoy 1 a woman named Jenn

Sea Life

Once upon a time a woman named Jenn worked on an enormous vessel located far out at sea. One morning she opened her eyes from a deep and restful sleep. She smiled while thinking happy thoughts, realized where she was, then bounded out of bed ready to meet the day. Some of the other women in her dorm were already up. They had happy banter and made some jokes. As usual everyone was in a good mood. It had rained last night so there was plenty of fresh water. She enjoyed a nice warm shower, then dressed and headed down to the cafeteria. She sat with her friends and everyone was anticipating tonight’s big social event: the weekly ball. After breakfast, the operations manager stood up and outlined the day’s work. Today they would have visitors: a group of young adults from a school on the mainland. Jenn's department was tasked with escorting the kids around, keeping them safe, comfortable and out of trouble. Jenn would have a variety of things to do that would take her all over the vessel. She had been here a long time and was experienced at many different things. Many of the other workers envied her her mobility. She was kind and generous and almost always would help others to become roundly qualified like herself. She outfitted herself In one day she gets up, goes to the communal bath, talks with her friends about the birds, works in the jungle harvesting fruit, helps calve off a chunk of reef, harvests seafood for the kitchen, thinks about the big night, cleans up after the birds leave, before other birds arrive, bathes again, gets dressed up, and goes to the formal ball. While she does her thing, the ecobuoy deploys 2 giant chain saws of shopping carts and scoops up a large swath of floating debris. Our girl walks through the decks where the junk is sorted and absorbed. She walks through the power house where the electricity is made. At the end of the ball, the revelers look below. The underwater lights are on and a huge amount of sea life thrash and splash the water as they feed on the deep scattering layer that comes up. Soon her tour will be up and she will go back to her home on land. She loves these days working on the ecobuoy. They are the best times of her life.

The Ecobuoy is called the Paul Watson.

She starts on the ecobuoy, the next day they take an algae fueled boat to a built over island, then they have the fancy dress ball.

Mermaid and Merman

Mermaid and Merman

Once upon a time was a mermaid was out swimming along the coast when she encountered a merman - they are comicly good looking and they talk quite politely but with flirty subtext - their tails extend down into the water 150 feet, where they merge with a mass of other tails - the merman gets excited, and his tail moves apart from all the others - a space opens between her tail and the rest, so the side facing him is empty as well - but the side away from him is still in touch with the mass - his tail dances and strokes against hers - she strokes a little, then moves back into the crowd, which closes in on his as well - they make polite good byes with an optimistic plan to see each other again.

They keep sinking below the surface to see how things are going down there. They can hold their breath for a long time.

A big wave comes, the mermen without a strong attachment to the tail mass on the bottom are swept away. The merman with his tail firmly entwined with the mass stands firm.

Dream Swamp #

Once upon a time there was an artist who lived close to a dream swamp. He had a modest home, with only a few luxuries. Expensive shiny things and displaying them to others held no interest to him. His prize possession was an eco-friendly smart dish washer. One morning he got up, made his breakfast and sat down to eat. Going through the morning routine he discovered he had only 2 tea bags left. Enough for today, if he took it easy. He would have to get some more. He checked his account and was dismayed to see that he had only 14 credits left. His eyes flew open in shock. There was no other option then, today would have to be a good day. So he put on his waders, grabbed his hoop and went out to the swamp.

A lot of other artists were already there. He knew many of them, some were keeners who got there very early. Others like him who saw themselves more as “diligent” were just arriving now. Some were manic and had been there all night. And then there was the rich. They had their own exclusive section of the swamp. An adoring flock of media drones surrounded them and celebrated every little dream that came out of their hoops. No matter what the quality which was often lacking or even non existant.

He decided to try someplace new today. The stress of having so few credits in his account nagged at him but he stayed disciplined, and calmed his mind into silence. Blocks of big ideas tumbled and rearranged in his mind. He decided to forget about where he believed the good spots were and instead wandered about randomly to places he had rarely been. And so he waded through the dream water, sometimes it was warm and sometimes cold, sometimes the footing was mucky, and sometimes it was clean. He stopped his thoughts and turned up his senses.

Images from his life coalesced and faded in his mind. His ex-girlfriend who had recently surprised him with a nice card out of the blue that said “Good Luck”. The jobs he used to have. They provided steady money that he could use to buy stuff but he wasn’t that interested in shiny name brand things and the work left him too tired to pursue art.

So he had given up working for others, fashioned his hoop and moved next to the art swamp. His hoop was kind of unique, it fastened to his hips on either side like most of the others, but his had special tubes that acted as wave guides to amplify the emanations from the swamp. In theory they did, in practice he struggled to make a living like most of the other artists. He held the hoop out horizontally, and slowly scanned it back and forth. Time passed, the sun tracked across the sky. He had been out for a couple of hours and decided to head in for an early lunch. Most of his good work came after lunch anyways. He turned around and in so doing he scanned his hoop over a patch of water that he had missed before.

Bursts of air bubbles popped rent the surface and a mist of swirling colors condensed in the air above. “Wow I’m onto something, lunch can wait.” he thought. His honed instincts kicked in and he switched into ‘super disciplined mode,’ reflexively stopping his thoughts and quieting his emotions. In the air brightly colored images and animations appeared, fabulous and vivid. Swirling, forming, evolving, dissolving and reshaping. He had caught a big dream and it grabbed onto all his emotions and pulled them out in a rush. In his super state he added no resistance and no bias to the flow, he surrendered his self and became a clear pipe.

With nothing stopping it, the dream poured out of him and it was huge. The highs and lows of his times with his ex, working at jobs, and living a life dedicated to art. All of the other dreamers paused at their hoops to stare at what he was composing. He closed his eyes and the dream became clearer and more intense. It now towered above him, as high as some of the trees. It was very rare to see dreams so large and bright. The drone cameras hurried over to catch it from every angle. They even left the celebrity artists for a few moments to come and tape him.

All of the most profound moments and realizations of his life came out in a rush, as if they had been pent up and longing to be free. It was obvious to all those fortunate enough to be there that this was a rare and magical dream, one of only a few to get this large and this detailed. The flying cameras captured it all. Finally he was exhausted, and the dream dwindled and faded, then snapped off. His tired arms dropped his hoop and it splashed into the water. A few claps of applause came from the other artists, but most just went on about their work. The cameras rushed back to the celebrities. They got most of the attention even though their dreams were for the most part dull and lifeless.

He collected his gear and went back to his cottage. He checked his account: it contained over 70,000 credits. Now he could truly relax for there was more than enough for tomorrow’s tea.

Scenic View

Scenic View

[family and mountain intro, view here soon, science centered, old tree, more science, odd tree, see the spot, pavillion huh? outside look, inside - ratty, turnstiles - lots of em, but no fee, sounds from a big room, the auditorium, a few in the audience and a curtain up front, meeting Father Orney, just in time for the show, curtain opens, sculpture, painted glass, broken glass on floor, man in audience stiffens then relaxes, girl gets up, smooths her dress, smiles at Dan, Nancy looks at, choir shuffling in, sings 2 verses, shared glance They are Pervs! Suzy talks to Nancy, Father Orney comments, where is Bobby? he ran through a door, Orney distracts, Suzy has run out a door, Nancy runs out a door, Dan looks away from it all and trots through yet another door. Bobby and Sister Mample, Suzy and Sister Yummy, Dan and the young ladies, Bobby and Suzy in room with kids, more weirdness, breathless Nancy shows up, Dan runs up, they all run away, chased by footsteps, down in the floor, open the porthole, drop down, last one, door slams shut, eyes get used to the dark, the crevasse, Nancy charges up.

Once upon a time a family was out hiking in the mountains. There was a Dad named Dan, a Mom named Nancy, their first born Suzy and little boy Bobby. Just the right number and type! They all had clean faces and innocent smiles. They wore clean clothes and when they smiled there was a bright flash of light as the sun reflected off their perfect teeth. Their world was a far better and more beautiful place than ours is now. As far as they could tell.

As they walked, Mom and Dad would point out the geography of the landscape and teach the children about how it came to be. The kids were well aware of erosion, soil deposition and plate tectonics and that’s how they liked it. Straight forward and obvious physics unencumbered by the hubris and self-deception of lazy minded people. Did a tree falling in the forest make a sound? Of course it did! The world doesn’t need humans looking at it to make things real! Healthy natural things like pushing up mountains, eroding them back down and making top soil! It all smelled so good!

As they rounded the side of the slope they were on, they came onto a new vista that hadn’t been visible before. In the valley below them sat a curious and plump little mountain just tall enough to obscure their view of the opposite side. Behind it another valley sat at right angles to this one, stretching far off into the distance, bordered by mountains in a long chain. Mom and Dad got excited and told the kids that once they hiked a little further and got past that blocking mountain, they would have a spectacular view of the long valley. They looked ahead, “Somewhere around that descending ridge over there.” said Dan and pointed with his arm. This will be a big reward for all the hard hiking we’ve done! “Oh Goody!” they shouted and “Jeepers!” Oh you wonderful children, thought Nancy and Dan. They shared a proud glance and beamed at their kids with pride and happiness. Ahhhh.

So they redoubled their efforts and made very good time indeed. The spot that must inevitably have a fantastic view drew nearer. They came over a small rise excited to see what was on the other side. [there are 2 spots with a great view, a small one and a large, they approach the line of the small view and this tree has grown there looming up from the face of the cliff. Bobby wants to climb around it to get a peek but Dan says too dangerous and the bigger view is close by] From there they beheld a most curious sight, a lone and massive tree clung to the rock, it was as much twisted root as sprawling trunk. It was mostly dead, it’s once prodigous bulk now dried out and silver under the mountain sun. But it still had a few new branches down low bearing green leaves. It’s history of thriving and dying back could be read by the practiced eye. Which Dan, Nancy and the kids certainly had. On the rocks below the old giant, it cast enough shadow to foster a thriving community of other plants, some had grown gnarly and twisted, while others had grown straight and true. They paused to cool down in the shade and all had sips from their canteens. Feeling refreshed they continued on.

There was just one more ridge to surmount, then they would have a view down a vast corridor with magnificent mountains on each side. As they came around the bend they were shocked to see a pavilion had been built there, at the very spot where the view would be the best. The slope was steep both above and below so to get the best view they would have to go inside. Hopefully there would not be an entrance fee or they would be severely disappointed. Is no place sacred from the greed driven people? They approached with caution, somewhat annoyed that a natural wonder free for everyone had been taken over by whoever had built this structure. Inside there was a row of turnstiles but they moved freely without need of payment.

They entered an auditorium with a few people in the seats. They were met by a man with a beaming grin, Brother Somethingorother. Welcome friends, you’re just in time! The curtain at the front drew back to reveal a sculpture in front of a painted sheet of glass, with the mountain view behind. On the floor was the remnants of other glass panes that had been painted on as well. A man in the audience stiffened then relaxed. A young woman who had not been visible before stood up from the seat beside him, she lowered her voluminous skirt and shot Dan a glance rich with invitation. He turned to look at Nancy and share an upraised eyebrow with her but she was staring fixedly at something else. A children’s choir was being herded into place at the front and they began to sing:

[their God and savior Juzus. Who did he save us from? the children wondered. Ruthless profiteers? Blackmailers? Slavers? Predatory pedophiles? Did Juzus save us FROM them or FOR them? they pass a small alcove and inside are 2 long haired hippies smoking the end of a cannabis cigarette. “Hey Dude, Smoke of the Sacremental Weed”, said one. “Check it out” said the other. They looked in. The narrow passage widened out into a large open space with many people dancing. They smiled and nodded and continued on. The view would have been great if it weren’t for those bright disco lights and annoying laser beams.]

Exhausted and despairing that they would ever see mountains again, they climbed up yet another flight of stairs. This one was welcome as the deep steps and slow climb was easy on the legs. They looked around them and saw many similar staircases from all directions. They converged from every direction upon a fractal level that lay up ahead. Finally they came out on top and the view was breath taking.“Oh Goody!” they shouted and “Jeepers!” Oh you children, do what you want, you’ve eared it! said Nancy. Long lines of mountains marched off into the distance, it felt like one could see forever. The sun hung low and motionless, casting bright light here and deep colored shadow there, the detail was fantastic.

Juzus gives me what I need,

From the crotch where he doth bleed,

Loving Him will be my goal,

Thank you Juzus for my soul!

Giving Jusus all I can,

Is what makes me what I am,

take me all that you can see,

loving Juzus come in me!

I’mmmmm, Innnnn!

Suzy turned to Nancy and tugged at her pants. “Mo-om! Mum! MOM!” Nancy looked down and her and smiled. “Aren’t they supposed to say Ahhh, Men?”

as in ‘Juzus out of our money?’ The rector spoke up from right behind him. “It is not holy to blaspheme Friend!”

Suzie entered the room and saw a single occupant. A tall nun stood with her back turned, unaware of the small girl. The nun was holding up the front of her skirts and was rubbing some sort of ointment onto the top of her thighs. She sensed Suzie and raised her head, dropped her skirts and wheeled around to confront her. “What are you doing here child?” her voice was stern yet measured and Suzie felt a strong urge to obey. “I, was, just looking,” Suzie stammered “for the way out. My family and I want to“ The woman interrupted “To see some of the holy work we do in the name of Juzus? come my child“ she moved forward “You will come with me and together we shall visit the other children while they enjoy the sacred commoning.” She embraced little Suzie, turned her around and walked both toward the door. Suzie’s nostrils flared as she detected the unmistakeable smell of peanut butter. The woman continued, “I’m Sister Yahoody, and you are?” Suzie was unable to speak, but finally got out “Sue-san.” She did not like where this was going.

The large woman led them into a classroom with many other children inside. The children were elated to see her and ran forward to hug her legs and yank at her skirts. “Sister Yummy, Sister Yummy!” they all shouted, soon in unison. The Sister lead them into making a sign with their hands and fingers - they all pushed their wrists together while pointing their fingers away, making a bowl shape inside their hands. Except for one boy.

“Terry!” she barked, “please make the sign of the crotch!”

A red haired boy who had not participated in the mob greeting shouted

“No!” and folded his arms, “I don’t WANT to!”

“And why not young man!”

“Because it HURTS!”

She pressed her lips together and strode to the blackboard. There she began the day’s lesson, an introduction to the teachings of Juzus.

“When Juzus first entered the wood, his limbs were knotted with pain. He sought to relax himself by sitting on the soft grass beneath a large tree. But the evil Plebistines took hold of him, and forced him down onto the crotch of another tree, one they had selected for their evil purpose. A sapling was at the center that entered the rump of Juzus and from there did he bleed. He contemplated escaping as he was well able to, but the Plebistines were still there and would no doubt have enforced greater agonies upon him. So he meditated away the pain, and there, while bleeding upon the crotch, he became enlightened.”

“Enjoying the show? Friends?” said the Rector, standing right behind them. Dan turned to ask a question. “This Juzus, sounds an awful lot like,” “They’re quite different friend,” the Rector interrupted. “There is no ‘I’ in Juzus.”

The Plebistines

“Yes, but the name sounds a lot like ... ”

“Yes that is unfortunate,” she interrupted, “yet they are different.”

Brother Salmi is known as Brother Salami, and Sister Yahoody is known as Sister Yummy

The Rector and The Vicar

Juzus In The Crotch A sculpture of a slender man sat in the divided trunks of a large tree. The look on his face was ambiguous, made of equal parts agony and ecstacy. Trickles of blood flowed down the trunk.

Worship the Holy Crotch, make the sign of the crotch, Juzus bled as he sat upon the crotch

She hold her hands together at the wrist with the fingers pointed away from each other. Making the sign of the crotch

The crotch has been sat upon, a chair in the shape of a split trunked tree, like a small throne

The rector has sat upon the crotch

The port hole slammed shut with a reverberant THOOM!

They ran down a hall that veered in an arc. Forgotton boxes were stored along the sides. Suddenly they were at a dead end. “This can’t be!” said Dan. “There must be another way out!” Suzie had an intuition and began dragging away the piled up boxes, revealing the top of a ladder. They all gasped, it led down a hole cut into the floor. Scrambling down they found themselves at the bottom of a pit. In the floor at the bottom was a metal port hole of the sort one might find on a submarine, with a raised wheel in the center. They knelt down, grabbed the wheel and began to turn it. It was locked tight at first then slowly began to budge, then spin quickly to it’s end. They lifted up the hatch and a cool draft of fresh air blew up into their faces.

The silence was refreshing. They found themselves in a vertical canyon cut into the solid rock of the mountain. They saw sunlight at the top, about 60 feet above. On the side they came from was more and more pavillions stacked up one on top of the other. A bewildering maze of ladders, steps and ramps stretched upwards. Nancy was pissed off, she grabbed onto a ladder and started to climb.

“Come on you guys!” she called out to the rest.

“We’re going to see that view today!” She powered on up with great enthusiasm.

“Juzus my ass!” she added. Dan looked up at her above him on the ladder.

“Nancy!” he called out scolding. She looked down at him puzzled.

“The children!”

“But through the power of prayer, Juzus altered his pain into ecstasy.” Dan and Nancy shared a glance. They had had enough of this. These weird people were using the lure of the big view to advance their perverse agenda. They made for the doors leading to the corridor outside, each of them running through a different one. But the doors did not lead to a common hall but each into a different room.

She bowed towards him with her arms outstretched, her large bosom visible over the top of her drooped habit. As if drawn in by a winch Bobby approached with eyes wide and was enveloped in the warmest of hugs. Her arms wrapped around him, her large breasts flowed around both sides of his head. His mouth filled with the cotton fabric of her dress, his nostrils with the musky scent of her natural sweat. “Have you lost your way little one?” she asked warmly. “Mmmphh” was all he could say in return.

All Bobby could think about was being hugged by Sister Mample.

All four of them knelt down to peer into the darkness beyond the port hole. They could see nothing. Suzy had a small ceramic head of Juzus that had broken off a statue and she dropped it into the void. Almost immediately it struck something hard and echoed. The drop could only be of 7 or 8 feet. Dan took the lead and dropped through feet first. His hands clung to the edge of the hole and his feet dangled into darkness. He hoped that the sound was not an anomaly and there was a floor beneath him, and not something like a stalagmite. He didn’t want to share the same fate as the Holey Juzus. Resigning himself to his situation he let go. Almost immediately his feet landed on solid rock. He tamped around to explore and was releived to find a flat plane beneath his feet. He called to the others, Nancy lowered Bobby first, then Suzy. Dan carefully lifted them down to the ground. Nancy made a brief glance around her, she was glad to be seeing the back end of this place. Then she took the plunge herself, hanging from her hands. Dan’s strong arms gripped her from below and she let go. His hands lingered on the softness of her rump for a moment longer than necessary. “Ahem.” Nancy cleared her throat, and he dropped her down. “Why is your pant leg down at your ankle?” she coolly asked. “Oh” he reached down and pulled it up. “Where’s your scarf?” he flatly stated. She compulsively reached for her neck to discover that it was missing.

Bobby looked up at the port hole with longing. Did this mean he would never be hugged by Sister Mample again? Suzy slapped at his ribs with the back of her hand, she gave him a stern look that said Snap out of it you. Above them the port hole slammed shut and the wheel quickly turned to lock it. The waited in silence as their eyes became accustomed to the dark.

Wench! Whore! Slut! Skank! Dan used the distraction to dart towards the exit door. Noticing his motion the women forgot their fight and lunged after him. He was almost through but they gripped onto his leg and wouldn’t let go. He unzipped that fabric leg of his hiking pants and it dropped down onto his ankle. The motion dislodged their hands and he was through.

[at the end they get to the mezzanine of science and back to their campsite via cable car. The sleep over then get back on the road headed to infinity.]

[the papal expulsion is mentioned as well as the source of the children being confiscation at the border. We bought all these children fairly from Immigration Confiscation, we have proper receipts for every one!]

Good Father man + son waiting for ferry

Good Father

Once upon a time a man and his son rode the ferry boat on a sea bordered by rocky mountains. In the cool and clear day the views were spectacular. So most of the passengers were up on the fore deck.

[levels of seating in the cafe are described first]

A man and his son are on the dock waiting for the ferry to come in. They meet a pair of brainy eggheads, college students, doing a poll on health care who stumps them. The father intervenes and uses willful ignorance, blatant lies and threats of violence to defeat the brainy guy. Health care is bad because the people they hate will benefit from it. The son knows that he will now be able to defeat any brainy egghead, no matter how much book lernin he got hisself. Piled higher and deeper hunnnh? Young Johnny knew then that the power of ignorin`, doubtin’, lyin` and threatnin` was invincible. And each one came from the power of hate. The father and son went back into the stepped cafe and missed the best view yet as the boat came round a bend. Miles of mountain vallley marched off to an endless horizon. The crowd gasped and the cameras clicked.

[similar to Cafe Talk - same location, different time]

[father and son retreat to the cafe just as they round the bend for the best view yet]

Strange Astronaut #

Once upon a time a job opening became available on the International Space Station. One astronaut was headed back home so a new one was selected to take their place. It was America’s turn to provide a new space worker so they trained one and outfitted them with proper space gear. In due time a rocket arrived to carry the old worker down and bring in the new replacement.

It was a bit of an exciting event for the space workers who gathered at the airlock in their best outfits. This was an interesting break from their usual chores. They waited in giddy anticipation as the capsule docked and the hatches engaged. There was a puff of air as the big door opened, the old astronaut said goodbye, saluted the crew and jumped into the capsule for the return ride home. The door closed and the rocket capsule blasted off back to Earth.

The crew examined the new space worker who was tall and had a very strange body shape. It appeared that the new space worker had no arms. So they took the space helmet off of the American and were quite shocked to see that it was not a human at all, but an ostrich. It squawked and tried to peck at them and they quickly got out of the way. It scratched at the deck and wiggled itself out of it’s space suit. Using it’s wings, it floated off about the station. It was quite clumsy at first and bumped into the walls a lot. But then it got used to the lack of gravity and moved about rather quickly. Things on board did not easily settle back into the old comfy routine.

The American ostrich could understand it’s duties but chose not to perform them. Instead it lived a life of hedonistic self indulgence. Floating about the different capsules, and snapping at people who tried to get it to do real work. It enjoyed looking at itself in mirrors. In the evenings and at cafeteria times, the rest of the crew members would gather to speculate. What could have caused this strange state of affairs? Did one individual happen to make an understandable human error.

But then who made the custom space suit that fit the ostrich so well? And who trained it? And sent up a supply of ostrich food for 8 months? They tried to work out the minimum number of NASA workers who made mistakes as well as the smallest number of people who must have looked the other way and said nothing. Even when making very kind estimates that still amounted to a large number of people. They realized that it was foolish to think that a single individual had screwed up. The entire system would have to be broken from the bottom to the top. How could the Americans have sent someone so inappropriate for such an important job?

Heap Of Scorn

Once upon a time a man invented a substance so hard, it would last almost forever. Once set it could not be worked, but it could be cast into any shape before it hardened up. He had great difficulty bringing it to market and was blocked and sabotaged by evil greed driven people. So he began to create molds of the most evil people on the earth and he cast statues of them that he placed on the side of a long stretch of road. He depicted these people as monsters in the act of destroying the earth and the life upon it. Over the years he made quite a fw of these, because he was able to market his material and it rewarded him handsomely. Many people began to travel there to look at these works of virtuosity and the fame of the evil monsters spread far and wide.

That’s when the pro liars became aware of him and began telling lies.

Cave Woman #

Once upon a time there was a woman who broke up with her boyfriend. She was certainly not sorry to see that guy go. Lately she had found herself reminding him multiple times to do even the smallest things for her. And much worse, she had to spur him constantly to tell her that he loved her. When he finally did, it always sounded insincere. So she stopped calling him and avoided his calls and he soon got the message. Fine. She was beautiful and could have any man she chose. She knew this because her select few close friends always told her so.

A week after the break up, by chance she happened to see her now ex boyfriend with another woman. They were in a car lot and seemed to be concluding a deal to buy a used car. It was a small suv with an economical 4 cylinder engine. She was incensed. They had never talked about buying a car when she was with him! Even though she could easily afford one. And why an suv? Was this horrible witch pregnant already? And how could he hook up with someone else so soon? She doubted that he had been seeing her when they were together. She felt sure of this because she had tracked his cell phone closely and read all of his emails and texts. Though she didn’t know her, she thoroughly despised this new woman. She felt like she had been personally attacked and resolved to get her revenge.

On her way home she stopped at her local hardware store. While outwardly calm, inside she was fuming with rage and could think of nothing except repaying that whore for her blatant attack. She roamed up and down the aisles looking at the metal tools. Crowbars, hammers, pick axes, screwdrivers and pliers. She imagined new ways that each one could be used to cause distress. Finally she decided on a automatic hole punch and some flares. She planned to use the punch to break through the window of the hated couple’s new SUV, then throw in some flares to burn it to a crisp. They would end up paying for years for a car that was toast. This seemed like a satisfactory message to her and she headed for the check out. But on the way she passed the cat food display and remembered her kitty at home. She put all the stuff back and hurried home, just in time to catch Coronation Street.

Later that night she was still so upset that she had trouble sleeping. When she finally did drift off, she had a vivid dream. In her dream she saw an ancestor of hers, a woman that lived 300,000 years ago. She lived in a rocky landscape close to a forest and a river. She lived with her man and had a small child by him. But then her man left her for another woman, who had schemed and poached her man away. This was a terrible disaster, since without a man to protect her and provide food and heavy work, it was almost certain that she would die. If she was lucky she might find another man, but then the chances were high he would want her without the child. Which would likely then be exposed at night where the predator animals roamed. Her best course was to kill the intruder woman and hope her man would accept her back.

As her dream concluded, she lifted up and away from a landscape covered in thousands of women, each one an ancestor of hers. They all looked up at her and pumped their fists in slow motion unison. The message was clear, all her mothers down through the ages agreed that this bitch should suffer for what she had done. She woke up.

She went about her day, making breakfast, writing and reading notes on her get it done list, and preparing her persona. All the time she kept thinking about the dream and what it meant. She drove to work, dealt with her clients, collaborated with her colleagues, then went out for lunch. After lunch she leaned back into the upholstered booth and relaxed for the first time that day. Her mind wandered and once again she thought about the dream.

She agreed that 300,000 years ago to lose a man would probably mean dying or consigning her children to an early death. But she didn’t have children. Deep in the past when another woman poached your mate she had pretty much killed you or your genes or both. But losing her boyfriend in this time was irrelevant to her success. In fact it was more likely to boost her career than end it. She thought about the repercussions of committing a manic and violent act against this woman she didn’t even know. How could she face her co-workers, friends and family? She paid for lunch and drove back to work.

At her desk she opened a drawer and pulled out her collection of special cards. She selected a beautiful one and addressed it to her ex boyfriend. In it she wrote: “Best of luck to you and your endeavors!”

Animal Town

Animal Town [the animals have names] A man goes to the bus stop and he just missed the bus. He sets himself to wait. As he does, some dogs collect at the bus stop as well. They sit down politely and wait. Then some cats, and other forest critters, possoms, raccoons and skunks. As well as a few other people of course. They collect one at a time and he nods and speaks to each one in turn because they all know each other. They look at the animals gathering but say nothing. The next bus arrives and a bunch of people get off and then some animals too. Goats, some small deer, and a lama. The guy and the people get on and so do the animals. They have special areas where they lay down. The guy isn’t comfortable crowded in at the front so he moves to the back. Back there are very large animals. Some caribou, a moose, and of all things a horse. A beautiful palomino stallion with shiny silver hair. The man talks to a woman standing there. “There’s an odd one.” The stallion immediately looks over and the woman motions to the man with her eyes to look away. In a whisper she explains that the horse feels uncomfortable when he knows they’re talking about him. Ahh yes. He understands completely. The bus passes by some wilderness, the big doors open and all the animals get out. Except for the horse, he’s headed into the city. There are large flocks of birds everywhere. The horse has come to escort his wife and new born mare who are in the hospital. There was some complications but everything has worked out fine and his family is healthy. The horse gets off the bus and trots across the meadow toward the hospital. On one side is a tall fence and behind it patrol the big predators. The cougars, bears, coyotes and wolves. They are behind the fence while in this close to town. They freely roam the open spaces outside. The fenced areas are shaped like a maze and reach into every part of town. He waits by the hospital stables till a nurse comes to escort him to his family. they have a loving reunion, then head outside to some farm land. There are automated fields that produce loads of hay. The horse takes his wife and daughter out to one and wait with many other animals for the harvester that cuts down a swath of grass. The animals all enjoy a hearty meal and bed down for the night. After tomorrow’s breakfast they will head back out side the city.

The horse does taxi duty for tokens, he has a high tech pouch that people add in tokens for a ride and they get paid out for services. It’s considered an honor to be approached by an animal and offered creds for service.

Early in the day he’s having an argument with the neighbor. He turns and there’s a beautiful deer behind him. It nuzzles his face and makes him feel great. He adds some crypto creds to her account and she bows in gratitude. Then he goes to the bus stop, sees the stallion and goes to work. Off work in the afternoon he sees the stallion again who approaches him and offers him a job, to take him to the hospital and reconnect him with his wife. The stallion has a lot of cryptocreds so the job looks lucrative. He agrees and rides the horse to the hospital, negotiates with the staff, works out the problem and gets the family back together.

Life Saver

Life Saver

a girl is adrift in a high sea, she calls to a man on a boat to throw her the life preserver, he’s thinking about it but then another woman appears and says no - put that life preserver back

girl is still floundering and calling - man appears with more resolve than before - woman appears and can’t get out on deck - man throws preserver - but woman blocked his arm and it goes astray - big horn beeps 2 times - man in water headed to ecobuoy hears it and looks but can only catch a glimpse

the woman is rabbit fighting with man to block his aim - he has the life preserver - finally he stands up on the wet precarious rail - in danger of going in - woman goes quiet - he throws the preserver - the girl is connected

little big barn - first it’s the girl in the sea early on, then the woman on the boat later. echoes of weakened outing with woman being nasty to herself

this one is similar to driving to infinity but there is only 3 of these instead of 5. This one also resolves at the end of the world. As the escape from the crack splits the narrative, Life Saver joins it back up. Both have the man standing on the railing. When he gets the girl in Life Saver, he holds her close and the ship comes into the dock and joins with the mainland.

Driving To Infinity

Driving To Infinity

After they get back to the car they’re on a high. The sun is going down and they put the top down and drive with glorious colors at their back. They talk about science and how things can be known. You take your best shot with the reproducibilty of the scientific method, and that accounts for the bulk of what you can know. At the limit of our senses and ingenuity there might be half weird explanations that can extend the horizon of conceivability, but who knows what they are?

A family is traveling to a get together at a town called Infinity. They ask a local and he says, “Yeeup, well Infinity is a long way from here.” But the last guy said it was a long way too! “So why didn’t you believe ‘em? It takes more than a few days ride to get to Infinity.”

They drive a convertible but they only put the top down at night or on cloudy days.

The family from Scenic View drive around Texas because Hurricane Carmen has been sitting there for weeks. And at the top of Florida at the border with Georgia is another hurricane (Olga) that has set up shop and is just sitting there. But they run into a tornado at twilight. It lifts them up above the clouds and they gasp at the sight of so many stars. Are they in orbit? asks Suzy. They still have gravity inside the car. Will we crash? asks Bobby. Look there says Nancy. They see a patch of blackness moving in the sky. Stars wink out before it and reappear after. At the same moment they all realize that whatever it is, they are going to collide with it.

There are a few of these scattered throughout the book. It ends on the night of the end of the world with:

“Nancy, kids, wake up!”

“What is it Dad?”

“We’re here.”

They come over a hill and a vast bowl lies before them, filled with millions of peaceful people living quietly on the land.

Lie Flat

Once upon a time there was a man who enjoyed lying to people. He got up on stage and told all sorts of outrageous lies. The audience was silent. At the very end after a long pause he said: “Praise God.” The audience exploded into applause. He felt a wave of euphoria that propelled him into ecstacy. He knew then that he wanted to be a serial liar, telling the biggest lies to the most people. His ultimate goal was to tell a lie so big that everyone in the world would beleive it for centuries. What goal in life could be larger? He hung around other people who were like him, looking to tell the biggest lie of all. Some of them were members of Jusus Of the Holey Crotch, they told some real whoppers!

He has a competition with a young girl who also wants to lie the biggest

He said that chicken skin was bad for you and when the people picked around it he grabbed it and ate it for himself.

He grew up in a hippie community of gullible people who are always dancing and twirling and spouting nonsense.

Here are the psycho lies:

Baxter the Ostrich on the space station - the vaccine incident

lying to justify the gulf war

us insistence on being able to weaponize viruses

bpa and pcos

people don’t want the rich to be taxed

people hate health care

people love politicians who betray the populace to coddle a few rich people

people are completely against any kind of gun control

white, christian americans are superior to everyone in the world

people in other countries live uneducated and disgusting lives - so a doctor from any other country and the american says - wait so you’re a doctor? A research scientist really - I didn’t know those existed!

Cave Mend

Cave Men Fervor!

It all happens because the house is being redecorated

Some really good looking cave men do the rounds and copulate with all the women of the tribe. They are watched by the rest of the gruesome lot who aren’t getting any sex at all. Then it’s time to go out on a hunting mission. There are 3 good looking guys who chum around together laughing and comparing exploits. There are 15 other guys who are serious about hunting and get very surly when the good lookers scare away the animals with their laughing and back slapping. That night around the campfire the 15 who hunted stay together and eat the same game they caught. The good looking guys make do with the packed provisions. Tension runs high and the 15 are quick to raise their spears against the 3. The next day the 3 are roughly cautioned to smarten up and pay attention. They catch one large animal but others get away because of the good lookers incompetence. The 15 advance on them with spears drawn, disarm them and spit on them. They will carry home the dead animal. As they hike back to the village the 3 plot to get rid of the 15 even though common sense would show this is impossible. Back at the village, the women, who talk with a much larger and more complex vocabulary, have already intuited the situation and have come up with a solution. The beta males will get to spend a year with a woman exclusively. It’s only fair, so they call this fairage. The most beautiful women, who are also the laziest and most entitled, do not agree with this plan. They have the looks to interest the best looking males and they will stick with that. So the female side of the clan splits in two.

Crispy Tries

Crispy Tries

Once upon a time there was an inventor who ate some french fries. They were crisp and delicious! fresh cut and tasted like potatoes! He bought lots of potatoes in big bags and sliced them into smaller pieces with a knife. Then he would fry them up and eat them! Everyone wanted a big plate of his fries, and seconds too! He found it was such a chore to slice up the potatoes with a knife that he became determined to find a better way. He thought of building a grid of sharpened steel ribbons, and a way to force the potato through them. Two handles lifted out of the top and the user pushed them together like garden shears. He liked that the hand cut fries were all different sizes and so he didn’t want them to be perfectly regular.

At first the fries his machine produced had sides that were uniformly smooth and flat. They only turned crispy on the ends and edges. But a few of them were ragged and they fried up crisp and delicious. He reasoned that if he replaced the stiff cutting ribbons with more flexible wires and caused them to vibrate in a chaotic fashion he could get more crispy edges. He wondered if this could be made using a feedback loop and so he made a potato chopper that cut a pattern of rounded randomness on the fries that were produced.

His potatos got cut with a pattern on them and they fried up perfectly crisped. His competitors tried to pirate the technology but they had trouble releasing their version of the product because none of the machines they built ever worked.

[he invents a chopper with a grid of wires that is stiffened by a strong magnetic field. some feedback breaks the field into fractals and the wires oscillate as the potato moves through and gets cut. the result is french fries with a fractal pattern on their faces that makes them cook up really crispy. the competition gets a hold of one and they build a copy but only the original one works. They slice hundreds of potatoes while recording the machine with very high speed cameras. they play the footage backwards and watch as the fries jump up off the table and slowly form into a whole potato. they look so closely but can’t figure out what is happening. finally the leader of the project shakes his head in defeat and says Dammit, No matter how closely I look I just don’t get it!]

Acquired Savant a woman struck on the head

Acquired Savant

Once upon a time a woman received a nasty blow to the head. It knocked her right out and even caused a concussion. Maybe just a mild one we hope! She woke up in hospital in good spirits and seemed to be fine.

She got along well with the doctors and staff.

But when some of her friends and family came to visit, she would just stare at them dumbfounded. Their faces seemed familiar, but they were visually smudged for her, and unreadable. Other friends she would see crystal clear. She would remark about all the subtle details she had not seen in them before. So the hospital sent her home, but vowed to keep an eye on her. One night, at a cocktail party, she saw a very clear looking man meet a very clear looking woman. Their faces began to change so fast, at times it became a high speed blur. But the clarity and detail that she saw was astounding.

She reflected on this and realized that the people with hyper detailed faces were honest and true and the people with parts smudged out were not. It was a lot of affirmation for her because she had known these things about her family all along. She had been suppressing looking at them in a harsher light of truth and avoided admitting them because they stung her when she thought it too much. She resolved to distance herself from those jerks and get out more and meet more clear faced people. She could relate to them so quickly!

Animal Intuition

Animal Intuition

Once upon a time a dog told his dad he wanted to go for a walk. So the man prepared his dog to go out. He put on the harness and connected the leash. He put on the leash and collar and headed for the door. But just then the phone rang. Dammit, he thought, why always at the same time and place? He trots back to the bathroom and picks the phone off it’s cradle next to the toilet. The dog follows and stands next to him on the carpet. The man notices that if the person on the other end is a woman, the dog lays down, but if it’s a man, the dog stays standing. He even tries to break the dog’s prediction by lingering with a male or being curt to a woman. But he’s right every time. Dammit how does he do that?

Sleep Wipers

Sleep Wipers


One upon a time a farmer began to harvest the tobacco growing in his fields. The next two months would be critical to the success of his entire year, and would test his physical and mental abilities to the limit. His son Petey, or Little Pete as the workers called him, was with him this year for the entire harvest. Petey usually spent most of his time with his mother, Andy’s ex-wife Sybil.

The harvest depended on seasonal workers who usually changed every year. This year Andy got lucky and scored a crack team of primers from Quebec: five young men who sat on the motorized priming machine that slowly moved them down the straight rows of tobacco. At each of the shoulder high plants the men would snap off the lowest level of giant leaves and place them in baskets. At the end of the row they loaded the full baskets aboard a wagon pulled by the boat driver on a small tractor. The term boat driver was a left over from the past when horses pulled boats, long metal containers that slid across the sand on metal skis. Before there was priming machines the primers walked through the rows and placed the leaves in the boat. That was really hard work. The boat driver delivered the baskets of tobacco to the table gang, who were set up outside of the day’s empty kiln (kill).

The table gang consisted of three women who worked on the tying machine. Marion, Josie and May were local women who had been with Andy for a varying number of years.

[intros for the ladies]

The tying machine was an expensive and complex mini-factory custom made for the tobacco industry. The baskets of new leaves were emptied out onto tables putting them within easy reach. A slow metal wire conveyor belt ran the full length of the machine. Onto this the women first set down a neat row of leaves, then a stick (a rough version of a meter stick) then another layer of leaves on top. At the end of the tying machine was a beefed up sewing needle that sewed the leaves together with string.

The heavy mass then traveled up a slanted canvas conveyor belt into the kiln where it was picked up and hung by the kiln hanger. He hung the sticks in neat rows on precisely built wooden beams, into small metal clips evenly spaced. At the end of the day the kiln was closed up tight and the furnace switched on for a week of heat curing. The work was strenuous and agonizing. They started at seven in the morning and worked till the kiln was filled. This year the excellent primers were relentless and kept a solid pace. The gang always finished before lunch and everyone was happy.


[Andy’s intro, charming, affable, with a face that had rarely been without a smile]

One morning Andy as usual, had a dozen errands to attend to. He made sure the women on the tying machine had plenty of sticks and string, the priming machine was fueled up and in the right field, the primers were in a good mood and the boat driver wasn’t too hung over. It looked like the start of another ideal day. But Andy knew that harvest time was notorious for all sorts of weird things going wrong. He hoped that nothing unforeseen and crazy would arise to give him problems. As was his habit, the last stop Andy made on his regular round was to visit the kiln hanger. This year he had working for him a young intellectual who always had interesting things to say.

[Mike’s intro, he always says smart things - he mentions either Godel, Tarski or Cantor]

Mike walked on planks of wood that sat on the beams. They were portable and moved about to different parts of the kiln as it filled up. Filling the peak was very strenuous as it was several levels above the end of the conveyor, which was adjustable but it could only go up so high. So Andy came in every morning to help out.

Andy stepped into the kiln, a cube 21 foot square with a sand floor and a concrete block foundation. Above his head was an array of wooden rafters built in regular planes, each 3 feet above the other. Four large access ports were set into 2 of the walls, on opposite sides, 8 feet above the ground. All of the doors were now open and one was filled with the conveyor, set at it’s steepest angle. At the peak of the kiln was Mike the hanger. His job was to lift the sticks of tobacco off the conveyor, and hang them up on the beams.

On the far side from the door, the dew dripping off the hung tobacco was like an indoor rain that fell in continuous streams. Andy went up the near side like a monkey climbing into an abstract forest.

At Andy’s arrival, Mike climbed up above his boards by straddling the rafters.

[Andy now takes the sticks from the conveyor and hands them to Mike way up above his head. Mike in his shorts displays more than Andy cares to see. They converse, Mike asks about Petey, Andy mentions Sybil and her bad moods, Mike asks does she have cats and cat litter, Andy says yeah a bunch, why, Mike tells of the parasite Toxoplasmosis, that gets in your brain. What’s it do there Andy asks, I dunno, makes you want to buy more cats I guess. This load of tobacco is done so the machines stop, they hear the voices of the women in anger. Andy is headed down anyways so he goes to investigate.]


The women were complaining loudly, cursing the primers as being gross barbarians. “Look!” said Marion, head of the table gang, displaying some leaves they had saved. Andy leaned in close to look “Is it, is it, blood ... “ he stammered. The women looked at him like he was as dumb as a man. “NO!” they shouted, “It’s poo! Look! Josie’s gloves have poo on them!” Andy looked closely. It was hard to tell the difference between the “poo” and the regular black tobacco tar that built up on the gloves. But it did smell like it. “Those bastards!” cried May, “They’re pooing in the field and it’s getting on the tobacco!”


Andy drove his truck down the sand roads to the field where the primers would emerge. Olaf the boat driver was already waiting there on the small tractor. From far away Andy watched as the grizzled old swede took a swig from a small bottle in a paper bag, then hid it away. It was an open secret that Olaf drank all day, he constantly smelled of cheap whiskey. But he never staggered or faltered in his work and he never failed to help with transferring the heavy baskets. Besides, drivers were difficult to find now at harvest time. Andy considered talking to him about the poo, but he knew Olaf hardly spoke even when he was sober, whenever that might be. All he would likely get would be a gap toothed grin. The boat driver smiled showing his missing teeth. Andy didn’t look close but he had the impression that every second tooth was missing and if he wanted to, he could close his mouth extra tight as the uppers and lowers looked like they would interlaced with each other.


The priming machine slowly emerged from the end of the row. What followed was a flurry of activity. Lucien the driver jumped up and grabbed the arrow shaped steering feeler. He led the machine around in a tight turn then put it into neutral. The other primers stood up, stretched, and began peeling off their raincoats, now that the sun was out and the dew was drying up. Andy and Olaf pitched right in, lifting the baskets heavy with tobacco and water and dropping them onto the wagon. This was a gesture of good will. On other farms the primers were expected to do all the heavy lifting themselves. Andy like to maintain an atmosphere of giving by helping. It was why his crew finished at noon while others ran on till 5 or even 6. Now out of their rain gear, the other men set to shifting the empty baskets, setting them in places provided on the machine. Each pass down a long row such as these filled 3 or even 4 baskets.

The head primer was a tall, slender man named Phillipe, he spoke through precisely cut facial hair. Andy asked him if he noticed anything odd about the leaves today. In measured tones Phillipe says he did. They had noticed a smell at the other end of the field this morning. High up on the hill where there was no dew. A smell like poo. But there was no poo there, just the smell on the leaves. Andy told how the women had noticed it too and were “concerned.” Phillipe says the women must be crazy, it may be the boat driver, or someone who wandered in, but it’s certainly not any of his crew. He spat on the ground to emphasize his point, something a gentleman like him would rarely do. There was no way Andy was going to push the issue, he asked if all was well with the primers and was there any more he could do. They lit up hand rolled cigarettes of cannabis and went back to work.


[accusations fly, is it Olaf? or Petey? someone who stopped by the side of the road? But that portion of the field is a long walk in. Andy squirms and finally says “So, maybe it was, uh, a childbirth, and what we’re really looking for is a, a fetus!” There was dead silence as everyone stared at him in disbelief, then a few small bursts of laughter that quickly died. Then “NO!” came the unanimous reply. “We’re looking for POO Andy, someone pooed out there!”] “You’re crazy! Have you gone nuts?! Il est fou! Tabernack! Colis estee!”


[The Miller farm history - it used to be a slaughter house for hogs, run by her father in law who was cited for many violations, Edna forced him to hand it over to her, she changed it to a dairy operation, now free range cattle, everything sensitive, and won awards]

Andy was in the barn, his nose wincing at the smell, when Mrs. Miller appeared.

[Edna, the Widder Miller intro]

As usual she was dressed in rubber overalls and rubber boots decorated with generous streaks of cow manure.

“Well howdy farmer, what can I do for ya?”

“Good afternoon to you too neighbor!”

“Have you come to enjoy my ripe dairy air?” she said turning to the side to show off her blue ribbon bum, renowned throughout the county. She was referring to a flirty joke he had made the last time he was here. He just remembered now. He asks for her help.

“Well I can try, we farmers ought to stick together!”

As he explained the problem a few of her cows walked over to stand next to her. Andy had the impression that they were listening to him as intently as Edna. One of them, light brown in color, nudged her face against the back of Edna’s hand. Edna said “Linda here wants me to introduce you.” The cow looked at him in anticipation. Andy stepped over and Linda licked his hand while looking him in the eye, then stepped back behind Edna and peered at him. Edna said “She says you’re a right nice man and you should come over and visit more often.” Andy wondered if her translation was accurate.

She folded the giant leaf in half, buried her face in the center and took a deep breath. Pulling it away revealed a look of horrific realization on her face. “Andy” she began, “This is not cow poo,” She turned and locked her eyes onto his. “This is human poo!” “Do you think someone, could, survive after losing so much ...” his voice trailed off. She looked at him as if he had gone weird. “Of course!” she replied. “A body is built to poo, if it shits it’s alive!”

Petey and Andy leave, then Andy remembers one more thing to say. He steps back into the barn but Edna is gone. A young calf is now at Betsy’e udder and was about to drink milk but instead stares at Andy as if disconcerted by his appearance. Both cows move to watch him as he leaves and stare after him.

“She has been right obligin to ya Pa.” said Petey as they drove away.

Andy sets out big traps baited with poo. The next day the poo is gone but the traps have not been sprung. He steals other peoples poo using an old macrame net hung under the outhouse seat and uses them to bait the traps. People see it and complain and Andy “fixes” it, but resets the net for others. “Why is Andy stealing our poo?” asks May. Finally he announces that tonight is the night, and he’s going out there to catch them. [He steps on a rat trap on the big night and gets a whack through his shoe that shocks him but doesn’t really hurt through his boot. Good thing he wears steel toes!]

“Well at least there warn’t no poo on it Pa.”


[they outfit the truck with lights, cameras, a bull horn]


[the truck runs out of gas - Andy and Petey leave it behind and walk back on foot]


[the moon is out and it’s bright but by the time they get to the field clouds cover it and it gets very dark. This is the spot, Andy stood very still in the almost total darkness, his nerves became keyed up to an intense pitch. “I can’t see nothin Pa! Can you?” “Just relax boy, we’re in the right place at the right time, be grateful for the dark, it’s our friend.” he added. Suddenly he felt the brush of a human body move past him. He gasped in shock and fear. Other bodies drifted by, silent and slow moving. The clouds thinned and now he saw them. He was among a crowd of 40 or even 50 people, walking slowly like zombies.]

“PA! Look! They’s wiping their bums on the leaves! Bein careful not to break em! It’s like they’s asleep or sumthin, or sleep walkin’! PA! They’s sleep walking and wiping their asses on the tobacco!”

[they drop their shorts or pajamas or lift up their night skirts and squat down low.]

Suddenly Petey went quiet. Andy looked for him and saw that he was standing stock still and staring down one of the rows. A few meters in, a woman wearing a one piece long john had slipped it over her shoulders and stood in the moonlight quite naked. Surrounded by the tobacco on both sides. “Petey don’t stare!” Andy commanded. Petey snapped out of his reverie, stuttered some excuses and walked away. The moon emerged from the clouds and bathed the scene in a silver light. Andy looked at the woman, she looked strong and sturdy yet her shape was highly feminine. Her breasts were magnificent. She stood on one foot firmly planted in the sand and the other slightly raised. Slowly she drew a tobacco leaf up the crack of her butt. Andy could practically feel the cool smoothness of the leaf on his own -

“Paa-aa! Now you’s lookin at her!” shouted Petey from directly behind him.

Andy snapped back to attention. “Sorry Petey, I know that’s wrong. It’s not polite to, to, look at someone, while ... “ he hesitated. “While they’s wipin their ass?” finished Petey. “Yeah exactly.”

“I ain’t seen nothin like it before.” said Petey.

The eerie silence was broken only by the sound of muffled farting.

The people emerged from the tobacco and collected at the end of the row. Andy wondered what would they do next. Once again clouds covered the moon and the scene faded to black. A long minute stretched on as they remained still. When the light returned all were gone, and only Andy and Little Pete remained. They were tired, so without further investigation they began the walk back to the farmhouse.

They saw footprints in the sand that headed away towards the road. One set branched off and led towards the Miller farm.

Andy wondered if the people had become infected by a parasite that forced them to perform this strange act while unaware. “Could it have come from cigarettes?” He worried that the kilns now contained contaminated leaves that would continue the strange life cycle. “Bah!” he shook his head, “ridiculous!”

“Well Pa, at least they didn’t poo, but some of them sure has stinky bums!”

The observation struck Andy hard. Even though there was plenty of wipings on the leaves there was no solid plops upon the ground.

Andy made a note to park the priming machine at night by the entrance to the common road. Hopefully that will keep them away.

“At least we know now who dunnit Pa, we can tell the table wimmen, an they can lay off the field gang, and we can tell them primers too.”

“Yeah right,” Andy broke his silence, “We’ll just march up and tell em all what we saw here tonight. They’ll all go back to work and everything will be alright again.”

“Well it is kind a weird, too bad we didn’t have the cameras, and the lights and all. But they’ll believe us, won’t they Pa? We’ll tell em we both saw the same things. They’ll believe us for sure!”

Andy wondered if he would ever find a rational explanatin for these events.

Reaching into the pouch of his kangaroo top, Andy pulled out the one thing that hadn’t stayed with the truck. He carefully unwrapped a plastic bread bag, so as not to get any on him, and revealed the largest poo anyone had ever seen. It was now curled up in a spiral, but unwound it would be over 16 inches long. He stepped over to the highest point on the ridge, and held it aloft in one hand. “Hey!” he shouted to the sleep walking people, “Is this what you’re looking for?!” Slowly, still with their eyes closed, they all turned to face him. In their curious shuffling gait they all began moving towards him.

Andy felt the hair rising on his arms and legs, and the silver blonde hair on his head began to rise up as well. He knew he had to act fast. He bent over and with all his strength he threw the giant turd straight up in the air. It sailed high up above them all, a full 40 feet in the air. He ran for the cover of the nearby trees just as a massive lightning bolt struck the ground where he had just been. The flying turd was instantly vaporized. The bright light blinded them, and the thunder left their ears ringing. A second bolt struck right after the first, and the harsh smell of ozone filled the air. Andy could feel the people shuffling past him, as they all walked down the lane back to their homes.

“I don’t think we’ll have any more trouble now Petey.” The ancient spell had been broken and the first drops of rain began to fall. As they passed by the fork in the road, Andy noticed that one set of footprints went in a different direction, headed towards the Miller place. He couldn’t wait to tell Edna what had happened.

Weakened Outing people climb mountain

Weakened Outing

A group of people sets out to climb a mountain. There are six, 3 women and the rest are men. [a dialog interaction to introduce them, one is the girl and one is the wizard] They start out with optomism and brio but keep getting delayed. A woman on the team keeps getting injured. Another team member follows her when she steps behind some rock. He sees the injured teammate and someone is punching her! There is a cry from an eagle, the woman doing the beating looks up and sees that she has been exposed. It’s her! The woman is beating on herself! That’s why she is injured and that’s why the whole team is slowing down. As they look away from the eagle the bad woman is gone. The injured one [the girl] covers her face and cries behind her hands.

Lie Full Tower

Ecstasy of Evil

The ceo of a big oil/chemical/weapons company reads the yearly report. Profits are way up and a species has gone extinct as a direct result of his actions. He is overcome by waves of euphoria and ecstasy. At the meeting of all the other execs and he tells them the news. They leap to their feet and congratulate him. I’m so envious! Makes me remember the first time I killed a woman ! We’re so proud of you! He thinks this is the very best feeling. And now with the new billions in profit I can do it again and again! He basks in the ecstasy. It feels so good he decides to celebrate by going out and murdering someone tonight! Maybe a woman, or even some children! Yeah!

It didn’t surprise them that the normies couldn’t feel the pleasures that they could. What did surprise them is that the normies couldn’t see what they were up to!

These guys get caught and are ordered by a judge to pay a $20 billion fine. The ceo gets up and says sorry and I’ll never do it again in the most insincere voice imaginable. The judge remarks Yeah that was what you said the last time. Back in his office the ceo is with his underlings. They brain storm ideas about how they can pass the fine off onto someone else. We could raise our prices! Someone shouts, make the customers pay it off! Someone does the math and no, they would have to at least triple their prices and industry watchers would probably catch on to what they were up to.

What about the employees? someone suggests. We can take a cut of their wages to pay the fine. Someone else does a quick calculation. They would have to pay more than what we pay them, they would have to pay us for every hour they worked here! Several of them perk up with great interest. That’s a great idea! Make the [drones] pay us an hourly rate! This is the future of work! But calmer voices assure everyone that the plebes will leave if it comes to that. They can’t afford a mass exodus, good workers are too hard to find. They discus buying a company that’s been in business a long time, raiding the assets and plundering the retirement fund away from the workers. But we already do that, there just aren’t as many long standing companies whose reputations and infrastructure we can destroy left! They sit around and think hard, drinking $600 a bottle liquor and smoking $200 cigars. We’ll have to be ready to pounce on anything that comes our way. The thought of paying a fine for their misdeeds makes them cringe in distaste!

The psychos call their enemy the typicals.

the EPA’s Jess Rowland and his Office of Pesticide Programs

In a waiting room of a tall office tower, a young man shows up for his interview. A young woman is there waiting as well. The door opens and another young man steps out, dissapointment written all over his face and body. The waiting man asks him how it went and the guy tells the truth. The woman goes into the office and the door closes. The waiting man says a bunch of exaggerated things and the guy looks at him quizzically then leaves - he’s the young wizard. The door opens and the now ecstatic women comes out - she got the job! The waiting man goes in. The interviewer points out that just about everything the guy said on his resume and cover letter is a lie. No it’s not! he fires back. Relax says the interviewer, liars are what we’re looking for, that guy before you told only the truth, not what we want at all. You just need to direct your lieing towards our goals, like making people sick and destroying the environment. You got the job. The man had never been so happy in all his life. This is the job he is going to stick with for the rest of his life!

Man is a violent creature, stupid and brutal. The natural state of the world is the typical men at war with each other endlessly. What saves the world from ultimate destruction of bigger and more powerful weapons is the Chosen Men like ourselves. We control the money, and we take care to supply only weapons of limited effectiveness. That way the Typical Men can expend their anger and hatred for each other eternally. It is only we and our selfless and caring guidance that keeps the world in the best state possible. We limit their education to prevent them from devising ever more terrible weapons, not just to make them easier to control. Society is setup to be a great intelligence test. If they smoke the tobacco, drink the soda or eat the fried food, then they will sicken and die, removing the foolish ones from the gene pool. Their wasting and passing helps us to do our good work by supplying us with the funds to carry on.

“That inventor sure is a nuisance. What about things happen when they should, or supposed to, does that work on him?”

“No he doesn’t believe in that.”

“What about energy and frequency, does he fall for that crap?”

“Not that we can see, he seems immune to all the low level bullshit.”

“Hey you remember that time when Harris clobbered his secretary, and while she was out cold we all lined up to screw her?”

“Oh yeah, and half way through she died and the line got longer!” They burst out laughing and thumped each other on the back in the joy of cameraderie.

The young male psycho recruit is a compulsive liar which they consider to be the right stuff, but he lies about everything and they ask him was that a lie and often he says yes. They are trying to direct his talent towards their own evil ends.

The evil woman gets introduced here as well.


A man gets up and leaves the house - argues with his neighbor over spilled trash that his dog was to blame - gets on the bus and people are scowling at him - at the coffee counter the girl thought he said drugs not rugs, all over the place is spinning tornados, and the pink light progresses dim at forst then gets stronger - in the afternoon a new guy looks at it and pronouced it a tornado and the guy slaps his own face - dammit! why didn’t I think of that - and he blushes pink

Mans Peak

Mans Peak

Once upon a time a man strode out upon the land, open for any adventure that he might find. Over soft hills carpeted with grass and forests floored with life he strode with vigor and enthusiasm. And why not? It was a beautiful day to be alive and aware. To move and be moved, to see and be seen. As he hiked out upon trails filled with promise he wondered “what fate or lack thereof might befall me next?”

He didn’t have long to wait as a fabulous net of gems became visible just above a hill he was climbing. So many polished stones glinting in the sun, and so many colors! He quickened to the top of the rise and beheld a bizarre sight: a lone finger of rock had broken off a plateau and bore the other worldly teasure on it’s top. The sides of the finger were too smooth and too tall to allow it to be easily grasped, was it even real? or just an illusion? There was a circular trail that led around to both sides. He chose to go left, and circled around through a patch of woods.

As the jewel went out of sight he encounterd a small stream. His tall leather boots were quite water proof so he walked up the shallow stream bed. A loud sound of rushing water drew his attention and there ahead in the now busier stream he is confronted by a woman - his ex-wife. The water flows around her feet in turbulent eddies and she rocks back and forth in the current. She has an angry scolding look on her face. One that he remembered easily and knew too well. She doesn’t move and he realizes she’s a mannequin. He steps from side to side to look at her from different angles. She isn’t even 3D. She’s a life sized plywood cut out. Just like those tiny hockey players in the old hockey board game. The ones that you made slide and rotate.

He grips the cut out on both sides and pushes and pulls hard to rotate her around so that she’s aligned with the flow of the water. Now the eddies don’t form at the base, and the water flows past smoothly. the rock wall at the back of the waterfall fades away to nothing As he accomplishes this, he didn’t notice at first but only after he turned around and took stock of the situation. A blackness had appeared behind the water that hadn’t been there before. He trudged over and looked up. The darkness seemed to be unnatural, it began immediately instead of gradually. He stepped forward and the waterfall tapered away and stopped. He pulled himself up to a level behind the water and confronted the darkness face to face. His fingers touch and an alcove appears suddenly lit by light. in the bedrock.

In it is a young woman, kneeling on the ground and crying, her face buried in her hands. He’s filled with sadness and a desire to help. So he steps into the alcove and bends over the girl. Placing his arm on her back to comfort her. She looks up and stops weeping. He sees that it is the woman from the stream when she was just a teenager. She looks into his eyes and bursts out crying again, hugging him. He remembers her telling him that she had been abused before he met her in their early 20’s. He kneels down and holds her face in his hands. He blubbers words of encouragement and he starts to cry too. They both hold each other and cry together. Finally he encourages her to stand up and wipe dry her tears.

The rock wall has disappeared. Beyond lies grassy hills that roll off into a verdant valley. She laughs and smiles and runs away into the distance. Her waves as he watches her go. The vision of the valley fades into solid rock and once again he is standing alone in the stone alcove behind the waterfall. Then the water starts back up again as well, trapping him there. He turns to look and is shocked to see that the water is now falling upwards. He’s not trapped at all. He carefully steps into the strong flow and holds his balance and is lifted up, up, higher and higher. An amazing panorama comes into view as he is lifted ever higher. Finally he is at the top. The landscape is so beautiful from up here, he feels a gush and a wrenching of emotion. He turns to look behind him and there is the treasure. A polished net of stones the size of a coffee table. There are rubies, emeralds, saphires and more, it casts a blinding sheen when it reflects the light. His hand reaches out and he touches it.

Book X

Book X

Once upon a time a group of female acolytes was called to their temple to be judged. It was a very important ritual which would decide their future for many years to come. The women were nervous and calmed their anxiety by paying close attention to all the details of their dress and appearance.

[each of the 3 say a couple of things for a total of 6]

- the X book. The first woman of the group [mixed] of 3 looks through the book and sees intricate pages but then interspersed with blanks. Try as she might she can see nothing on the blank pages. The next woman approaches [testo] and finds that most of them are blank. She tries to make light of the sitution with comical faces but only sees bits here and there. The last woman comes forward [estro] and discover rich intricate details on every page. She feels bad for her friends and is certain that she will be the chosen one. But all 3 are chosen. One is the ambassador[estro], one is the mentor [mixed] and one is the tiro [testo]. So all 3 are chosen, they wonder if the whole thing was fixed.



Once upon a time a young girl became friends with an octopus. Together they changed the world and saved and improved countless lives.

The Seaquarium is a large public complex that sprawls across a bluff overlooking the sea. Several rivers that empty into the bay have carved through the bluff leaving marvelous gashes of exposed rock and a pleasant waterfall. The facility was built right up to the waterfall and with a recent expansion now includes it. A new feature has just been installed. It’s a special kind of vertical pool that overlooks the bay. Large glass tanks filled with water sit up above the sea on supports. Because the tops of the tanks are airtight, the water in them remains suspended and doesn’t run out.

Random sizes of tall tanks are clustered in an arc that hug the curve of the cliff. Bubbles produced from pumps below oxygenate the water, and special valves in the gabled tops take the collected bubbles away. The wild fish are able to rise up in these tanks and see the people who are watching them. It’s like an upside down aquarium. Close by is another large pool that’s shallow and open to the air. It’s edges are curved like clouds. A broad concourse with scattered outdoor benches holds a large number of people. They come to enjoy the view out over the water, the sea life in the tall glass tanks, and the many species in the open air pool. People here are on display for the wild life as much as the other way around.

A young girl named Pearl goes to the Seaquarium every weekday after school. She gets out early and has to wait somewhere for her mom to come pick her up after work. Since they have a yearly membership at the Seaquarium it’s free for her to hang out and enjoy the facility. Pearl is fascinated with the new installation and spends her days staring at the glass tanks and the wild creatures who have come here to look at her. She waves at them and hopes that one day one will wave back. She knows the fish can see her, their eyes follow her movements. But they couldn’t care less about her, they just marvel at the panoramic view and the novelty of looking down on the surface world from so high up in the air. Sho loves to draw them in her sketch pad, but when she approaches them with her portraits they get scared and swim away.

One day Pearl saw a small brown octopus clinging to the glass in one of the tanks. She had never seen a wild one before but she had listened to lectures and knew that they were really smart. She would wave and dance before it hoping to catch it’s attention. But like the other fish it ignored her. This was now the first place she would go to when she got there after school. After a few days of drawing and dancing the octopus seemed to notice her. It would flow from one glass wall to another, using the suction cups on it’s arms to stick to the smooth sides. One day Pearl’s mother arrived to pick her up, and she waved at the octopus as they left. To her delight it waved back! It came close and stared at them as they departed.

As time went on and the days passed, Pearl would see the octopus almost every day. They would wave at each other and Pearl would show off her homework and talk about it. Pearl did the best drawings of life of her new friend, who would look at them carefully and signal wether or not they were good. She called her new friend Sandy because she was the color of sand. They built a rapport and communicated with each other. Sandy was shy when adults were there, especially so when members of the Sequarium staff were present. At those times she acted like a regular octopus and pretended to be just an apathetic animal.

A couple of times Pearl was left embarrassed, having convinced someone to watch their interaction, only to have Sandy play dumb when they came over to see. So Pearl understood that what they had was special and just for them. When they were alone Pearl would dance for Sandy who would dance back, waving her arms in magical flowing patterns. Pearl was enchanted, and would gush with excitement to her Mom during the ride home. Her mom was happy to see her daughter so elated, as she still felt guilty about divorcing her father even though he was a total jerk.

One day while Pearl was visiting with Sandy, an old man fainted on the concourse. Sandy became agitated and began pointing with her arms telling Pearl to look behind. Pearl turned around and saw the man down. She ran over to check on him and he was unconscious. She sounded the alarm with her cell phone. Within minutes, emergency crews were there and they revived him with a mask and some oxygen. He recovered and they led him away. While all this was happening, Sandy watched from her tank with intense interest.

Several days later Pearl arrived and immediately saw that Sandy was in distress. She pantomimed being out of breath and fainting, just like the old man. She raised an arm to her forehead, feigned surprise and fell over backwards. Then did it again. Pearl noticed that the air bubbles had stopped and the tank was turning cloudy with a tinge of color. Sandy was telling her that it needed more air. Pearl understood right away, and just as with the old man, she raised the alarm and brought the staff running. At first they didn’t believe her, telling her that the new equipment was infallible and self monitoring. But she pointed out that the other tanks had bubbles and this one did not. Now they sprang into action and investigated and soon found the fault: a large clump of mud was clogging the output of the bubbler. Sandy was curiously absent during all the commotion, Pearl thought it was because of the presence of the staff members. But if they had looked at towards the bottom of the tank they would have seen her there, eyes watching everything.

Suddenly Pearl was a local hero and a minor media sensation. “Fish Whisperer Saves Life In Seaquarium.” read the headline in section H of her local paper. She and her Mom got interviewed on tv. Sandy watched it all. She saw Pearl shake hands with the director of the facility. When they turned the cameras onto the high tank to get footage of Sandy, she descended and was lost from view. “She’s shy” Pearl explained.

One gray overcast day Sandy again told Pearl that it needed more air bubbles, even though she was not in distress. Is the machine broken again? signaled Pearl. But I see bubbles in your tank! Sandy signaled no, not here, out there. She pointed out to sea. Pearl understood. She turned to look at the water, from the base of the cliff to far out over the bay. The sun dipped under the gray clouds and the world filled with an orange purple light. A breeze blew in from the sea and Pearl shuddered from head to toe even though it was warm. She felt that what she decided next would determine her life and the lives of many others, like the wind of destiny was blowing through her. She looked back at her friend. Again Sandy said that the creatures in the sound need more air bubbles. Pearl felt swollen with potential and she raised her arm towards Sandy and made a fist at the end and shook it. Sandy gave back the signal for good drawing and Pearl went home and thought about it.

She talked to her mom, then went to school the next day. She did some research and sure enough loss of oxygen in coastal waters is a worldwide problem. At school she talked about it with her friends and they come up with an idea. They decided to invent a machine that sits in one of the the rivers that flows into the bay. It would use found energy to aerate the water. She talked to an engineering teacher, who also became enthused. There was so many possible designs that could be built, he decided to make a competition in his class. Groups of students would submit designs then a few of the best ones would be built. Other schools found out about the project and decided they wanted to join in too.

So a city wide challenge was created. Pearl’s new found notoriety as a media star made people sit up and listen. All the schools were invited to build a unique machine that aerated the water, to be installed at the base of the many bridges that crossed over rivers. It had to be self sustaining and easily maintainable. They made an Aquarator at Pearl’s school, and the idea caught on.

There is a competition, rivals, the machines are built, and the bubbles help the sea life.

When they returned to the fish tank, Sandy was no longer there. Pearl checked with the staff and they did a count. They said that all the octopii are present and accounted for. She goes to the edge of the bluff and looks down into water. How could the octopus have escaped? Later the girl and her family go to the sea, and she dips her hand in the water, a tentacle appears from below, it grips her hand and squeezes it. She tries to pull it out but it resists and she ceases. She reaches down to caress the octopus which is very happy to see her. One last squeeze and it is gone. She tells her mom that the octopus is okay. How did it get out? Mom asks. It flew replies the girl.

Inner Silence man psycho experiment.

Inner Silence

Once upon a time there was a man who took part in a psychological experiment. He was fitted with sensors and a scientist explained to him what was going to happen. He was to be placed into a completely dark and silent room and his bio-signs would be recorded. As he was led to the dark room a female assistant made a friendly comment that he couldn’t quite catch. He entered the room and complete darkness surrounded him. “What did she say?” he thought. “Something about a vampire clown with lego false teeth?” He stiffened at the thought. “Was that some kind of a joke?” There was no way that could be true. Colors filled his eyes that were not used to absolute dark and then faded to nothing. He remembered the brief conversation he’d had with another test subject who had been leaving just as he had arrived. He hadn’t understood what the man had said - something about encountering a naked woman and there was no doubt at all that it was a woman. “Horny old lecher” he had thought at the time. “What did that even mean? Is there a naked woman in here with me now? Is she going to wait here silently until my curious hands encounter her form? How ridiculous!” The sound of his heart beat was very loud. He took deep breaths to calm it down. It became slower and quieter. He remembered the scientist woman who had first explained the experiment to him. What did she say? Something about a guy in a lab coat wearing infrared goggles so he could see in the dark. “Is such a person in here with me now?” he wondered. It seemed so unlikely. “What are they going to do? Place a large rubber spider on my shoulder?” He listened intensely with all his senses. He was the only one in the room. Although it was dark, so there could have been someone else. But he didn’t think so. It was hot in there, so one at a time he relaxed all of his muscles, and gradually became cooler. He discarded all the immature thoughts of fear and desire of what might be in there with him. They had come from things half heard and only a quarter remembered. “What is real,” he thought, “is me myself. Standing in this dark room.” His mind became as empty as the darkness that enveloped him. Now he really cooled down. “This experiment is no problem,” he thought, “I could stand here for hours.” Far from being intimidating, the darkness and the silence felt like home. Then suddenly, he woke up, and opened his eyes. He was back in the yoga studio taking meditation class. The cotton clad instructor looked just like the scientist who had explained the experiment to him. He paced back and forth and said that once they had achieved their inner silence, the wisdom of the Universe would flow into their minds, giving them infinite strength, and healing their energy fields. “What nonsense!” he thought. “Just because you stop thinking doesn’t mean your fears and desires just magically happen.” He turned to look at the woman sitting next to him, to share with her a sarcastic glance. She had a magnificent figure. For a moment they made eye contact, then her eyes quickly defocused as if he had become invisible. She looked through him and saw nothing. “Hmmph, no strength there.” he thought. He felt sorry for these gullible people. All they could see is what they had been told to anticipate, no matter how far fetched. They couldn’t descend into and embrace the pure emptiness of the dark. “Does the coldness of it chill their bones? To make it bearable, do they have to cling to comforting fairy tales?” He would rather embrace the void, than fill it with baby stories.

Reckless - embrace the void poem

the couple arrive at the beach in the morning, describe the water and they do the other way to the mountain

they begin the climb and discuss the topic

she is reckless and he says your risks are like your opinions

she falls and is injured

he carries her down

to the beach, she says take me to the water

at sunset she dies in his arms as the purple drains from the sky to be replaced by the green and blue of the northern lights


climbing, screaming, dreaming,


bore bore[2] core door for gore lore more nor pore pour roar shore soar tore whore wore your

The end of all my dreaming and the start of all my screaming

pouring tears upon my floor

Talent Scout

Once upon a time there was an emplyment agency that dealt exclusively with psychopaths. It was a very secretive organization, not so much to keep secret from the outside world, but to keep secret from the clients. Who would try and infiltrate, subvert and take control. So there was no organization, just a few people who knew nothing about each other.

The irony is that the clients would get sent out on jobs where they ended up fighting for animal rights, or women or nature. The more sadistic psychos went out on jobs in very dangerous parts of the world and were ofter killed. The company took out big insurance policies on these people and so benefitted from their deaths by a great deal.

After his interview he was led into a room with a big tv screen and he communicated with the woman from before only now she was on the tv. He was told he had scored a 35 out of a possible 40 so he was definitely a psychopath. The results pleased him. So now he could get work. The woman was talking about some of the positions available and he interrupted her and told her what he wanted.

He heard there was lots of good things happening at the US border with Mexico. Border patrol was free to kill the fence jumpers at will, or even rape and torture them before killing them. Also the immigration guys were having a good time separating children from their parents, then beating and raping them. He explained that he wasn’t really into raping kids himself, but he did feel comfortable in places where it was happening. Again he stressed that raping was not his thing, torture was okay, but what he really wanted to do was kill. The woman stared at him the whole time and even a moment after he had stopped talking.

She explained that there was an opening in Africa [kidnapping children from disaster releif zones? killing husbands after their wives and daughters had been raped and killed in front of them? taking out animal protectors to send a message to the world?] at a wildlife refuge and would he be interested in that? In his mind swam visions of covering for poachers and shooting game wardens while they sawed off tusks and horns. Yeah sure he replied, love to. So he was given a round of vaccinations, an insurance policy was taken out with the company as beneficiary, and he took a plane ride to Africa.

When he got there he was contacted by his employers. He was immediately suspicious, they didn’t seem like bad guys at all, they were obviously good. They explained that his job was to protect the last few remaining rhinos and he could use any force necessary. An outsider like him was preferable to locals who might delay a critical few seconds stopping the poachers and would generate blood fueds if they did. They outfitted him with guns and a radio and set him next to the rhinos he was there to protect.

This really sucks he thought, why wouldn’t a guy like me be working for the poachers instead of against them? He surveyed the landscape and his instincts kicked in. He read the land and decided that if he was a poacher he would lie low close to the riverbank then come out when it got dark. He positioned himself accordingly and waited for night to fall.

The poachers emerged from their hiding place under cover of darkness and headed out onto the plains. They saw their quarry, two rhinos, and made ready to bring them down. Out of the darkness a volley of shots cut half of them down. The others ran for cover and hid behind a rock. An unseen phosphor grenade was triggered and exploded in their midst. They died screaming as they burned to death. The game wardens thanked him profusely, and he flew back to the agency.

The evil woman is a client at the agency too.

Vulture #

Once upon a time there was a man who went to see his doctor. He had a painful rash on his shoulders that he could no longer ignore. The doctor looked carefully at the inflamed areas and said it looked like puncture wounds. The doctor looked up above the man and saw a 3 foot tall vulture perched there upon the patient's shoulders. The vultures talons gripping his shoulders were what was causing the problem. The doctor looked into the vulture's eyes which was calmly eating pieces of the man's brain though his opened skull.

The doctor looked away and said "Here is a prescription for a cream that you can apply to the affected areas. It will clear up in a few days." As the man left the doctor knew she had done the right thing. For the vulture was the drug companies, the media, military, the secret government and the banks. To expose them would mean a vulture would come and eat her brain too.

Enterprising Dick

Enterprising Dick

Dick is a dumb kid who steals the Enterprise. He’s chased by Captain Magnificent who rides an unruly space bus. because the captain has an old body while Dick has a new enterprise. Dick Of The Enterprise Once upon a time a group of Federation Star Ship Captains got together to recall old times, eat some food and show off their star ships. There was Captain Gallant and his ship “Undeterred”, Captain Longwad and his ship ‘Excelsior”, and Captain Sean Duke “Pick Hard” was there with his ship “Enterprise”. His son Richard was also there. Instead of following orders and taking the Enterprise home, Richard took it out for a drive among the planets of our solar system. He zoomed over here and there.

Womans Peak

Woman’s Peak

Once upon a time a woman walked out upon the land, open for any adventure that she might find. The land was covered in thick grass, interspersed with wood, sand and rock. Some of everything really! She knew this land was filled with treasure and she was open to experiencing it wherever it appeared! One day she climbed a hill and saw before her a most beautiful treasure: a necklace of so many precious stones that was so large and so complex, it would fit an entire body like a sculpted dress. There it sat, draped upon a bush. There must be more than 200 gems! she thought. And the chainwork is spectacular too! She ran towards it and came over the top of the hill and down the other side, the treasure moved up higher and higher into the air. For it was perched atop a tall spire of rock and would require a significant climb to reach. Branches low to the ground that could be grasped or rough bark that could be gripped were non-existent. She stood at the base up the smooth stone, jumping up and down as her eyes became fixed on the prize at the top. Saliva dripped out of her mouth and her eyes became dry from the constant staring upwards. That fabulous gown of fine chains and polished stones. After staring at the gems for far too long she finally pulled her eyes away. With her head down she kicked at the dirt on the ground and sulked and whined. She wandered in circles then headed away from the tree to the right from the direction that she came in. From this vantage she could see the outline of a path that went around the spire to one side. A path that had not been visible from up close. She chose to take the path to the right. She continued to circle around the spire from a distance. Now she could see that the ground sloped upward around the back of the tree and by walking in this direction she gained some elevation. She continued to orbit around the trunk of the tree. Now she could see large rock steps stacked upward into the air. She scampered and climbed up these and so got quite high. She continued to circle around the tree. Now came into view a natural chimney in the rock that led straight up. By bracing her legs against the sides she shimmied up to the top. She turned and looked and there was the treasure that she reached out and grasped.

[in little big barn we learn about what happened to her after. did the gems sink into her and make her radiant? did she leave it for someone else?]

Paw Lightly dog asks politely

Paw Lightly Once upon a time there was a dog who learned the knack of asking for things politely. Once he learned how to do it, he could ask people for table scraps, or neck rubs or even a look through their house, and they would give it to him. The dog’s Dad was an entrepreneur who tried lots of different business ideas but none of them took off. One day the dog and the Dad were out walking in the big park. Lots of people were at picnic tables having festive meals. A tall attractive woman was walking to her family’s table and the dog fell in beside and walked along with her. They moved together in a smooth and natural rhythm. The Dad suddenly had an idea. He could find work for the polite dog on fashion runways where models showed off clothes. The dog really enjoyed walking with the woman. She had long legs just like him. It felt like they were walking to the victory circle after winning a race. And since his Dad had showed him how to ask for things politely, he wanted to try asking for everything. He wanted to see how far he could run with this. [racing dog sees everything in metaphors of racing]

A tall woman is being harrassed by a creep in the park. A greyhound runs over and chases him off. The woman is releived and grateful. The dog’s owner shows up and they walk and talk. She suggests putting the dog on the fashion runway. Since all his other business ideas have gone nowhere he agrees. She was once a model and now organizes shows. She can get the dog into one.

Eagles Cry man dreamed he was awake

Eagles Cry

Once upon a time there was a man who dreamed he was awake. For a moment he was confused. But then he remembered what he was there for and what he had to do. He got to work and looked around in every direction, taking in his surroundings. He was climbing a very tall mountain and was close to the top, from which shone a brilliant white light. He was standing on a thin ledge that protruded from near vertical rock. As he saw the danger, he clung to the sheer face with his fingers and feet. He was uncomfortable about being up so high and afraid of falling. He looked up. Whatever was shining so brightly up there at the peak was certainly interesting and mysterious. It couldn’t be the sun as that was in a different part of the sky. He could see a line of ledges and hand holds leading upwards, so climbing up was feasible, but he was far more interested in getting down onto level ground. Gathering his nerve, he went in reverse and began to climb down, very carefully. Soon his fingers lost their grip, his feet slipped out, and he fell. But rather than plummet downwards bouncing off the rock, he drifted sideways and floated out into empty space. He came to rest stuck in midair with no where to go. He looked back towards the mountain. It was too far away to grab onto. He was lying on the air horizontally with his stomach pointed down. He felt very uncomfortable just floating there, with no rational means of support. He desperately wanted to get down. He made swimming motions, sweeping his arms and kicking his legs. It was completely ineffective. He stayed in the same place. He realized that he must calm down, relax, and engage his problem solving engine: that part of his brain that came up with novel solutions. He had great confidence in the ability of his larger mind to figure a way out. Sure enough, as soon as he thought this, he felt his creativity motor start up and engage with the task of finding a way down. It burbled and crunched as he kept his mind free from thoughts. The results were instantaneous. His body became covered in a Spiderman suit, with blue pants, red boots, a face mask and web shooters in his wrists. After the initial surprise, he thought “Aha! This will do nicely!” He shot a line of webbing downwards from his right wrist. It was an odd feeling, he wondered how much web could come out of there? The ground was very far away, would his web even reach that far? It just flowed and flowed, and didn’t touch anything. The output on his right was getting thin, so he stopped it. A long line of solidified web dangled down from his wrist. He held onto it with his hand for comfort. He wondered how he was going to snap it off. That’s the part they never mention in the comic books. He still had webbing in his left wrist, so he took careful aim, and fired off in a much shorter path directly towards the mountain. But the wind pushed it back out and it too dangled off into empty space. The weight of the two lines pulled on his arms but he stayed at the same elevation. Slowly he rotated until he was tilted with his head pointing down. He kicked at the air with his legs and feet. To no effect. He felt worse off than before. He longed to go back to floating horizontally. He was at a loss what to do next. Suddenly he felt a ferocious tug at the end of his web, and was pulled downwards at great speed. He was now flying over a sea above giant waves. It was twilight and the waves were a brilliant purple bathed in gold light, with bright white foam on their leading edges. He looked closely at the waves and saw that the crests were studded with diamonds, spaced evenly and regularly. He thought that a savvy person could gather quite the fortune here. Assuming that the diamonds weren’t stuck, and that one could survive the giant waves. He tried to bend down and grab at one as he flew by. But each of his hands was held firm by the lines of webbing. He would try to twist over to one side, but the pull on that line would increase, preventing him from getting close enough to grab one. He looked at his hands, in each was a line of webbing from his wrists that he tightly gripped. They pulled him forward. He followed the lines and saw a speed boat towing him. Like a water skier. He thought “At least this is better than being stuck floating beside some mountain.” But he was still in the same predicament. He was a man being pulled by a rope without free will. Flying in the sky. He had to find a way to get towed that left his hands and arms free. He began to panic and his mind was filled with frantic thoughts each vying for attention. The boat made to veer away and head back out to sea, he really wanted to get to the land. As soon as he thought that, he felt his mind’s problem solving motor kick back up and go to work. In a moment his Spiderman suit was gone and replaced by a large overhead kite that held him aloft. The ropes from the boat pulled on the kite. He felt a sense of relief. Now he could fly the kite close to the tops of the waves and grab diamonds with his free hands. Up ahead he could see the beach approaching, and the waves getting smaller the closer he got. The boat had been pulling him directly towards the beach but as they got closer, it began to veer away in a large curve that would take him back out to sea. He was torn between wanting to stand on the shore and going back out for another pass at the big waves. Frantically his mind considered a dozen solutions. But he was too scattered and none of them became manifest. He forced himself to relax and overcome his panic. In a small voice it advised him to stop thinking about what’s possible and instead feel for what would be beautiful. Once he became calm, he felt his greater mind go to work on the problem. This time it churned and calculated a great deal. It was an effort to keep his mind empty to allow it to work. Finally the kite holding him aloft transformed into two large feathered wings that absorbed into his body. He became an eagle. The lines of webbing connecting him to the speed boat evaporated into glowing sparks. He was free. The boat turned and headed back out to sea. He pushed at the air with his wings and soared towards the shore. His goal was finally at hand. He surprised himself however, when instead of setting down on the sand, he flew up into a small cave in a cliff face that overlooked the beach. “How ironic” he thought. “All that effort to get to the ground and I don't even land on it when I get the chance.” He found a comfortable spot in the cave, lay down and fell asleep. He dreamed of being an ordinary person. He awoke to the sounds of drumming and people partying. He rose and looked down onto the beach. It was night time. The scene was lit by large bonfires, surrounded by people dancing, drinking and eating from tables generously laden with food. The sight of so many smiles and the sounds of laughter called to him. He hopped off his ledge and floated down onto the sand. Once he touched the ground, he transformed back to his human self. He walked among the party goers making small talk, fascinating the people with interesting ideas and making them laugh with improvised jokes. He walked among them yet he was different. They didn't know that he was actually an eagle who lived in a cave. The hours went by, the party wound down and eventually everyone was either asleep or passed out. When the last reveler drifted into unconsciousness, he once again returned to his true form as an eagle. He walked among the sleeping people with his wings folded up onto his shoulders. He was enormous. Much taller than a human. A woman lifted herself up off the sand and looked him fully in the eyes. He stopped and stood stock still. Her eyes glazed over and slowly closed. She lay back down fast asleep. He flew back up into his cave where he built a nest and made his home. There he lived his life, eating fish, going to beach parties and living off the occasional diamond he plucked from the waves. That was where he chose to live, and the years went past and he was content. He became known as a party regular. No one ever knew he was the eagle in the cave. One morning he awoke and flew down to the beach. Everything was strange and different. The sky and sea were both a uniform gray, they melted together without a discernible horizon. The water was bizarrely calm, there was actually no waves at all. An eerie silence blanketed the landscape. He was the only living creature there. Suddenly he wheeled about and looked inland. Far up in the sky beyond the gray clouds he saw a pinpoint of white light. It was far away yet visible to him even here. He knew that light, knew how bright it was, and knew where it was located. He felt it calling to him. He looked up towards the cave that had been his home for so many years. He knew that he would never see it again, but he felt no regret. He ran across the sand, spread his wings and leapt into the sky. He pushed against the air, and rose up higher, and higher. At first he flew over forest and flat land. He paced himself as he had to beat his wings continually. But then the land began to rise. First into hills, then taller peaks with sides broken out into rock faces. Here he found thermals of rising air. He was welcome for the respite, for now he could soar and still gain elevation. The tall hills gave way to mountains, and the mountains became enormous. Up and up, higher and higher he climbed. The lower valleys of the mountains became filled in with huge glaciers, their tops became covered in ice. One mountain loomed taller and larger than all the others. Atop it’s peak was perched a white light, impossibly bright. He steeled himself for the effort, beat his wings and once more flew upward. He flew higher and higher, always closer to the light. There came a moment when he felt a strong sense of deja vu. He looked down at the snow covered rock of the mountain. He had been to this place before. “Of course,” he thought, “this is where my dream began, the place where I fell off the mountain.” He had not yet been ready to climb up here before as a human. His fear had made him fall. He paused and floated on outstretched wings. Below him a scene unfolded. He saw two female mountain climbers, one standing before the other who sat perched on an outcrop of rock. The sitting woman was crying, the standing one was harsh and unfeeling. They looked so much alike, they could only be identical twins. Suddenly a third climber, a man, peered around the side of the mountain, neither of the women noticed him. The standing woman then began to slap and punch at the face of the woman sitting. The man’s face registered horror. The eagle shouted at her to Stop! But no words ensued, only the sharp cry of an eagle. It rang out for miles. The climbers all looked up at him in shock. The standing woman had disappeared, only the man and the sitting woman remained. They turned and looked at each other. She buried her face in her hands and wept. The eagle felt a strong thermal under his wings, carrying him aloft. He rode with it, and was pushed upwards. He looked ahead and regarded the peak of the mountain, and the light that sat atop it. It was so bright it brought tears to his eyes. It was intoxicating. The light surrounded him and he lost all sense of his wings, his beak, and his body. He felt all the energy drain out of him. It would be so easy to relax, fall into the light and be disintegrated. But his entire being rebelled against the thought. With all his will he fought to retain the feel of his eagle body, his human body, the bodies of a thousand other creatures. Each one became dismantled as soon as he thought them. Finally he returned to his Spiderman self, and it was stable. Acting quickly he wheeled about and fired both his web lines into the center of the light. The webbing poured forth and stuck onto something solid. He opened his mouth and shouted. A scream came forth that echoed off the distant mountains. He entered the light, and was yanked violently upwards. 64b] this has 2 episodes - in the first the man climbs up and finally gets to the beach - second] he lives his life on the beach then leaves for the mountain top again as an eagle - he screeches again as he joins the eye at the top

Valley of Horus

Valley of Horus

The climber finds a sheltered and warm valley on the side of the rock. It’s the Valley of Horus. They feed him, put him up for the night, they’re all so nice. The next morning they give him provisions all branded with the Horus logo. They try to get him to take a statue that they try and lift with ropes. But it all falls down. He accepts a small picture and goes on his way.

Szen is the outfitter that uses strange gear and leads Arthur up a tall mountain with a great view but it’s not the tallest. Then he leaves the gear with him and tells him that he now has everything he needs to deduce the location of the tallest and climb to the top. This is me as the author and what I’m doing with this book. I’m giving the reader a sample mountain and teaching them to use the equipment but they must figure out where the tallest one is and go climb it.

When I was climbing the mountain of wisdom towards the peak of enlightenment, the sun went down and it became clear that it was going to be a very cold night. But it became my good fortune to discover a thin sliver of a valley that hugged the walls of the cliffs. It had a flat floor and held the heat of the day with many trees, some of them bearing fruit. The entrance was very small and unobtrusive, it could have easily been missed. I looked fully at my guide Szen, who knew this mountain well, with my eyebrows arched and a quizzical look upon my face. He preferred not to explain why he didn't forewarn me of this comfy place and simply marched on ahead. He told me in passing that this was the Valley of the People of Horus.

It was quite dark now with only a little moonlight to show the way. We trudged on through the well kept grounds. My feet were thankful for the soft and level ground. The anticipation of finally resting for the day brought me close to exhaustion and collapse. The silence of the forest after the crying of the winds out upon the exposed rock made my ears ring. I could clearly hear the thumping of my own heart.

Then I heard the sounds of many voices singing and many hands clapping. It got louder as we approached a large building. It was a community center. Inside were the People of Horus and they were extremely hospitable. They welcomed us, relieved us of our heavy gear and made places of honor for us at their large and fabulous hearth. Charming people brought us delicious food and soothing drink, and were attentive to our every whim. They spoke of their love for Horus, and their conviction that he pervaded the universe like a loving father. One need only make a telepathic connection with him and he would provide for one's every need. Like they were now providing for us.

Szen and I shared a glance, for we knew that the universe was a terribly cold place, and no amount of psychic connection could shield one from the pain of it's cruel frost. We were found lodging for the night in the homes of the generous Horusites. Szen went off with two very beautiful women who seemed to know him well. I was assigned a bunk in the home of a most warm and charming lady. The one who in fact was my favorite. She shared with me not only her bed but her body as well. These people of Horus were most friendly indeed!

The next morning we rose early and made to begin the climb again as we still had a very long way to go. At the far end of the valley the trail continued and Szen and I made for the long rising ramp cut into the rock that would take us away from this place. The loving people of Horus were there to send us off and we were introduced to 3 of their number: 2 men and a woman. They were dressed and equipped as climbers like ourselves, and they announced their intention to join us in our ascent. With them was a most strange and large artifact: a statue of Horus carved from stone. It was highly detailed and fully the size of a man. Being made from solid rock it was extremely heavy.

I expressed complete disbelief at their plan to bring the statue with us, for it was far too heavy and quite unmanageable. They stated their case with the most passionate words, saying that Horus belonged at the peak of enlightenment, and that among all the climbers that had visited there, we were the ones they deemed most likely to succeed. For centuries they had dreamt of Horus standing at the peak, looking out over the world from that loftiest perch. So convinced were they of the feasibility of their scheme, that they had attached ropes and pulleys leading up the sheer cliff beside the trail. With great gusto they pulled and tugged, and lifted from below, but even with all their energies exerted to the utmost, they could not budge the heavy statue more that a few inches off the ground.

Szen watched all this in silent amusement, as if he had seen it all before. After they had exhausted themselves by their exertions and considerable fervor, Szen announced that we would be leaving, and that Horus would stay. The 3 who had prepared to climb pleaded with us to at least take them along as well. But they didn't have to. Filled with gratitude for their hospitality and service, I felt only welcome for them in my heart. They would be good company and a refreshing addition to that of the usually dour Szen, and his typical aloofness that often bordered on arrogance. So we said our goodbyes and continued at a sensible pace up the trail. In time the Valley of the People of Horus faded from view and became lost far below.

[After numerous additional adventures ... ]

It was now quite clear, the trees on the mountain leading to the peak of enlightenment were words. As we climbed higher they became smaller, and fewer, until there was only one left. And then none at all. Once again I looked up towards the summit. As always it was shrouded in mist. There was such a long way to go, and there would be no more words that we could use to speak of it. It had become apparent that words were clumsy and imperfect things anyway. I looked forward to finally getting past them. As I paused to rest I sat in the warm sunshine and enjoyed the spectacular view. Beside me I noticed an oddly shaped pillar of snow. I brushed it off with my gloved hand to reveal: a small statue of Horus! It had been weathered and the details softened as if had been there for centuries. I burst out laughing, those ardent followers of Horus! Always trying to take their God to the summit of enlightenment. And always faced with the hard choice to stop at some point below the peak, or to continue on and leave Horus behind. The largest piece of Horus that anyone had been able to take aloft, was a torn and faded black and white photo of him, held in a shirt pocket. And even that had only made it to the base of the mist. The view of the peak was always shrouded to all but a very few. Resolving to continue climbing, I stood up and carried on.

Four Toed

Four Toed

Once upon a time a man went to the gym and his boss was there. They were in the change room and he saw that the boss had only 4 toes on each foot. It was a congenital condition that the boss had been born with. The man goes out to play tennis with his friend, and the boss ends up on the next court over. It was the man’s regular wednesday night ritual. He felt uneasy with his temperamental and difficult boss who might do anything.

The man plays a civil game but notices that the boss gots more and more awful to his partner, a woman. It’s the evil woman - she doesn’t mind. Finally the man’s tennis buddy snaps and shouts at the boss to be more civil. The boss shrugs his shoulders and acts better towards his partner, but the others who are all connected on the ether band see that he cares about nothing, and doesn’t connect with any of them. He’s like a brick not a person. What’s wrong with that woman? Why does she put up with it?

The man lingers before going into the change room. In order to avoid your creepy boss? His friend’s accusation could not be contested. “He’s a psychopath you know, no mercy, no remorse.” “Maybe he’s just having a bad day. Hopefully when I see him next at work Friday morning he’ll be in a better mood.”

“Yeah really? And maybe on Friday morning he’ll have 5 toes too.”

Double Disaster

Double Disaster

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful woman who was sitting at home bored. She had been single for months and needed something to do. Her last boyfriend had been nice but as she explained on the phone to him in a very long string of logical facts they just weren’t right for each other. So this night she called up one of her new girlfriends to find out if anything was going on. Her friend was quite enthusiastic. She and a bunch of her girlfriends were going out dancing to a gay bar. So they wouldn’t have to put up with creepy guys hitting on them. That sounded excellent so the beautiful woman got all dressed up.

She put on make up and fixed her hair. She wore her strongest push up bra and a very low cut top that clung to her like a coat of paint. Her shapely over sized breasts were on full display. “It will be so refreshing to get away from douche bags staring at my boobs!” she thought, flushing with pride. She went out and met up with her friends as they stood in line to get into the very popular gay bar. Tonight was straight appreciation night, the one night of the year when women were allowed in. She looked at her new friends.

She was shocked to see that she was the only one who had put any effort into her appearance. The others were all dressed down in simple comfy clothes with no make up. She felt sorry for them as they all had some pretty bad flaws. Too fat, too skinny, too short or bad teeth. They all had something. A girl asked what she did and she told them that she was an automotive model. That meant that she posed next to cars. In 2 piece swim suits they asked? Not always, sometimes one. They remarked that she was lucky to have such good looks. Luck? She thought, looks? It was hard work that got her those jobs. And she was a hard worker too. Sometimes the lights were hot and her feet would hurt from the high heels. And if the hair and make up girls were no good then she would have to do it herself and would know it was going to be a tough day.

The line up moved slowly and she asked why were they bothering? Why not just go up to the door and be let in? They said that doesn’t work and she said I’ll show you it does. She walked up the line and got to the bouncer and smiled at him. He turned and looked away. Excuse me she said, I’d like to go in now. He scowled at her and jerked his thumb. Back of the line sister. Well that was weird. She went back and joined her friends. They chatted about stuff that didn’t really interest her so she became bored.

Lots of cute guys walked past and she she gave them her best smiles but none showed any interest. Finally they got to the door and had to pay the $15 cover charge. What for? she demanded. Cover charge. She couldn’t remember ever having to pay to get into a bar in her life. That sucks. She reluctantly paid over the money and they were in. Inside the bar was vast and very busy. The girls moved quickly and fanned out in all directions and one of them found a good table. Her tactic was to wait for people to invite her to their table and go with the table that was closest to the dance floor or had the cutest guys. No matter. They sat down and looked around.

Many times they tried to flag down the very gay looking waiters who were on old style roller skates. But none approached to take their order. She advised to just be patient and wait for some drinks to be sent over free of charge. The girls laughed. That might work in a regular bar but not here. They would have to go up to the long bar and get their own drinks. So she and another girl collected the orders and went up to the bar.

To her surprise she once again had to wait in line as no one let them through. They finally got the drinks and headed back to the table. They danced, all crushed in together with the other people since no-one made room for them. Finally she got back home and did an accounting of the evening. No bump to the start of the line, no free entry, no free drinks, no phone numbers given to her by adoring guys, and not even any compliments on her outfit. What a horrible night! She logged in to her online dating app. It’s only available for the most beautiful people and called Blindr. Twenty three new men had sent her emails. Twenty-three! she thought, that’s it?! She quickly spotted reasons why they were jerks and deleted them all one after the other. It was her rule to spend no more than 5 seconds when deleting gross guys and tonight she was well under that.

She sat down and seriously deconstructed the evening. [she gets everything hilariously wrong - all the things she did that people found arrogant were actually insecurity] She decides to get to the spa the next day and give herself a royal treatment.

This one at 26 was too old, that one at 27 was too young. With nothing else to do and still feeling quite sad she went to bed and slept.

I hate it when men inflate my ego!

talk to bouncer - seems arrogant - really a favor to her friends

ask for discount - seems entitled - trying to save her friends some money

Starts With S

Once upon a time a man was preparing to sing in the choir. They had practiced for a few months and tonight was the big event. He and a hundred others all dressed in various shades of dead black waited backstage while the audience filled the house. He was not the nervous type so while the other choir singers shuffled from foot to foot and paced back and forth he looked for something to do. Upstairs a special room had been set aside for tea and donuts so he decided to go up there. Even though he never partook of those things. The large waiting room was surprisingly empty. He walked through from one half to the other. Just before the exit door sat a single person. A woman that he had seen in the soprano section, but had never met. He smiled, introduced himself and sat down to chat. He asked if the older woman that usually accompanied her was her mother. She said yes it is, and with that bit of familiarity, proceeded to tell him her life story. She was a talented student who graduated with a degree in environmental science looking at a life filled with potential opportunity. But then she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and everything crashed to a halt. The drugs they put her on knocked her out and she spent too much time napping and the rest of the time she was confused.

[in LBB we find out that the girl upon learning about synesthesia, transformed the voices in her head and cured herself. Taming her inner dialog allowed her to go into business and be a pro]

Elegant Outfit

Elegant Outfit

Once upon a time a man went to a bar with his friends. The bar was famous for it’s midnight drag queen show: men would dress up as ultra feminine women and pantomime singing to well known songs. The bar was quite busy because the female form is so seductive that it’s rivetting even when men do it. He just went along out of politeness, his friends have fun there but he finds it boring. So he sat on a tall stool at a tall table and looked around.

He saw a lady at the next table wearing a very sharp outfit. The cut of her suit was conservative but the colors were extremely well done. Delicate shades of pale blue with a deeper blue edging, and a diaphanous aqua scarf streaked with effanescent colors that set the whole thing off.

After a while the woman got up to go to the bathroom. The man looked forward to a diversion and stood up as well. But as she woman got closer, another man with a mustache and wearing a patterned satin shirt mostly unbuttoned approached her to speak. With a delicate and tentative smile she tilted her head to present her ear, being naturally respectful. He spoke rapidly and without listening, what seemed to the man to be a rehearsed speech. Abruptly she pulled her head back and glared at him in a mixture of anger and disgust. She shook her head in an emphatic NO!

The mustached man nodded to himself and smirked as if his bias had been confirmed and walked away. She stepped forward again but now in a sad and bitter mood. The man saw his chance and stepping in front of her, he leaned forward to speak. She hesitated with a wary look of Oh Not Another! but slowly she presented her ear.

He told her how impressed he was with the elegance of her outfit. The subtle changes in color that set the retro lines of her suit firmly forward. She looked at him in disbelief. He slowed his pace to add emphasis to his words. What really sets your outfit off, he looked her straight in the eye, is the beautiful scarf artfully wound around your neck. The transparent colors and the winding neon threads pulls all the elements together into a beautiful whole. She pulled back and stared at him. Her face broke into a look of infinite gratitude. She smiled and thanked him, and continued on to the bathroom. In one moment she had lost her faith in men and in the next she had had it restored.

Explain This

Once upon a time there was a gorilla who learned to speak sign language. One year her birthday was coming up and her handlers signed to her that she can have a present and they will do their best to get it for her. She watched tv and spent a lot of time watching a local figure skater who was doing really well. She signed that she wanted to meet this young woman. So her handlers contected the girl and she came to the zoo to visit.

She came many times and Coco was always so happy to see her. Over time they developed a strong bond. One day, they had a wonderful afternoon with tea and fruits and the girl said she was so excited, next month she would compete in the nationals. The gorilla said she wanted to be there so they surmounted the challenges and got her a ticket. The performances were great and the announcer said here she is and her biggest fan is in the audience. The gorilla signs an amazing story that here are the humans who are capable of such beauty yet they are torturing animals with such cruelty, please explain this to me! The whole place is moved, the girl puts in her best routine ever and wins the prize! She can’t stop weeping because it’s all so poignant.She felt like a million bucks but all she wanted to do was talk to Coco and apologize for the sins of her species.

Perhaps later they end up on the beach saving turtles from poachers. Lbb

Coco makes some uncannily accurate observations about humans showing the animal intuition.

Radio Channel

Once upon a time a man soared high up in the sky on a beautiful sunny day. He tipped his wings to and fro and enjoyed the amazing views of the countryside. The land of Britain tumbled down towards the channel and at the mouth of the Ouse river where it met the sea. fighter plane and his Luftwaffe squadron were flying above enemy territory. They were escorting bombers back from a daylight bombing raid over England. Ludolf Krieger was a Luftwaffe pilot with a natural talent for flying. He was a natural flyer, his intuition transcended his machine of metal and wood and he became a pure awareness that flew.

Far below he saw the commuter trains, rivers of people slowly flowing by. Up here he felt like he and his squadron were like a flock of eagles soaring overhead. Their target is Southhampton and Portsmouth where the River Itchen empties into the sea.

[at first they fight hurricanes and hold them off, but then a squad of spitfires shows up and they and their bombers pull back in retreat. The bf 109 couldn’t carry much ammo so Ludolph has only a few bullets left. Ludolph is sure that the British have superior radar for the spitfires showed up so quickly. ]

What was left of his quadron of Bf 109’s were returning from escorting a bombing run over England when they were caught by a group of freshly scrambled Spitfires. [his is named the Engelehrlich] The new Junkers JU 88 were the best bombers the Luftwaffe had. His leader ordered them to disengage and scatter. Ludolph was on the tail of a Spitfire but couldn’t get a good angle. His team mate Wiener has behind him and had the angle but Ludolf was in the way. So after a moment of indecision he pulled away and not a moment too soon as he took a couple of bullets from Wiener who jumped the gun. One of his control flaps was damaged but otherwise he was okay although his manouverability was compromised. As he fell into a charade spiral he saw Wiener take out the Spitfire but another was on his tail firing at him. He allowed his plane to slowly spiral down towards the water. [Just before he pulled up, he opened up the side of the canopy, armed a special hand grenade that he kept for just this purpose and threw it out the window. The grenade had 3 charges strapped together on the end of the wooden handle. An explosive charge, an incendiary and a smoke. It exploded close to the beach creating a bright flash and lots of smoke, and made a most convincing display. Any observers a mile up in the air would interpret this as a crash, hopefully. Then he leveled off and headed out across the channel]

[Wasn’t it enough that he was a natural flyer, who was prepared to kill other men in cold blood? did he have to swear allegiance to a madman as well?]

The fighters above were too busy to check up on him. They might come looking later, but with nightfall coming soon they might not.

When he was very low to the water he fired up his engine, [that had been at idle] worked the pedals and the stick turned vertical standing on a wing tip, then arced into the surface effect just above the water. The airframe of the Bf 109 groaned with the stress but it stayed in one piece. Part of his damaged wing flap was torn away and he could feel the loss of it in the stick. He looked skyward to see if any enemy had seen through his ruse and come after him. The sky was clear but he remained hyper vigilant. He pulled out his map and made notes of his speed, remaining fuel and throttle. He checked his printed fuel consumption tables and calculated that he could just make it to a Luftwaffe airbase in occupied Normandy. He throttled back to save gas and redid the calculation. Now it was more certain that he would make it. No one was above him so he slipped into a wary wait to cross the channel and return to base.

Presently another plane came into view ahead of him. It was a british bomber, an Avro Lancaster. Like him it was flying on the surface effect to save gas. He wondered why it was headed East towards the continent and not West back to Britain. It must be low on power and unable to climb over the chalk cliffs of England. The pilots must be trying to make it to the lowlands of Picardy. He moved around to examine it further but stayed on it’s right side. The tail and nose gunners were not in their turrets. He saw numerous bullet holes. He pushed at his pedals and pulled at the stick and his plane rolled up and over the bomber. For a moment he was upside down over top of her. He could feel how sluggish his plane was because of the damaged flap. On the other side he saw that parts of her fuselage has been shot away and he could see into the plane.

[Veiner’s bullets must have damaged the radio antenna under the wing as well. Much closer to the cockpit than he had thought. Did Veiner try to kill him?]

Some of her crew were wounded and lying on the deck. Others tended to them striving to keep them alive. In his mind played the reactions his flying colleaugues would have to this situation and he imagined the advice they would give him. [some say kill them now and hurry up while others say just move on]

He looked at the pilots and crew and they looked back at him. They all knew that if he chose to, he could get into a firing position and down them all with a few bursts from his machine gun. They would be unable to return fire. But he was very low on bullets, and perhaps he would need them if he encountered another fighter aircraft. From their trajectory he could tell that they were headed for their friendly air base in Picardy.

He saw the worry on their faces. They didn’t know what he was going to do and they hoped for the impossible, that he would spare them, it was war after all. A message crackled in over his radio. It had been damaged by the bullets and was not receiving clearly. He knocked on the face of his radio and the transmission came in and out. Then he tried pushing on it and found one corner of the case that when pushed would give good reception. He pushed against the side of the case and the message became legible. It was Wiener of his own squadron, asking him what was he waiting for. His plane appeared alongside, it was undamaged. Ludolf warned him off, telling him that this kill was his. He knew Weiner was merciless and sadistic. There was silence. Ludolph distracted him by pointing out the damage on his flap that Weiner had caused. Finally Wiener accelerated and climbed up into the sky. The 2 air craft continued their strange flight of truce. Then up ahead he saw Wiener again, this time in position to strafe the crippled british plane and perhaps even him himself. He knew he could not fight him off, for many reasons. It was his duty to kill the enemy. Bullets burst forth from Wiener’s plane, but at a very odd angle, as if his guns were pointed off to the side. There was a burst of fire and an explosion, Wiener and his tattered craft went down in a ball of fire. Behind him appeared a British Spitfire.

His radio cackled once again, it was hard to make out but he could identify it as english. The words were frantic and anxious. The men in the crippled bomber were talking to their ally. The Spitfire drew up alongside Ludolf, and they examined each other. In the waning light of the setting sun he could not see into the cockpit of the enemy craft, it reflected the sky like a mirror. Uncertain what to do, he waved his hand in a trembling salute. Ludolf kept steady on his forward course. He now knew what the men aboard the bomber must have felt, the uncertainty and fear. The radio crackled again, he pressed against the case but all he could tell was that the british fliers were now speaking more calmly. The Spitfire lifted up into the air and Ludolf twisted to see what position he took. He climbed up into a firing position and stayed there. Ludolf’s calculations showed that his path and the others must now diverge, him headed to Normandy while they moved away towards Picardy. He didn’t want to risk another barrel roll over as it would be seen as aggressive. He throttled back to slow down. As the British planes headed off, he changed his flight path, they diverged until they disappeared into the gathering dusk. He gained the water’s edge, and flew back towards him homeland. He vowed that he would never tell anyone what had happened.

The waters below now reflected the colors of the sky and he floated in a boundless sea of sunset.


Once upon a time a man climbed a mountain and could see far and wide. He got to the treeline and there was a large crowd of people there. Some of them were cool, some phony or greed driven. Some walked perpendicular to the slope. Some tried to walk backwards and had visible trouble. He has a very similar talk to the one he had with the girl back at Torso Tower. They tell him that this is the top and he assures them that the top is up higher. They see clouds while he sees rock. He climbs up higher.

Business Decision startup co-founder

Once upon a time there was a man who co-founded a high tech startup. He and his partner had a startling idea to gather up data, analyze it and then sell the analysis to others as a new product. What a brilliant stroke of genius! They were damn sure that this novel and forward thinking business model would work because other people had been doing the same thing for years. As it often happens with these things, money ran short and became extremely tight. In order to save money the man fired his co-founder who’s wife happens to be due for her baby. She is the best friend of the man’s wife and their kids are best friends too. But he needs the money for data discovery software and fires the guy. Surely everyone will understand, it’s just a business decision.

His wife then leaves him and then his kids lock him out of his house because they are the legal owners. He has no choice but to set up a cot in the garage and sleep there. The kids only allow him into the house at certain times. Back at work he receives the expensive data software. He thinks that it works so well he should have done this long before. He sets it up to scan through giant amounts of data and goes back home to his garage. Back on the cot at night he goes to sleep with a big smile on his face. This is terrific, he thought, tomorrow I’ll be able to see so much!

Mindless Meditation #

Once upon a time there was a man and a woman in a yoga class. They posed and sweated, exerted and strained. At the end of the class the instructor directed them to sit in a lotus position, close their eyes, and concentrate on their breathing. A bit of the old mindful meditation.

Being quite familiar with the lotus position and meditating, both the man and the woman sat in full lotus, curled up their fingers and pulled their lips back into big smiles. The smiles helped to distract them from the pain in their knees and hips. Their instructor was actually aware of medical studies that showed that full lotus position tended to destroy one’s knees and hips. But he chose not to present those findings as they did not confirm his pre-existing bias.

Carefully they each concentrated on their breathing, and suppressed all of their conscious thoughts. The woman felt a little anxiety and used this time to discover it’s source. She recalled last night at the dinner party where she saw her boyfriend’s ex-wife for the first time. The woman was taller than her, with a more voluptuous figure, and was wearing a black dress with blue trim. A dress that she herself happened to own. She recognized the woman from photos of her boyfriend showing the 2 of them and their dog. Her tension arose from the fact that her boyfriend still kept mementos of that relationship, and that the ex-wife filled out that dress better than she. Horrible cow!

The man, sitting apart from the woman, was in a similar situation. He felt anxiety as well. His current mistress had foolishly let her existence become known to his wife, who was no doubt now planning on scolding and berating him when he got home. She would use the occasion to extract more money out of him as this is what she had always done before. The teacher droned on about concentrating on one’s breathing and letting that smile become bigger with every breath. Breathe in, breathe out.

The woman had come to a conclusion. When she went home she would scold her boyfriend mercilessly, and demand that he destroy all evidence of his past and ex-wife. She fully expected him to be weak and hesitant to do this. He would certainly whine about those photos being the only ones left of the dog. She'd heard it all before. This time she would take the lead and destroy those photos herself. These happy thoughts resolved her anxiety and she felt much better. A big smile blossomed across her face.

In a similar way, the man resolved to take a strong stance and play the more injured party when he got home to confront his wife. He would allow his anger to flow freely, and go as far as she chose to take it. This would probably culminate in a few slaps to her face, to punctuate his demand that she never, ever, find out about his mistresses again. Then he could get away with paying her less money than usual. This course of action pleased him and the smile on his face grew even broader.

Noting how mindful and in the moment his students had become, the yoga instructor congratulated them both on becoming even closer to enlightenment. He knew from experience that this sort of praise would make it easier to sell them another package of yoga sessions. Yet another great class!

Socio Bashic man bonked on head

Socio Bashic

Once upon a time a man got bonked on the front of his head. He went to the hospital and was scanned and examined. The doctor who supervised his recovery was worried about a hit on this particular spot. Thirty four per cent of violent killers in prison have suffered a blow to the head and this part of the forehead was the most common spot. The man already had a lot of tension with his family who he considered good for nothing lazy stoners. They went on a visit to prison and interviewed some of the psychopaths and sociopaths there. They were all really worried when he left the hospital and returned home. A fateful moment came when he faced a great decision, one way of the other? From vacillation he emerged into passion then struck the fateful choice. Back at home life was trying to be normal but failing. He no longer understood words like sacred, holy, divine, pray, worship, exalt, and looked at people with great skepticism when they used them. Strange packages arrived and he was very zealous about guarding them and keeping them private. He was absent for long stretches of time. It appeared as if he was making for a get away. Was he going to kill them all first? Then steal everything? The doctor and a detective were ready to pounce on the first sign of trouble. On the fateful night he confronts his family and the rest of the gang with the contents of his strange boxes. They are guitars and an amp. He plugs in and starts playing with mad skills. The bonk on the head did not make him a sociopath but a savant. Conveniently, his son played drums, his daughter keyboard and mom played bass. Now they had the missing piece and together they made a whole group. Funny how those things turn out.

Tender Angel

Once upon a time a woman supported herself by working her own business. She delivered packages with an electric flying drone, remotely controlled from her home. The Tender Angel was the name of her company, which was a play on words because a paying job to move a package was called a tender. Large corporations had more high tech drones with Artificial Intelligence and vast infrastructure and she was just a single woman owner-operator. But she stayed in business by specializing in fragile items, hard to get to places and difficult times. Her name was Shaheen and she was fearless, plucky and resourceful. The Tender Angel was her only ship but it had many innovative custom features that gave her special abilities. Other drones had propellors fixed in mounts that radiated from a central core. Her drone transformed into several different aerodynamic shapes to adapt to each new situation.

One bright sunny afternoon she picked up a package from the depot close to the airport and flew up into the sky. The Angel’s props first lifted her up vertically, then swivelled into a horizontal direction as her broad wings swept out from her fuselage. The trip across town would now require much less energy. The day was glorious with clear skies and picturesque clouds that seemed to never block out the sun. From the comfort of her home she wore a virtual reality helmet that transported her awareness to a point high in the sky above the bustling city. “These are the moments that make it all worthwhile” she thought, revelling in the freedom and the euphoria of flying. She looked forward to delivering this package as it was destined for the eyrie where her friend Ben worked.

At the top of some tall downtown buildings new structures had been built. Called eyries, they were bustling tiny airports where hundreds of drones took off and landed each day. Packages received were available for pick up at or below ground level, and both corporate aircraft and independents like Shaheen were welcome to land there.

She finishes her drop off on one roof and talks family chit chat with the worker there. He plugs her in for a recharge. She notices a big drone from large corporation Tramazong Inc. and decides to tarry a bit longer. The receiver talks to the big name brand drone but he speaks in gibberish, to confuse it and keep it on the outside. Her friend says she’s all charged up but she makes an excuse to stay longer. There is another outbound shipment but it’s too many parcels for the angel. The receiver says no problem, he lives out that way and will deliver the 2 boxes that won’t fit on his own, as a favor to her so she can have more work. As they talk about this the big drone moves so it can hear them. They notice and switch to a confusing way of talking. What’s you do last night? Our neighbors the cannibals came over so we cooked one of the kids. Finally the big drone takes off and she prepares to go. She drops off the roof into a free fall. Sure enough the big machine is on her tail and drops after her. Close to the ground she spreads her wings and ducks around a corner, just missing the stone edge of a building. a manoever that the big one can’t do. She jinks from side to side along a path described by an 8 dimensional heptazoid. The drone’s cpu will not be able to decipher and predict that path. It clips the edge of the building and loses a couple of props. She applies lift and floats upward as the big drone smashes into the ground and breaks into pieces. Some of the debris strikes a pedestrian and a woman pushing a baby carriage. A piece of prop slashes into the woman’s leg and draws blood.

Because of latency she must key in flight commands ahead of critical moments. She’s quite a talented programmer and has great kung fu. There’s a moment of suspense as she waits to see her fate.

The corporation will have a very difficult time fending off that law suit.

Their usual strategy is to crash small independents like her and then hold the law suit up in court. Thus removing the competition then tying up their resources away from the business.

She records it all from a discreet height and makes a note to contact the injured people. She will send them the video record. They will certainly sue the big company and will likely become clients of independents like her. The Pancargon X307 is totalled but she had no cargo.

Her colleagues call themselves Kiki, or Koko, or something like that. She calls herself the Tender Angel. Shaheen is her name and she works from home.

She looked closely at the red marble that made up the corner edge of the building. Two chunks of stone had been ripped away by the impact of the X307, from slabs on both sides. This will be a very expensive repair for the corporate owners she thought. Perhaps when the videos of this calamity go viral they will rethink their policy of muscling aside small operators like herself. She wondered about the faceless executives who made such inhuman decisions from the tops of such polished towers. Did they ever care about the repurcussions their decisions had on little people? Were they even capable of caring?

It’s a drone that unfolds wings, swivels the rear props into pushers and auto rotates the front props into more wing surface. It’s called the Tender Angel or just the Angel for short. She delivers packages to roof top eyries and there she talks to her friends and that’s why she stays in business. Other drones that are automated and work for nasty corporations try to bump her off and she has to stay defensive. She outmanoevers one and it crashes into a building, showering the people below with debris. That will cost that corporation very big money in law suits and repairs, they really should know better but the urge to be jerks is very strong in them. For the next few weeks she will be on a do not attack list and she’ll be safe. At the end of a run she gets her batteries charged up and heads back to her airport hanger on auto pilot. In her home, the woman who pilots the Angel takes off her VR visor, then the shower cap of sensors that read her thoughts to control the plane. She unlocks her wheelchair and wheels herself into the kitchen to make the evening meal for her wife and kids who will soon be home.

Cave Man 2 - Krog learn word

Once upon a time some cave men went out into the wild to hunt for meat. The women of the tribe stayed behind to tend to the vegetables. The men often came home empty handed so a more predictable supply of food was essential. This time though the men were successful and brought back many animals for them to eat. They even brought some live goats. The men wanted to butcher them right there in front of the women, who instead argued for keeping them alive.

Everyone in the tribe was very happy and they busily prepared to celebrate that night with a big party. They would feast on meat and vegetables then copulate with each other until they were exhausted. One such caveman named Krog, returned home to his wife Marina ...

“Well done Krog!” said Marina, “Now we will have much to eat for several weeks!” She hugged him and patted him on the back.

“Krog tired, want sleep now” muttered Krog, looking around at all the changes in their newly redecorated hut.

“Certainly dear, but first I want to teach you some new words that we women have come up with since you left.”

Krog stared back at her. She saw that understanding eluded him at first but then steadily grew until a wave of realization washed over him. He grinned at her, then frowned, then marched off to the kitchen, as if looking for something but not knowing what.

“Krog no need word,” he waved in dismissal back at her, “Krog have word.” he pantomimed wafting away a fart.

Marina stared at him in disbelief. Finally she said,

“Oh honestly Krog, if you talk like that to the other wives when you copulate with them I shall be mortified!”

Krog stared at her without comprehension. These must be the new words he thought. Why do the women always have more words to learn? When the men return home from hunting?

“Krog horny, copulate now, then learn new word.” He turned and made for the bed.

“Oh no. I’m not falling for that ‘Krog sleep now, learn word later’ trick again. I’ll teach you the words now, then we copulate and then you can sleep.” Krog grumbled, his eyes scanned everywhere like a trapped animal, he feared there was no way out of this. Reluctantly he sat down facing her in the learning position. She chided him until he got it right.

“Now the first new word you’re going to learn is ‘polite’”. Krog was sulky and pretended to be tired and miserable.

“Krog not like word ‘polite” he replied. Marina sighed and resigned herself to a long campaign.

Asklepieion pain in groin goes traveling

Once upon a time a man felt a pain in his groin. He didn’t know what the hell it was and it really hurt. He decided to go back home and take it easy. He put one of his sons in charge of the sheep and went back to the humble field stone cottage that was home to his wife and family. His wife cleaned him up, because he smelt like sheep, and carefully prodded and pushed at the painful spot. It was pretty sore and she made all the usual suggetions [did he have sex with a sheep who seemed somewhat sickly?] but finally admitted she had no idea what it was either. So they prepared some food for him to take on the road and the next morning he set off on the journey to Epidaurus. The Asklepieion or healing temple, it was the closest hospital to him. At 99 kilometers away, it would take him 3 days to walk there.

When he got there it was more prodding but he did feel better because of the change in routine and the new food. He watched as other people came and had surgery, or diet and exercise therapy. Some healed, some were sent away still sick and some died. His case got a little better but then relapsed into the way that it was.

His 2 nurses, Hygena and Panacea told him that there was good news. The god of healing would come to visit and if he was lucky then the god may cure him. So he got all excited and prepared himself and at supper there was a special meal and an air of celebration. The wine flowed freely and the food contained a heavy spice that he could not identify. He became semi conscious and the nurses helped him to bed where he collapsed.

In the middle of the night he awoke to a fantastic scene. The area was lit by torches, silent figures in hooded cloaks surrounded the god. He was very tall, bearded, and exuded a sense of power and intelligence. He interviwed the man about his habits and he had no choice but to tell the full truth, things that he had even witheld from his nurses and doctors. In a booming voice the god was scornful of habits that were unhealthy and [appreciative] of habits that were healthy. He asked if you want to be healthy are you willing to give up those things that made you sick? The man is dumbfounded and cannot answer.

At the end the god told him that his life was not so bad, he was not so unhealthy, and there was every reason to beleive that he could live a happy and healthy life. The man felt waves of relief and passed out once again. He slept deeply until the morning. When he awoke he was very excited and busily told everyone about what had happened. They didn’t believe him and they pointed out how this could not be as he had described. Just look, it must have been a dream! He swore that he was cured and that the god had cured him. He went back on the road to return to his village. He paused at the sign in front of the amphitheater, it read Placebo Theater. Back inside the doctors and nurses nodded to each other about the man, there was a good chance he would make a full recovery. Sixty percent of their patients did.

Mountain Sight

It’s twilight and the view is spectacular.

He discovers a swing that works if you stand up on it. He swings for a while and works up a sweat. Now it’s sunset and the colors are superb. Then he sits down to reflect,

the mist clears - It whipped away horizontally as if by a great wind, a swirling that descends from above. He gasps at the sight of the view before him. He looks up into the center of a tornado. At the apex there is a burning fire of madness, a place of more ideas than could possibly be conceived, a rip in space that led to a higher dimension. He was frightened. But he hardened his resolve and allowed himself to be lifted up into the storm. He began to spin and so see even more. He spun faster and faster until the centrifugal force flung him apart into pieces like flares that flew off in all directions.

[from here the stories have 2 or 3 parts, some annotations say This fable has been fractured]

[this place is nice. The view from here is wonderful. But I assure you, greater views exist, this is not the peak of knowledge that can be attained. From here the going is tough, it gets cold and lonely. From here we leave behind the warmth and comfort of other people. Very few even attempt the climb from here, most don’t even know that a higher place or a path to it even exists.]

Aphorisms sound in his brain, with deep voices and lots of reverb.

[There is a darkness that exists within the light. - Szen]

and he sees the one idea that explains everything.

stayed up late one night gorging on endorphins

There are 2 kinds of people: those who love endorphins and those who love dopamine. Endorphins (endogenous morphine) make you feel good when the same thing happens in a predictable way. These people love pretty sounding platitudes because it gives them an endorphin boost and if the platitude conflicts with physical reality then that is irrelevant because the endorphin boost is the only truth that matters. Dopamine makes you feel good when the unexpected happens, like at the end of a joke or the moment of a great discovery. Endorphin gorgers are an easy target for narcissistic con men who fleece them for money. Which is quite easy to do because objective reality is not required. Dopamine people are bad business for con men who want to shoo them away.

Heirarchy woman who worked for a corporation in turmoil.

Once upon a time a woman worked for a corporation in turmoil. Her boss was an unpleasant woman who divided everyone in her department. This kept them distrustful and backstabbing each other. Why don’t women just get along? she thought. The more that women sabotage each other the less they are trusted. No wonder men are at the top of the heap, they co-operate. Well that, and because people confuse confidence for competence, and allow brash men positions of power when all they have demonstrated is greed.

The woman taken away is the evil woman.

Things are really crappy at the office. In typical inneffective fashion, a new employee is hired. He’s obviously inapropriate for the job being older, out of touch and clearly foolish. [use lots of syonyms for heirarchy] He's more of a never-was than a has-been, and everyone feels sorry for him because he's a such a loser. He talks to everyone and befriends them and they let him because he’s not a threat at all.

One day the woman comes in to work and the police are there. They are taking away her toxic boss in handcuffs, she's been arrested for embezzling. A meeting is called to deal with the situation. The new guy chairs the meeting and he's not low level anymore. He announces that he’s an undercover consultant and he's here to rearrange the department. He explains that there will not be a heirarchy for them anymore. Everyone of them is a member of the delivery group, and all will have the same abilities and responsibilities.

But who will make the reports? Who will meet with the district manager? The district manager is no longer with us he replies, he's been arrested and taken away. So they all work together for the pride and betterment of their department. There is a number of special considerations for the people of the department.

Joe's wife is in hospital, Janice is planning her marriage, so everyone gets their ideal hours and the work is shared fluidly so it always gets done. They have meetings and everyone admits their great ideas for efficiency and effectiveness that they have had all along. They didn't voice these ideas before because the toxic boss would have discarded or stolen them.

So they reassemble their department into something that works much better for the workers and the department as a whole. The consultant guided them through the tough parts but now that they have it on their own he doesn't come around much anymore. In the hallways or at the elevator people from other departments have taken a great interest in what is happening in Delivery. Every member of delivery knows everything that is happening there and every one can represent them in a meeting and give a report. Anything said to one Delivery worker will be known by all.

The woman that thrived in this new scenario felt so rewarded she worked vigorously and with out rancor. One day she was called to the new general manager’s office. She talked about how much she enjoyed the lack of heirarchy. Her impeccable efforts had been noticed and it was decided that she would be given a promotion. Oh wow, she said, how is that going to work?

[bad new manager micro manages everything and all must feed her ego and no-one elses

Forbes - My boss "Haley" is the most insecure manager I've ever met. This is her first management job, and her inexperience shows. She has to be involved in every little decision. She has to feel like the boss, all the time.

Haley can't stand for anyone to do anything worthy of notice by the higher-up managers. So, for two years I tried to stay under the radar. Finally, it became impossible. I was put in charge of a big project that put me into daily contact with our VP of Sales and Marketing. Haley couldn't deal with it. She started to pick at everything I did.

I finally told the VP of Sales and Marketing about my problem. He completely understood, but he doesn't have any job openings in his department. He told me that if I need to move on, he understands and he'd be happy to be a reference for me.]

Unqualified an orchestra rehearses


Once upon a time there was an orchestra rehearsing for a concert. They were short on money since attendance was down. The towns folk considered the music to be archaic and no longer relevant. But this show would be different. They would be performing the music of a very famous jazz musician who was quite rich. His music was considered very forward and modern even though he had never had any formal musical education. Some of the members of the orchestra were appalled about his unusual intervals, chords and timings. Since he was self taught he didn’t use traditional musical notation. He had written his songs in a strange sort of number language. Several of the orchestra players took copies home that night to transcribe. It was easy for them to write out proper scores. The next day they brought their scores to work and everyone felt good. They all knew those guys would do a good job. They were classically trained! The jazz musician showed up and looked familiar to several of the more veteran players. He had applied for a job years ago and while his playing was considered superb he didn’t have any qualifications so he wasn’t hired. He went on to become very rich and now had enough money to keep the orchestra afloat for the next month. He began to play his songs and the orchestra played along. They immediately ran into trouble. While the scores had the notes correct, the jazz player played his songs in weird and unpredictable rhythms. The scores did not contain any of this complex information and they ending up using both the traditional scores and the number language of the jazz player himself. Then he directed them to do something that really had them stumped. The song would set up a complex rhythm and at a certain point he instructed them to break up randomly into ad hoc groups and “talk” to each other. He told them to work out the controversial problems of their day through the music.

Multiple Worlds

Once upon a time a man was out hiking with his dog. As usual they stopped and paused at many places along the way, so the dog could announce that he had been there. They came across a box of books that someone had left out on the street. This time they paused for the man to do his business. The dog was fine with that, it’s only fair. The books were dry, boring and bland, except for one. A book called Multiple Man. It was about the strange and rare psychological condition known as Multiple Personality. Despite being part of the plot of hundreds of movies and tv shows, there have been only a few verified cases of multiple personality in the public at large. However, there have been many more cases of posession, which is almost the same thing, but has a stronger cultural prescence. Which suggests that multiple personality is much more common when people have an explanation that makes sense to them on a visceral level. The man decided that this was a worthwhile book so he took it home to read. On the way he remembered the time he was a boy, and stood in a shaded forest spring.

The author, who was a University professor in the man’s town, postulated the existence of a personality factory that resides in our minds. Because this part of us manufactures new personalities, what we think of as ourselves, to fit the current occasion, it cannot be known by the personalities that it builds. The man thought this idea was fascinating. That night he had a dream.

He was on his way to visit a friend, he drove his car to the parking building, got checked in by the attendant, went up to the first floor, got signed in at the security desk, went up on the elevator, was met and escorted in by an assistant past rows of people. The crazy thing is that all the people he had seen so far were the same person: his friend. They get to the office of the president and there he is, the one he had come to see. The view from here is magnificent. There are windows on two sides that look off to infinity. The wall on the other side was covered in mirrors. He hesitated to look into them. He felt uneasy about looking at himself. He already knew what he would see, that he’s the same person too. He’s here to visit himself. He becomes so convinced of this he looks into the mirror to verify and is astounded: he’s a woman.

The shock woke him up as if from a nightmare. He got up to take a pee and came back to bed. It took him awhile to fall asleep again. But when he finally did, he had a much more vivid dream that the one before.

Not Here hr woman no psychopaths

Not Here an hr woman claims that her department has no techniques of discovering psychopaths - why would they? They never see any in her office!

Belly Smell A cave man meets a tiger

Belly Smell

A cave man encounters a tiger who takes right after him. He runs up a tree and the tiger runs up after him. He jumps from the tree onto a cliff, the tiger tries to follow but falls down. He escapes as the tiger stares up after him. Later he encounters another tiger who just had a big meal and got laid. She rolls on her back and paws at him. “Hey look!” the tiger thinks. “There’s one of them funny tall monkeys! Hey you! You want to rub my belly?” The man walks carefully across the clearing and right into a big vulture. He snaps the neck of the bird and heads on home with a nice big bird for dinner. The tiger rolls on her back and paws at the air.

Future Ravine A man in the desert

Future Ravine

Once upon a time a man hiked through a strange land. Far ahead he saw a line of forest topped mountains with lush green valleys at their feet. What a beautiful place he thought. And there’s even restaurants, parks and chalets! It’s the happy hunting ground! He really wants to go there. But it becomes incresingly apparent as he got closer, that before the mountains at the end of the desert is a giant ravine that goes from one horizon to the other. Seeing that he becomes insecure and wants to rush to the edge of the ravine - what for? he thinks - so I can fret even more comes the reply. But he calms himself down and instead walks the road through the desert calmly while paying very close attention. [urge to stop the internal dialog] Sure enough he finds things along the way. A rope, a rock, and a long stick. The rope won’t stretch, the rock won’t compress and the log won’t bend. He takes these things with him and by the time he gets to the ravine he sees a place where he can place the rock, and suspend the log with the rope. Now he can cross the ravine with no problem. All because he was calm, payed attention and picked up things as they became available.

[Echoes of Heavy Hike]

[a wave of inspiration washes over him as he builds his contraption]

Dark Thing

Dark Thing

Once upon a time a man came home from work in a bad mood. The first thing he saw coming through the front door was himself, reflected in the hallway mirror. Scowling. He looked closely at his face and saw a man he barely recognized, one exhausted by frustration and anger. There had been another uproar today at the office, an important decision faced the company and people were polarizing into separate factions. The silver framed ornate mirror reflected the lines of advancing age, solidifying his face into sadness. Even his shoulders and arms hung limp and heavy. His posture was slumped in a way that he had seen more and more often. He could see what was happening to him yet he was unable to stop it. Thinking that thought made him look even more frustrated than before.

“The stories of our lives are written onto our faces, and our bodies too.” he thought, suprised at his own insight. Without a painting in the attic to do his aging for him all the dramas and battles he endured were there for all to see.

The hunching and lines were from years of compromising his principles, and [something else] not just today. A sudden surge of idealism gripped him and he thought

“I’ve had enough of this crap and I’m going to do something about it!”

He stepped forward, grabbed the mirror and lifted it off it’s hook. Stepping around the corner into the hall, he looked at the first picture hanging there. It showed a clown who was laughing and crying at the same time. He removed it and replaced it with the mirror, then hung the clown where the mirror had been. It became lit by beams of street light streaming through the door. The clown’s grin looked even more maniacal on one half of his face, and more painfully entrenched in horror on the other. He decided he liked it.

“There, that’s better!”

He stepped into the hall to straighten up the mirror. As he leveled it, he saw that the other mirror, on the opposite wall, was now almost parallel to this one. It was full length and he could see the entire back of his body. His left edge was bordered by a countless number of reflections of himself fading off into darkness. Like an endless corridor arcing away to infinity. He looked at himself and saw dozens of other selves trying to stare back, but they couldn’t, because they were just an edge.

“Bonus!” he thought.

He imagined his family and friends were going to get a big kick out of this.

“This will be the first of many trippy things!” he nodded and grinned.

Straightening his back and shoulders, he walked off to the kitchen with a smile on his face.

“Feels great to be back home!”

He had some work to do. He no longer felt secure at the office and wanted to feel out the job market, He would have to bring his resume up to date. He sighed in resignation. He always found it difficult to write about himself. [That night was much like all the others.] He thought about the controversy going on around the work place. He fed himself, got caught up on emails, brushed his teeth and went to bed.

While asleep he had a dream. He dreamed that he was looking at himself in the 2 hallway mirrors. The edge of reflections on his face repeated off towards infinity, they were very colorful and full of detail. Suddenly one of the faces stepped out from the rest and stared back at him with glowing yellow eyes. The shock made him faint and he fell onto his knees. A cold breath of wind made him shiver. He was no longer in the hall. He was on his knees on the attic floor, [but his house has no attic - it was the attic from the house he grew up in] with a cold wind blowing on his face.

In front of him was a torn out piece of the roof, leaving a gaping hole that was open to the outside. The stars were vibrantly bright and lit up the night sky. He had never seen such a vivid display and he stared skyward in wonder. Then something caught his eye. High above the Earth, he saw some stars wink out, then a moment later, come back on. Something was moving across the sky and blocking out the stars as it passed. A dark thing. He could see the silhouette of the shape but not make out any details. It was something he couldn’t see, because the thing was blacker than black. He imagined the view looking down from that strange satellite, and then everything changed. He was now on the roof of his house. A great flat roof the size of 2 football fields. Just the kind of roof he knew he did not have. Onto his giant rooftop flowed the members of 2 great teams, a red and a blue. They clashed with each other and pushed forward and back. As he watched the 2 teams battle it out they receded and got smaller below him. From his higher vantage point he could see now what the game was all about. It was the controversy at work being played out in this vast and surreal arena. The action proceeded without pause. He began to lose interest and the players grew smaller beneath him. He realized that he must be floating up towards the sky. The sky where the dark thing orbited. With a shock he knew that the thing was pulling him up, off the Earth and into it’s clutches. A moment of total panic ensued, and he woke up in his bed. Covered in night sweat. It took him a long time to get back to sleep. [at some point he climbs out of the window and there is a ladder there. Up the ladder and it connects to a scaffold - what is holding all of this up? more ladders and platforms in the air - all of it rock solid. he pauses and tugs at the scaffolding and sees that the connections are super strong. In an instant he sees a pattern in the weight bearing elements in 3d instead of 2. As soon as he makes that realization he is off the scaffolding and on the roof.] [the people who secrete concrete out of their pant legs bend over as they rise up. This creates an arch through their legs with their poop hole at the apex. Attempts to go through the arch are met with a hail storm of poo and pee. He realizes that time is limited as the filth is building up into a hard material that blocks access. The hero finds a flashlight and shakes it in annoyance. It turns into a Jedi flashlight. He runs at the line of cemented poopers and turns on the flashlight. The highly focused beam of light acts like a pole and the hero vaults over top. He can stand on the backs of the cemented ones and walk along up there. They whine and cry in annoyance but they can’t turn around to see him or dislodge him.] [First night - he wakes up in a panic. After realizing that he’s drifing up into the sky he panics. The light from all the stars collates into a bolt of lightning that hits him and he wakes up quite disturbed. Second night - he wakes up more elated than he’s ever been in his life. He gets up and walks to the bathroom, then past it. Uh excuse me he thinks, bathroom is this way. He walks towards the fridge. This must be what sleepwalking is like he thinks. Then past the fridge. Okay time to wake up he thinks. He struggles to regain control but his body is on automatic. With a growing feeling of dread he watches as he heads towards the mirrors and stops. He looks at himself, and sees a dark outline of blackness. The multiple reflections fade off darker and darker into total darkness. As he watches his blacked out outline begins to fill will stars. They swell in brightness the longer he looks. The whole hallway is now filled with the starlight that radiates from his blacked out body. I don’t like where this is going he thinks. He wheels about and marches back towards the bedroom. A wave of panic overtakes him. He tries to exert control over his body, tries to wake up, tries to scream. He enters the bedroom and it lights up with starlight. A figure is in the bed sleeping. He tries to shout, throw something, do anything to warn himself and to wake himself up. The dark figure steps forward. A blacked out arm filled with distant stars reaches out and pulls back the covers. There he is, It’s me! Now mad with desperation, he remembers the starlight collecting into a lightning bolt. He wills this to happen and as the arm filled with stars reaches out again, a zap of static electricity jumps from the outstretched finger to his sleeping self. [the light show in the dark thing are a reverse playback of the history of the universe back to the big bang. The static shock and the darkness that follow are the first moment]

He awoke thoroughly terrified and bolted upright in bed. In a panic he looked all around. His eyes saw only darkness. He felt his shoulder at the point where he had been shocked. It was painful and sore. The covers had been pulled back. He could find no ratinal explanation for these events.

And a static bolt is what awakened him. This is getting too weird he thinks.] A man sleepwalks and finds himself in the attic, he sees a big hole in the roof and outer space beyond - a wind blows outwards, it’s very cold. Something is weird about that hole, it’s not the regular sky out there but something very black - he can’t get past this place - he’s very afraid. He wakes up terrified with no memory of having got back into bed - was it all a dream? A nightmare? He steels himself so that next time he will not cower in fear from it. He approaches the hole and looks out. There are several containers of blackness, one inside the other, each one more black that the one before. What was that? A motion? Suddenly he finds himself up on the roof! It’s flat and simply enormous. Like four football fields. Far too long and wide to be the top of his house. Above him in the night sky is the most animated aurora he has ever seen. Great swoops of light flash and dive and collide with each other. He sees great dramas played out, fundamental differences of opinion appear overhead and become worked out in the night sky above the over large roof on the top of his house. As usual he awakes with no memory of having gone back to bed. He resolves to fix that hole in the attic. The next time he pulls away at the broken pieces of roof to clean up the edge. As he does he has vivid memories of the failures in his life. It’s agonizing and unbearable. He wakes up weeping. But he resolves to make that repair. He remembers better times when people believed in him and he did not let them down. He had strong ideas then about right and wrong. He girds himself with black and white opinions about right and wrong. These become 2x4’s and panels that he can attach over the hole. He starts by making a frame around the edge. He looks out and sees a thing floating in the night sky beyond the hole. It is the shape of a person, it seems to be orbiting, it stays in the same place as the stars wheel around the sky behind it. All the stars are rotating across the sky, he has a moment of nausea and vertigo, then he is back on the roof. Floating slowly down from a great height, surrounded by the swirling colors. Suddenly he is on the roof and it is a giant football field. He knows this cannot be real and he starts to vibrate, and glow, and rise above the field. He keeps getting higher but the field keeps growing larger. He is effectively becoming smaller. He picks up speed, and sees the arenas of current debate finally shrink away, and realizes that he is falling into that shadow in the sky. Terrified of falling into darkness he wakes up. Well that was weird. He goes back to sleep and goes about his usual routines in the morning. He discovers that there is a cable connecting the thing in the dark to his own belly. Filling in the hole will mean cutting that cable, and then how will he get out onto the roof? He realizes that he can’t block the hole but must frame around it, like a skylight. Once that is done he is able to enter the attic without anxiety. He stands at the window and looks out into the void. Suddenly he is the thing at the other end of the cable. He is on the big roof, enjoying the woosh of colors in the sky. [this plays out on the roof] A rugby game where nasty people grab the ball then secrete fast drying cement out of their pant legs. That lifts them up onto a high pillar of solid cement. The people trying to play the game get another ball but another one of these jokers does the same thing. After a while the field is so clogged with these cemented in place guys there is hardly anyway through at all. What’s worse is that they link up and you can’t even get through the spaces in between. As they grow on their feet of cement they bend over to stare at the ground. So they don’t even benefit from a better view because of their height. All they see is the ground around them. It’s not good for their backs, and their buttholes are sundered up for perusal. They look uncomfortable all bent over like that. The dreamer finds a flashlight and realizes it’s a jedi light pole. He runs towards the embedded nasty people, turns on the light and pole vaults over. He tosses the flashlight back through the cracks but his co-workers balk, they toss it back, and the cemented over lords howl in pain.] [While at work - he thinks about the view from above the playing field / roof and he wishes that he saw more before he panicked and woke up. So he vows to let himself rise up higher, should that situation ever present itself again. Days pass and events at work ebb and flow and come into sharper focus. The dream returns, he does get the chance and he allows himself to float up higher, and so becomes snatched by the dark thing] [Back at work 2 - he thinks about what he saw and what it says about his co-workers who performed it, and he has a big epiphany - it’s not them who is on display it’s little pieces of himself] [The edges of the blown out roof boards are hot and glow like embers when he looks at them. These are the edges of his trauma - use the word explicitly. After a couple of visits he holds the hot edges, they only burn for a moment, and then the original roof board is back. As he does this to repair the roof the hole shrinks until only a small hole with smooth edges is left. Then he discovers the silver thread.]

The first time he steps out he is pulled out by the air leaving the building. He reaches out his foot and is able to snag the edge of the roof. It glows red like an ember and burns him but it does keep him from falling. He reaches out in a panic and is able to grab onto a ladder. He clings to it and starts to climb, the pain in his burned foot recedes. At the top is a plank that is fixed horizontally. It seems to have to means of support other than the tall ladder which is similarly rigid for no apparent reason.

He stepped out of the attic and regared all the scaffolding above him. Thinking there must be a better way, he stepped out into the void, where he floated in the air. He grabbed at the first planck and flung himself upwards. He flew upwards at a great speed and was soon at the rooftop level, the arena once again spread out before him. He looked skyward. The dark thing was not apparent but he knew it was up there.

A loud screech echoes off the distance as the guy squatting on the top of the pyramid of cheer leaders yells in anger and horror. A great blast of poo and pee blows out of his bum and drenches the people below him. In a domino effect they all blow out vile stuffs on those below them. The wave gathers and plummets down, the man is able to get his people away from the pyramid and to relative safety. Most of the stuff missed them. They march forth.

With a start he realized that he was stuck and couldn’t pull his eyes away. He tried looking to one side then another, up and down. He could not pull his eyes away from the infinite reflections. Finally he just relaxed his body and fell down on his knees.

At work he goes to the bathroom and notices in the large chrome plate on the door a dark reflection. He pees sitting on the toilet like a girl then goes to the sink to wash up next to a co-worker. They chat while he looks at the co-worker who gives him a look back like why the stare buddy? So he looks away and into the mirror and there is the face of the dark thing, galaxies exploding into super novae. It stands up as he does reminding him that it is always there wherever he goes. He leaves the bathroom determined to not look at himself and give that creepy thing any satisfaction.

He’s told there’s a meeting in the boardroom, so he goes there, he glances in and sees a guy at the big table and a bunch of women in there. He goes to another boardroom and is horrified because there are mirrored walls in there. So he sits where other people block his view of himself but he’s asked to stand up and give his presentation he can’t avoid them. Also a very black cloud darkens the sky and the windows become mirrors as well. His talk starts off well then trails down to nothing as he becomes entranced by the dark things surrounding him in the mirrors. He stops, gathers himself then launches into an ad lib about the lousy innovation culture at this place and here’s what he thinks they should really do but why would it gain for him to suggest that since ideas just get ignored or stolen here in this place. Because everything is about to go down a black hole he can finally tell them since without him and his team they could never pull it off anyways. The setting sun dips below the clouds and the room is filled with golden light. He makes the most sensible argument that only if management goes agile too will the company survive. He looks into the mirrors on the wall and sees himself as he is. He’s thanked and excused and he leaves.

He goes home that night and without effort goes through the route of the dream - the attic, touching the string to open the doors, stepping out floating and flying up to the arena rooftop. There he sees the pyramid of poopers becoming dismantled as they join the mobile folk on the field. Several of the poopers go down into the bullpens and retire from the play. He floats up into the sky and opend his arms. Wings of darkness appear under his arms and he flys off to other rooftops to see what’s happening there.

Wise Investor who made a lot of money

Wise Investor

Once upon a time there was an investor who had made a lot of money, investing in things just before they went big. As part of his regular routine he went to the monthly pitching event to see the new inventions. As usual there were many novel ideas like how to sell products over the internet, virtual face painting, and a dating app for necrophiles called lingr. A couple of the more interesting ones stuck out for him. The first one was a mechanism that attached to bridge supports sitting in flowing water. Without any electronics or electricity, this purely mechanical device would move up and down driven by the movement of the water. This energy was routed to an air pump that blew bubbles under that water causing it to become more oxygenated. Just like in an aquarium. It would be a great boon to the fish and other underwater life and would help them breathe better. there are millions of inventive geniuses with great ideas but only a few people like him with money and who are savvy enough to want more. Will it still work if all you have is an economy car like a Lexus or an Audi? Who cares about fish that aren’t even good enough to eat? When he drives his Mercedes or his Range Rover up his driveway he has to reach his arm up to his sun visor, pull out the remote control and press the button to open the garage door. What a pain! This new app would sense his approach using bluetooth, gps and AI (in the cloud!) and open the door for him automatically. A savings of several seconds plus he wouldn’t have to lift up his arm! This would make it much easier for him to get outside one box as he got into another. He sure knows how to pick em!

Plumbing Part woman in a parts store

Plumbing Part

A woman goes to a plumbing parts store and pretends to know how to do things. The staff and the regulars just stare at her and they think she’s crazy. Later that night the plumbing clerk goes to a bar and approaches a group of women. He pretends to know what’s going on and they just stare at him.

Cafe Banter

Cafe Banter

Once upon a time a man had a tv show where he interviewed master craftsman.

tv man who used to write code interviews ceramic man who used to be an electrical engineer.[engineer had been trained by the wizard who is now looking for the scroll - he gives the floor to the bus woman] In the cafeteria afterwards they are talking when an older woman, comes by to clear the tables as she picks up the dishes he drily remarks that “It’s simple, Yin is like a phase locked loop and Yang is like a cyclotron.” She looks away, sees the wizard and makes off quickly. The 2 expert craftsmen stare at him while the students they are with roll their eyes and scoff. They both assure the students that what was just said was very profound. “Makes no sense one replies, it sounds like gibberish, makes no sense. The tv man gives a look to the engineer that says You are right.

The waiter says: When an object of higher dimension is projected onto the surface of one of lower dimension, there will be singularities.

work in something to do with motorcycles and maintaining them

[engineer gives a quick explain of undefinability of tru

The levels of seating in the dining room rise higher than below like an amphitheater. That makes this cafeteria so special.

Strong Walk woman cleans floor clear

Strong Walk

Once upon a time a woman setting off for work noticed a blemish on her floor. Jane prided herself on keeping her apartment impeccably clean, so this was a concern for her. She brushed at it with her shoe and looked closer, it was an odd looking thing. Somehow it looked different when viewed from every angle. She wondered where it could have come from. She had dinner with a friend the other night, could it have come in on his shoes? But that was several days ago. She resolved to give the entire floor a good cleaning tomorrow morning before going into work. Tonight she would be working late at the office. She made sure she had everything, strode across the floor and left for the day.

Jane worked at Things were up in the air at the office. Several long time employees had retired

At the office she continued her training with an innovation consultant. She had first seen him the day before where he talked about networks of people each more or less selfishly driven.

[20 year old Victoria Grant is there somehow and she advocates for telling the truth about the money supply. The old editors and reporters had retired, they would have put an end to this sort of heresy and fast!]

Next morning she got up early and couldn’t see the spot. She walked over and there it was, wierd. She got out her mop and bucket and knelt down to scrub. The spot seemed to change color as she worked over it. She was very dissapointed and rather surprised when it wouldn’t come off, in fact it seemed to get bigger. She ran out of time and went into work. This day the innovation consultant talked about [X].

She took a deep breath and switched on the light. The floor was now not only transparent, it was gone. She looked down into the black abyss, it was swirling with fog, she felt the breeze of fresh air blowing in. She switched the light off and took another deep breath. She willed her heart to slow down, and soon her eyes would adjust to the dark. [ending happens in little big barn] With a smile on her face she strode across to her bedroom, laid down and fell asleep.

Collaborat - a rat with a good job

Crafty Rat

Once upon a time there was a rat who had a good job. Her name was Kerry and she rescued people buried under rubble. She travelled to places after earthquakes, wars and other disasters. Her partner telecommunicated with her through a special vest and together they saved many lives. Her vest was packed with technology. A 2 way radio, a video camera with lights, storage for water, drugs and protein bars, and even a little fan with a filter for cleaning dust out of the air.

Kerry was highly capable at diving underground and navigating through the maze of fallen buildings. She could reach trapped and injured people faster than anything else. So far she had saved dozens of lives and she was still in her prime.

One day a busy woman went to the parking garage where her car was parked. She unlocked the door made ready to toss in the armful of stuff she had brought with her. She looked inside, there was already a lot of stuff in there. Uncertain at first she resolves to walk around and stow the stuff from the other side. As she get to the other side a big earthquake appears and the parking garage collpses all around her, burying her in rubble.

Kerry and her team arrive and she gets all prepped up. She can smell the situation and knows how important it is to do a good job. With her vest all prepared she runs around the outer edge of the fallen garage, then plunges in. Her companion watches on the video as Kerry runs in from place to place. She can smell a dead body over here, she runs over to check it out. Her arrival has raised a cloud of dust so she stands still while the air cleaning fan switches on and takes the dust out of the air. She walks slowly over to the body and circles it while the video records the identity. A radio command vibrates on her legs and she runs off to the trapped person. This one is tapping and she can hear it.

She runs into a space created by the car we saw earlier. The woman is lying down but she’s okay. Good thing she came over onto this side of the car. The driver’s side is crushed. She’s trapped but unhurt. Kerry lights the space up as she enters and her companion speaks to the woman over the radio. Hang tight and we will get to you. We’ve already dispatched a trainee rat carrying water, drugs and protein bars. It arrives while Kerry is still there. The woman is releived. Kerry is off to search for more trapped people.

The next one is a woman who has been injured. She’s in a very tight spot. Kerry can only get to her hand and she feels Kerry there and starts screaming. It takes a minute to calm her down. Finally Kerry presses her cheek against the woman’s wrist. A sensor is located there that reads the woman’s pulse. It is strong, she will probably make it out alive.

[a beam of light from her backpack illuminates the twists and turns on the way back]


Once upon a time a man raced ahead of a crack in the ground. It ran after him splitting the ground in two and hissing like a snake. The ground rejoined after it had moved on. As if nothing had happened. It was almost at his heels and he had to move fast to stay ahead. Over grass, concrete, gravel and dirt, it stayed with him without pause. He wondered what would happen if it caught him, so he stood still to catch his breath. The crack surged forward between his feet and began to split the ground apart at a rapid rate. He looked down and saw the darkness of a bottomless void expand beneath him, like a giant predator about to swallow him up. He leapt to one side and narrowly avoided falling in. He was mystified. “Does this thing know me?” he wondered. ”Why is it chasing after me?” Again he ran as fast as he could.

He ran off the grass of someone’s front lawn and across the street. At the other side he saw that he had gained some ground on the evil crack. He jumped over the curb and back onto grass, and looked behind to watch it. It slowed down when it had to come through the curb. It zigged and zagged to each side many times in order to climb up. He reasoned that it was looking for microscopic bits of horizontalness, and several strategies occured to him. He headed for the park where there was hilly slopes. There he ran downhill and sure enough, the crack slowed down. He ran up another hill, but this one it negotiated almost as fast as him. He would have to find something better than slopes.

In the distance he saw a line of steps leading up to a higher level. They were cement pads with thick wood edges laid upon the ground. He bounded upwards and the crack had a difficult time following and slowed way down. At the top was a lookout over the valley. There the man waited as the relentless crack worked it’s way up te steps. He steadied his breathing and prepared himself. When it came out on the platform he readied himself and gathered all his attention and skill. Sensing that he was trapped it came for him slowly, expanding the rock of the lookout very wide, as if it was about to enjoy swallowing him. He waited till it almost had him then grabbed the railing and vaulted over the side. Now down on the ground he looked up. As he had hoped, the bizarre crack came straight for him instead of going back down the much easier stairs. It slowed to a crawl as it tried to find bits of horizantallness in the polished smooth face of the rock. He looked at the way the ground had been shaped. The combination of the steps and the smooth wall were ideal for losing such a thing. He wondered if others before him had faced the same menace. He looked once more to see the crack descending with great difficulty, then trotted off down the hill. For the next while he would be safe.

The head lizard is immune to the crack, and so is just the guy when he rides upon his carpet of spontaneity.

A life saver placed on the crack causes it to go around and around and become trapped. The wizard has such a life saver and says “Don’t touch it!” to a visitor.

Mountain Stuck

Psycho Clearer A woman hires a man

Psycho Clearer

A woman hires a man to clean up the brush in her back yard. He’s a psychopath and instead of trimming the brush he destroys all of it. Because psychopaths love to kill the environment in order to make people angry. Getting paid for it is just a bonus!

All this comes at a bad time as she had just received a letter from the boy’s school that he was highly talented, and she should consider higher education plans now. It was so upsetting, she wondered if she should do one thing or another, both are narcisistic and ignore the welfare of the boy.

Somewhat Visible man who got older

Somewhat Visible

Once upon a time there was a man who got older as he lived his life. He had never planned on this but it happened anyway. Friends he once had were drifting away, and the dreams they had held for each other also faded until they too, disappeared entirely. He met some new friends but they stayed on the surface and just knew the obvious him. They never saw the depths where his true soul resided. Or perhaps used to reside? Was he even that deep anymore? he would ask himself, during moments of solitude, looking at himself in the mirror. Moments that seemed to happen more and more often. He felt that he was slowly lapsing into irrelevance.

One day as he was looking at himself in the living room mirror, he noticed something quite unusual. Behind the image of his face, he could see the outline of the wall, and the door set into it. Shocked, he turned around and looked. He could see the kitchen in the next room, and the stove, and the cast iron fry pan sitting on top. He looked back in the mirror. He looked very closely and right through his face he could just make out the image of the kitchen. He could clearly see the fry pan behind his forehead. It was very faint but it was there. He was turning transparent. There was no way other way to say it. It was obvious and required no confirmation. The thought stiffened his body and it rang like a bell. For several moments, he shook and was otherwise paralyzed.

He regained his volition and proceeded to pass his hand behind his head and body, holding out different numbers of fingers. He could see them all. He was looking through himself. He could clearly see the room behind him through his torso and arms and legs. This then was the new reality: he was becoming transparent. He had never heard of anyone having a problem like this before. Or hadn’t he? He thought of all the people who had drifted out of his life. Had they not over time become transparent to him? Not like this! He looked back at the phenomena in the mirror. I hope no one notices this at tonight’s supper! He was at a loss as to how he might remedy this embarrassing new condition.

But there was still a chance, the effect was so far very subtle. Take a shower? or put on some make up? If they all see this and laugh at my expense I’ll be mortified! He thought of the dinner event he would attend that night with his friends. His loud and self centered friends that dominated every conversation with details of the trivia of their lives. How could he talk about what was happening to him, with them? Would they even notice? He resolved to try. When there was a lull, he promised himself.

Or when the topic wandered somewhere close by - to the idea of turning transparent. He would bring it up. Oh yeah right. He looked away and avoided the mirror. He didn’t like the idea of turning transparent. But he knew what he had seen. He resolved to find a better set of friends who weren’t such narcissists.

That night it was dinner as usual. His younger friends nattered on incessantly about their beachy vacations and all the new friends they had just made, who were just as shallow as they. They passed around pictures of groups of people in a tropical location, all taking selfies at the same time. Then they took more pictures of tonight’s food and of themselves. He looked carefully at the group shot they had got the waitress to take, to see how he appeared to others. He thought he looked so heavy and out of place among the grinning crowd. He looked closer.

The painted walls behind him were quite visible through his semi transparent body. Did no one else notice? Was anyone even looking at him? That night back at home he hesitated for a long time before looking in the mirror. When he finally did his worst fears were realized, he was even more transparent than before! All that smiling and nodding and staying silent with his boring friends had made it worse! He had an overwhelming desire to get away from this nightmare. He slept that night as if in a coma.

Once upon a time there was a man who became invisible. A man fades into invisibility because people don’t see him clearly. Then he meets some people who see him as he is and he becomes solid again. So he wants to hang around these people. But then they think he’s a stalking perv or sex fiend. He fades away again.

Synesthetic Super Thruster

an inventor struggles to deal with his emotional wife while she struggles to deal with his intellectual view. The cyclotron is briefly mentioned.

He thinks about: building the next improved model by gut feel, art and intuition OR building one predicted by math formulas

not the cyclotron but the super thruster

I don’t want to give it away, he will just get it at the end but not share it. This is a connection to library book

He decides to head out to the cottage for a rest. YES - same cottage as Humble Bee.

He’s been working a lot on solving a big problem but no breakthroughs. He heads to the cottage to relax but gets deflected and ends up getting his epiphany anyways. He sees a yin/yang in a country bakery then a young woman spinning a take away lid at the tip of a straw, above her the side of the seating booth shows the yin/yang. He remembers Richard Feynman seeing a young man spin a lid and that ended up being the beginning of qed. He replays all the definitions of the yin/yang that he knows then realizes it would be a better definer if it was about outside events coming through the senses and having an effect on the inside: perception. Or events on the inside coming out through the body to change the outside world: manifestation. Sensing and building. He drives back home without even getting to the cottage. In his mind he spins the yin and yang but it slows back down and stops. He needs to set up some kind of gyro motor to keep it spinning. It must be 2 gyros one in each side. Back in town he has an alibi so he wanders about on a carpet of spontaneity. Checks into a hotel for a couple days and wanders about. The people are in slow motion, so there’s a connection here to

Suddenly he gets it - he calls it the super thruster. He assembled the pieces in his mind and the world sprang into focus.

Your Super Thruster is a joke!

They were using super thrusters, we couldn’t hold them back!

Empty Chairs

Empty Chairs

Once upon a time a man accepted an invitation to a meeting in a boardroom. At the stipulated time he walked down the corridor to the appointed room. It had two doors, both large sliding glass panels parallel to the wall. He paused at the near door. A group of men stood outside the far door. He recognized them, they were the jocks and macho douche bags from sales and marketing. They took no notice of him. He never got along with them so he saw no reason to go over there and chat. He moved to go into the room and several of them quickly turned to look at him and sneer. What, had they been watching him covertly? He hoped they wouldn’t cause too much trouble at the meeting with their rudeness and disrespect.

Inside there was a long table with women sitting on both sides. At his end the women all sat facing the opposite end. They were busy with their own devices. They looked up at him and smiled as he came in, then went back to their work. In the middle of the table a few women had rotated their chairs to 90 degrees to each other to make it easier for them to talk. At the far end of the table a group of women stood in a chaotic circle chatting away with enthusiasm. He noticed they were the prettiest and most feminine with the longest hair. Now he understood why the men had gathered outside at that end, they were ogling the sexy girls through the wide open door. He wondered why they didn’t just come in and talk to them. Instead they stared at the women, grinning and posing, whispering sexist remarks just loud enough to hear, it all seemed kind of pervy. He wondered if perhaps the women standing there, were subconsciously collaborating with them by displaying themselves while pretending to be unaware. He chose a seat in the middle of the table away from the doors and sat down. He didn’t want to disturb anyone.

As the seats filled up he would talk politely with his neighbors, all of them women. He had come here to meet with his friend. Who shows up, sees the same situation but chooses to not sit down in an empty chair. Instead the friend goes to the front, flexes his muscles, grins, makes Ha! grunting noises and thrusts out his hips. He chicken walks like a bird legged cave man. For a moment everyone is aware that he’s an idiot, the resonance rings like a gong in the e-band. Then the women went right into what they were doing before. The guy in the chair is amazed at how patient these women are.

He had never seen a more foolish display in his life! He looked around, the women were bored and disinterested. They ignored him completely. Were they accustomed to seeing this kind of nonsense? He marvelled at their tolerance. The woman chairing the meeting entered and looked at the guy. He grinned and swaggered out slowly, she slid the door closed behind him. Outside the macho men sneered at him with all their force. He could see a few spit out the word “pussy”, then they turned away in disgust and left.

The woman who chairs the meeting points out that there are many empty seats at the table. These are for the men who are not taking them. Only a few men to take their seats, but there are a few and they are grateful for it. And so they begin.

He looks at a sign on the wall. It reads: No Room For Freaking Out.

lazy fish who complain


Once upon a time some salmon were running upstream to spawn. They would take a big run then jump up the little waterfall. Off to the side was a bunch of young males. Why do we have to strive so hard? they complained. Why do all the athletic and high acheiving fish get all the women? It’s not fair! They stayed off to the side and bellyached.

One day, one of the unswims toppled the rocks that were perched in the stream, and several fish were killed. In rage the other fish chased him into the shallows where he was caught by a bear who took a bite out of him and left him dying in the grass. As he looked up at the sky in terrible pain he thought “Why is life so unfair?”

My Susanne

Once upon a time a sailor went on shore leave and decided to visit his shipmate’s girlfriend. His [co-worker] and good friend Heysoos had introduced him to Suzanne some time ago. Strangely at that time he told him, that if ever he became lost, Suzanne would be able to find him. After that close call on their last voyage he had lost touch with Heysoos, and passionately wanted to see him again. He came to Suzanne’s hoping she could help. And if not, then it would be a pleasure to reaquaint with her. She was charming, intelligent and enchantingly intuitive. Often she seemed to know exactly what he was thinking. And she was physically very beautiful. With a twinge of embarrassment he admitted to himself that he had touched every bit of her perfect body with his mind. Her name was Suzanne and she lived where a river met the sea.

On the way to her house he could hear ships going by, sounds he found comforting since he was a sailor. Her place was at the end of a long sandy road that snaked out onto a peninsula. The path veered near the shore several times but he was fed up with water so he avoided it. Sometimes he climbed up and over difficult hills to do so. Usually he loved the water, but today he had an aversion to it.

He walked up to her house and rapped at the door. Silence. Except for the wind blowing over the dunes and the muted crash of the distant shore. He waited, wondering if she was even home. He looked straight up. Overhead a group of soaring birds slowly wheeled around. They were too high to be seen so he couldn’t make out what sort they were. With a shudder he hoped they weren’t vultures. The sun hung motionless behind a sky gone mottled and gray. He rapped at the door again. For an instant his eyes looked away and when he looked back, the door was open and there she stood. She was as strikingly beautiful as he remembered, dressed in simple clothes, with a calm yet intense demeanor. She was not surprised to see him, and asked why he was here. He told the larger truth, that he was worried about Heysoos and wanted to know if she had seen him. She tilted her head to one side as if puzzled. “You don’t know where he is?” she asked. “No - I - don’t - know,” he stuttered out slowly. “Perhaps I could wait for him here? maybe, spend the night?”

She blinked her large eyes at him, one after the other. He looked into them and couldn’t look away. His eyes fell into hers and were unable to climb back out. A wave of vertigo lifted him up then dropped him dangling down into faintness. He clung to her eyes as if they were the only stable and solid thing in his world.[too much detail here] Now that she had locked him in her gaze, some other aspect of her attention looked even deeper, into every corner of his being. Finally she said “Yes. You can spend the night. You are welcome here. There is room on the couch, or you can sleep beside me.” He knew then that she must be crazy, or at least half crazy. In his experience only crazy women ever found him attractive. He assured her that he had no amorous agendas to advance. She blinked in a way that said she had never thought of that. “The place is empty anyways” she said, turning and walking inside. “I haven’t heard from Heysoos in days.” “So it’s as I fear the most”, he thought, “Heysoos is missing!”

She called him Leonard and it sounded familiar. Is that what he was called when he was younger? He couldn’t remember. They had fun together laughing over a simple snack of Chinese tea and oranges. Remembering the good times with Heysoos, always remembering. Remembering the past. The sun set over the water, and cast a brilliant yellow light just before it disappeared. They were not yet tired enough to sleep, and with nothing else to do they got into a pillow fight! Suzanne was very agile and had a strong technique. Holding a pillow in each hand, she would spread out her arms then bring them quickly together at once, delivering a powerful double blow. She was amazingly light on her feet. A few of these direct hits had him seeing stars in front of his eyes. Exhausted and joyful, he finally lay down on the couch. He fell asleep and dreamed.

In his mind he saw Suzanne, turning slowly to face him, her large eyes blinking. Speaking through telepathy she asked him if he had realized something yet, but he didn’t know what it was. As he drifted off, his anxiety returned, and his mind became filled with uncomfortable visions. They were so close to the reality that he was living now, it was as if he had no sleep at all. Finally his thoughts unwound, darkness rolled over, and he sunk into a black pool of peace and gratitude. The darkness welcomed him like a long lost friend who had finally come home.

When he awoke the next morning Suzanne was gone. Her note said she was going into town, to the Salvation Army. To look for a mirror. He went out and walked upon the dunes that lined the shore. He would climb up one side of a hill of sand, enjoy a momentary view, then plunge down the other. Halfway out along the peninsula, he spotted a tall wooden tower, made solidly of heavy timbers. It had been built to rescue people from drowning. From up there they could be seen, alarms sounded, and perhaps a life would then be saved. He climbed to the top [need details of the climb up the steps] and beheld a panoramic view of the surrounding area. From here he could see deep inland and far out to sea. The view was thrilling but the place felt lonely and exposed. The height and the wind made him insecure.

Out over the sea the sun sparkled off the water from a thousand different points. Ten thousand! It was so bright he squinted his eyes. The water was cold this time of year, he knew. It would shock and stun then take the life of any creature unfortunate enough to fall into it. The lazy motion of the waves became hypnotic, then strange, and then weird. They now obeyed a different sort of physics. The water was lifting up high then sinking back down in the same place, like a dance in slow motion. The waves did not advance towards the shore in predictable patterns, but moved as random bulges of water. He became transfixed by their oddness. Small areas would lift up then shrink back down as part of some giant overall pattern. One too complex for him to discern. The strange mounds of bulging water were moving away from the land and not towards it. He wondered What had been in that tea that she gave him?

In a flash of insight he sensed that something very big was now very close. Something vast and imminent, that would change the course of everything. Yet it was still outside the limit of his understanding. In frustration he strained hard to remember. He had been on the ship, in a terrible storm ... The effort to recall became palpable and his body contorted into painful cramps. What had happened to Heysoos?

From the other side of the promontory he heard sounds and sensed movement. [there are tears in his eyes, he looks and has to wipe them away to focus on the scene] He turned and saw many clothes lines laden with laundry hung out to dry. He hadn’t noticed them before. [at first he thought it was the wind] Some force stronger than the wind was whipping the clothes back and forth. Suzanne had returned. She was fluffing 2 sheets at a time, holding one in each hand and whipping them through the air. So fast her arms were just a blur. The sheets grabbed the air like sails, making loud sounds and blowing away the leaves on the ground. Suzanne was very strong. Her motions buffeted all the other clothes on the line. He climbed back down the flights of wooden stairs. At the top he felt young and child like, and remembered his early life growing up. As he climbed down he remembered later times, as a teenager, young adult and mature man. When he reached the bottom all he could think about there was that last voyage he had worked with Heysoos. He saw Suzanne up ahead and went towards her.

He walked on the sand through rich and varied colors. It was crazy, as if the sun had taken LSD. Sometimes his feet felt sluggish and difficult to move, like trying to run in a dream. It was now almost sunset. Where had the day gone? How long had be been up in that tower? He met up with Suzanne. She took his hand and lead him to the river, to where it emptied into the sea. She wore a fanciful outfit that she had just bought in town, with colored lights and feathers. Her beauty was breathtaking.

Again her large eyes reached out and possessed him. His only thoughts came from her, and now she thought nothing. She pointed down at the water where it lapped against the shore. He followed her outstretched finger and saw that the water was filled with the bodies of people of all ages, adults, youths and even children. All were floating on their backs with their heads facing the same direction. The river was filled with bodies slowly floating out to sea. The sun had ceased to set and now hung motionless far out above the water. A bright yellow light cast long and vivid shadows. The sea was filled with people as well, all pointed towards the sun, their serene eyes staring upward. A moment came when all the arms on one side of a group of people lifted up and went back down again in slow unison. Forming a wave that passed along the shore. He had seen these waves before. He gasped in shock at the sight.

Responding to his sound the people in the water turned to stare at him, and beckoned at him to join them. Their arms flowed up and down. So this was the reality of those strange waves he had seen from the tower. His face contorted by pain, he turned to look at Suzanne, seeking an explanation. In front of her she held a large mirror, and in it he saw himself. Not the self he thought of as being here, but himself as he truly was. In the glass his face was white, bloated and wrinkled, his hair floated off in all directions. His open eyes were motionless. The scene was lit by a single beam of honey colored sunlight shining through the porthole of a flooded ship’s compartment. In the background another figure floated into view. It was the body of Heysoos, who had drowned while trying to save him. [overloaded his and him-more specific]

Every particle of his being exploded into anguish. The memories all came flooding back at once, memories of his death. He remembered the compartment that filled with water as he was trapped inside. He shouted at Heysoos to stay away, lest he be caught and drowned as well. But at the end, as he struggled for every last gasp of air that had collected at the ceiling, he broke down and called out to him, prayed to him for help. Everything had gone black then, and he was left with a powerful urge to know what had happened to his young and wonderful friend. Heysoos was missing because he was dead, and he had died while trying to save him. He had so much to live for. The realization was terrifying, the guilt was overwhelming, it struck him like a thunderbolt. He felt faint and fell back into the water.

It was not cold, but felt warm and comfortable. Floating alongside the other bodies gave him a strong sense of belonging. His arm lifted and fell with the others as a wave passed through. Forming a design so grand it was inconceivable. Slowly yet steadily he moved away from the shore and out to sea. Like all the others, he was drawn relentlessly towards the yellow light perched above the horizon. Looking back up onto the land, he watched as Suzanne transformed. Feathers grew out to cover her body, her arms morphed into wings, and her head changed from a beautiful woman to that of an eagle. As her job here was now done, she flapped her wings and lifted herself up into the sky. She wheeled and climbed and floated up high, and once again soared with the others of her kind.

Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river You can hear the boats go by You can spend the night beside her And you know that she's half crazy But that's why you want to be there And she feeds you tea and oranges That come all the way from China And just when you mean to tell her That you have no love to give her Then she gets you on her wavelength And she lets the river answer That you've always been her lover And you want to travel with her And you want to travel blind And you know that she will trust you For you've touched her perfect body with your mind. And Jesus was a sailor When he walked upon the water And he spent a long time watching From his lonely wooden tower And when he knew for certain Only drowning men could see him He said "All men will be sailors then Until the sea shall free them" But he himself was broken Long before the sky would open Forsaken, almost human He sank beneath your wisdom like a stone And you want to travel with him And you want to travel blind And you think maybe you'll trust him For he's touched your perfect body with his mind. Now Suzanne takes your hand And she leads you to the river She is wearing rags and feathers From Salvation Army counters And the sun pours down like honey On our lady of the harbour And she shows you where to look Among the garbage and the flowers There are heroes in the seaweed There are children in the morning They are leaning out for love And they will lean that way forever While Suzanne holds the mirror And you want to travel with her And you want to travel blind And you know that you can trust her For she's touched your perfect body with her mind

Head Lizard

Head Lizard

Once upon a time there was a man who was moody at parties. This was a known thing among the hostesses of that time, and even affected their invitation decisions. He might snap at anyone, anytime, right out of the blue, with no provocation, and leave a trail of upset guests in his wake, as he made a hasty exit. That was the only decent thing about those beastly episodes, that he quickly retreated, and was soon gone. In fact it was somewhat of a novelty. Some professed to acquiring a taste for his cheeky side shots, and deadly barbs of wit, born out of frustration and powered by anger. And so the people that he startled during these moments of sudden and improper outbursts would think: “What? Does he have Tourette’s Syndrome or something?” “What is the matter with this guy?” These bouts of boorish behavior were often accompanied by an excess of humidity in the crotchetal region.

“I don’t care how famous his friend is.” His friend is a high fashion model who walks on the runways. It’s a dog! They talk, he ends up making a vest for the dog.

establish that the lizard is impossibly light - why doesn’t he knock things over then? Because he’s bizarrely light. What is he then, made from air?

But then they went back to thinking about how messed up they are on the inside, and once again dismissed him to an outer orbit of their awareness. So he came to be tolerated, yet still managed to make many appearances in the round. His perception of these events was quite different. From his point of view, just as he was getting along perfectly well with the crowd, a nine foot headless lizard would show up, and thrusts it’s stumpy neck between his legs, take control of his body and his mouth and speak through him, while he was powerless to resist. Crucial moments later he would regain control, discover the impossible situation he was in, and do the only decent thing and flee. If only he could get that giant headless lizard out of his butt, or even prevent it from showing up, then he could make something of himself. And so one day while he was half asleep, he followed the lizard back to it’s lair, built a cell and locked that mindless and embarrassing monster into it. Now he could go to parties and behave himself, and for a time all was good. But then an even stranger manifestation of poor behavior began to occur, once again calling the man’s integrity into question.

Something was amiss, the steel door that had bound the cat head was crumpled and heaped on the floor. He peered inside the cage, the light went from dim to total darkness. Stepping forward as quietly as he could, he stared into the gloom. Silence. He saw nothing. The ether band was silent too. Another slow step forward and his foot came down on a pebble of dirt and crushed it. The sound of the crunch went out in all directions. The next second seemed like ten as the tension screamed at him like a ringing in his ears. His next heartbeat shook his whole body. Then he sensed something massive rouse itself and become active. Vibrations travelled to him through the floor and the air. On the ether band he felt something alive become aware of him.

Something massive began to move in the darkness and it was heading towards him. The floor shook to the rythmn of it’s steps. Fear and apprehension gripped his face as he froze to the spot. Out of the darkness marched the lizard, it’s massive legs shaking the floor with every step. It was larger than he had ever seen it and this time it was as heavy as it always should have been. The lizard stood still. It’s bottom half was visible but the top was not. The man’s eyes travelled up the body and stared at the top. It stepped forward once again. The cat head sat firmly perched atop the lizard’s shoulders, it’s eyes boring into his. The head titlted back and opened it’s mouth. Out poured the loudest scream he had ever heard. The cougar face changed to a bear, then a moose, an elk, a gnu, and so on. The tone of it’s cry changed as the head transformed, always sounding like the call of that animal.

He thought that he defeated both of these guys once and he could do it again. The eyes of the mammal head glowed with a fiery light. It’s roard trebled in volume and the walls and floor shook like an earthquake. When it finally stopped the man shook all over, he felt faint and bent over to put his hands on his knees, saliva dripped from his mouth.

“Now I am in control.” said the Head Lizard as it flexed it’s muscles and stood up straight, it’s bones cracking as if for the first time in years. It’s large head continually morphed and transformed from one mammal into another. Sometimes many heads looked in all directions, sometimes just the one. Sitting atop the giant body of the lizard, they towered over the man who now waited politely under it’s chest. He had finally accepted his role as a servant, advisor and coach. “Now I am in control.” it thought, and marched forward to promote it’s agenda. The man steps into a pouch of thick skin in the middle of the lizard’s chest. [just like Humble Bee and Bridgit] As the lizard trots off to run down hill into town, the pouch rubs against his leg and that is the source of the leg hallucinations.

[the Head Lizard steps outside, walks out of the mountains and down into the town! So this is the guy who was stuck up in the mezzanine after climbing to the top] Whether it was up in the observatory, looking out from the mezzanine, or down by the pool,

Sad Sword who dreamed of a better life

Once upon a time there was a sword who dreamed of a better life. Although the life it lived now was not too bad, really. It’s days were spent being swung and thrust, chopping and cutting through many things, usually trees and forest. “More the work of a machete.” it grumbled to itself during cynical times, when it could no longer avoid examining it’s fate. “Okay so it is a lousy life, boring and lacking in creativity.” it had to admit. “Maybe things would have gone better for me, had I been a one-hander, instead of a two.” it thought in disgust. It had long fretted over it’s size and weight, and always felt self conscious about being large. “I envy those slender one handers, so light and graceful. Surely they have lives filled with excitement and action.” “Yet then again,” would come the companion thought, “my size is why I have this job in the forest, cutting through branches and wood.” It knew that one day it would have to correct it’s self deprecating distortions. But that was serious work. The people who swung it always spoke in praise for it’s balance and sharp, tough edge. “This life sucks. But it’s still better than being thrown among chunks of low grade rusty metal, into a wooden box, with a nailed on lid, and buried, in a swamp.” So with these few cheery thoughts to bolster it’s spirit, it soldiered on and put up with the daily bullshit. On some rare occasions it would get the chance to taste blood. “Like when fish are plentiful at the river, or when a big cat or wolverine attacks.” Which they sometimes did, either out of surprise or driven by desperation. “Spilling blood is the purpose I was created for, and a natural thing for me to do.” But that meant hurting something that was alive. Perhaps even killing it - the taking away of another being’s consciousness. Taking away another’s everything. “I don’t know how to feel about that.” it thought in times of quiet reflection. It dreaded the day it might find within itself a taste for that sort of thing, deep down in it’s psyche, during some moment of intense self examination. Such a discovery would surely bring unbearable shame. “Sometimes blood happens.” it thought, spitting out the unpleasant words like mud in it’s mouth. “It’s all part of life. If tasting fresh blood is the price of living a more meaningful life, then that’s a price I’m prepared to pay.” So time passed and the sword spent it’s days doing pointless chores and longing for a life better than this. At night the sword would dream, and often it was the same recurring scene. In the dream it was an ordinary man with a job, living in an ordinary town with friends and a family. He spent most of his days going to work and then doing stuff afterwards. Often it was doing things for other people, who were also part of his vast web of kindness, repayment and responsibility. One that he was proud to be a part of. And sometimes he did things for himself. This is what separated him from his fellows and defined his own unique identity. In the recurring dream, the things he did for itself, his hobby, was being an amateur blacksmith. An artistic knife and sword maker, and all around weapon smith. The irony was fully apparent to the sword. “And here I am mostly made of iron myself” it thought upon awakening. Sometimes the sword would dream of sharpening itself. In this dream, it would appear at the top of a steep cliff strewn with rocks. It would jump out into space and fly down the incline. As it flew through the air it would rebound off the rocks in glancing blows that sharpened it’s edge. Anticipating the next stone and dancing in the air to meet it in just the right way was riveting and thrilling. It’s edge became very sharp as it bounced off one rock after another. It felt refreshed and potent. It noticed that in dreams when flying down the cliff left it happy and capable, things would go better the next day at work. But sometimes these dreams went bad. It would fly down the cliff out of control and the rocks would strike in painful blows that left it blunt and aching. After a dream like that, things would go poorly at it’s job in the forest. The sword’s earliest memories were of a bright flash of light. As far as it could remember, it had been born being pulled out of a vat of oil. Present was several men. There was the smith and his friends, and a pair of natives. One night as it dreamed of being the sword maker, a very strange thing happened. For the first time it recalled events that preceded the flash of light. It dreamt that one night at the blacksmith’s workshop, a native shaman and his assistant had come to visit. They were there to demonstrate their ancient technique for hardening metal and giving it a keen edge. There were tales that the old native magic could even imbue a sword with the maker’s personality. The smith heated up the sword as usual, then plunged it into a vat of special oil that the natives had provided. There was a bright flash of light and everyone was momentarily blinded. When their vision returned, the sword was set. It spent the next several weeks in the metal shop. Even then it was unhappy with the way things had turned out. “Why did I have to be the one cursed with awareness?” it thought. It harbored animosity toward all who had been involved. “What kind of cruel people would do such a thing to an innocent sword?” But it knew that no-one was to blame. Did anyone even know that it was aware? Then one night it was tossed into a bag with a bunch of other swords and brought here to the forest. [sword has been stolen by poaching loggers - It lives a sad life, often covered in dirt - a big bully named Grandom uses it to cut through the forest] Suddenly a man appeared before before them. A native who lived in these woods. Before it knew what was happening, Grandom had lifted the sword up high and brought it down hard, cleaving the man’s skull and killing him instantly. The sword was shocked and horrified. Another native leapt in to take the dead man’s place. This one carried a wooden club with a river rock lashed to the end. The sword recognized him instantly. “It’s the shaman!” it thought. “The man who was there at my first flash of light!” The sword acted quickly. As Grandom made to lift the sword again, it twisted so that it rose up in a flatter arc. At the top of it’s travel it flattened out, so when Grandom tried to bring it down it caught on some overhead branches and stayed aloft, leaving the man exposed. The sword shook as the shaman quickly pummeled Grandom’s torso with his club, landing several solid blows. As Grandom fell forward the sword detached itself from his grasp, and turned over in mid air to fall point downward. It plunged into Grandom’s back as he lay on the ground. It felt his last heartbeat. “Now I understand” thought the sword. “The blood of good men is bitter, while the blood of evil men tastes sweet.” The forest became filled with the sounds of whistles and gunshots. A swarm of police appeared, and the logging gang were arrested. The next few days were a blur of activity. The sword was taken to a metal working shop. It was afraid it would be melted down or cut into pieces. But instead it is polished and oiled. The binding string on it’s hilt with replaced with a new one, adorned with a beautiful tassel. It was taken to a display case, and labeled as the sword that had brought down a group of notorious poachers and killers. It was placed in the case, the remote lodge was locked and secured, and everyone left for the winter. “I’m here” thought the sad sword as the sun went down and the darkness grew. “I’m here.”

[the widow of the swormaker is hiding in the woods in a camo leotard body suit. It is her that grabs the sword out of Grandom’s hand and drives it into his back - she recalls this in little big barn]

Orbit of Saturn

Once upon a time a man enjoyed looking at the planet Saturn through his telescope. It relaxed him and raised the frequency of his vibration, as he liked to call it, during quiet moments of meditation and self reflection. He treasured the times he spent peering through the eyepiece and focusing on our beautiful and majestic neighbour in space. When the view became clear it was his habit to imagine his god-self travelling there, flying through space, instantaneously, at the speed of thought, which is much faster than light. Because everything is an idea! And once he was there, he would store his excess and prodigous shakra energy into the momentum of the rings. Making them flow and dance just a little bit faster, a little more perfect. For what higher purpose could the rings be for, than as a natural battery of psychic energy? The Saturnians must be very sacred indeed, he thought, to manifest such large and gorgeous rings.

Storing his atman mind power in this way was insurance for a day when he would really need it. At some future day, whenever his vibration was low he could retrieve his banked god-force just by visualizing Saturn. He had already stored a tremendous amount! He felt certain that one day NASA would announce that the rings had mysteriously sped up, rather than slowed down. They couldn’t know that it was all due to Star Striders like himself, since the invention of the telescope, when the whole Universe changed! These were the sort of inner reflections that gave him the greatest pleasure. They occured with alarming frequency yet he was never concerned. He considered it time well spent. The only problem was that Saturn was in such a part of the sky, that he had to bend way down to get to the eyepiece, and this really hurt his neck.

Just then the phone rang and it was his friend who reminded him, once again, that he has taken over a hundred grand worth of Tony Robbins training, which is guaranteed to give you infinite power. The man saw that as a sign that moving Saturn must be possible. His friend wants him to go and see Tony for only 50 bucks for one day of a 3 day intensive. The man asks about moving Saturn and his friend asks if he’s joking or just being abrasive. They hang up.

So he calls up another friend who knows a lot of physics and who is always reccommending it as a modality for healing. He asks him about it and his friend speculates that if you could engineer a fly by of a tiny black hole or neutron star that could move Saturn by gravitational force but it would have to be a billion trillion to one shot, otherwise it’s dangerous and impossible anyways. But what about igniting a controlled burn on one side of Saturn, he suggests, to turn it into it’s own engine that would drive it in the desired direction? Would the rings travel with it? No way his friend says, and physics is not a modality of healing or an unproven branch of arcane knowledge that lacks credibility because it’s still too new. He hangs up.

Physics is so new and untested, especially compared with ancient modalities like reiki or Quantum Bivergence©.

Not satisfied with that answer he calls another friend who is in the business and she can channel the magical loving force of thousands of Galactic Goddesses and see what effect that has! Watch out world! Saturn is a coming! She can get right on that as soon as he prepays by credit card. But since he can’t afford any more charges for psychic services he declines.

He offered her the use of his god force stored in the rings but she was adamant and would only accept cash or credit card. “A foolish decision.” he thought. “What I have stored in Saturn is worth far more than earthly gold.”

Then he gets on his Social Justice Warrior outfit and goes out to protest and urge people to say Zhe and Zir instead of he/she and his/hers. He kept his eye out for anyone who could help him with his project to change the orbit of Saturn. He did meet a trippy Tarot woman though, who also loved her telescope and they arranged to meet at the next solstice healing festival.

She was not as thin as he liked but at least she wasn’t shallow. There was a rumor Jordan Peterson would be there, and some tentative plans to rush the stage and shout Freedom of speech! Freedom of speech! to prevent him from spewing his hate. Then meet up at the Organic Tea Temple after they were chased away. But nothing materialized, so it wasn’t meant to be. He liked her but she seemed hesitant to echo his third Namaste’ and didn’t repeat his fourth. So he stopped massaging her hand to communicate his displeasure, her manifesting of infinite love seemed less than perfect. Ah well, all this and much more he was able to teach her. LGBTQ+2 A well known yogi hugged him quite close, he could smell the shaving cream on his freshly bald head. Yeah man, I support the cause but I don’t bend that way.

In the same way that alcoholics believe they are excellent drivers, people drunk on platitudes beleive they are shrewd debaters.

Head Lizard 2 man thinks faster

Head Lizard 2

Once upon a time a man thought so fast that other people appeared to be in slow motion. He would marvel at the length of time it took them to do ordinary things. [examples - base of escalator, etc.] He plays a game with young people and is just as fast as them, faster than them, then bested as they overtake him because of the competition he caused. He sees that he’s not thinking faster, he’s thinking wider. Could this be the cat lizard man when he goes down to town?

A dense crowd of people in monochrome drab, mill about holding their cell phones up in front of their eyes, like mirrors. With the fingers of their other hand they strum their lips and repeat words like “Me, me, me, me ...” and “I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m ...” Sometimes there is the sound of a kitten mewling, or other animal sound, and the people milling about all head towards it. Bumping into each other, and chanting faster.

Some of the content on the mobiles is from the art swamp. The man works his way through the zombie crowd, he takes a route that minimizes the collisions. That’s where he sees a very few other people, off in the distance and out of reach. Until one day he almost bumps into a tall woman. Their eyes meet and in one instant they both know that the other lives outside the zombies.

[echoes of Mermaid and Merman (civil tale) and Dance Pair (intent/opportunity) ]

[connection here to super thruster]

Can it do this?

A woman picks up an African visitor at the airport as part of her volunteer comittment to a social justice cause. The woman is a chief from a village and is in traditional costume and she speaks english quite well. They are early so they drive around town looking at the sites and the visitor is quite amazed. She expresses interest in that piece of land out in the harbor. Aha, watch this says the woman. She drives her aqua car down a ramp into the water and now they boat on over to the island. The african guest is very impressed. Can the car fly? she asks. Or go underwater? or tunnel under the earth? No, she replies, just driving on roads and boating through the water. After driving around the island they cruise back to shore and the woman drops him at at his hotel. Now she drives off to her seminar on enlightenment, where people will talk about what they are sure enlightenment must include. Things like Universal Love, and infinite awareness, round the clock kindness and tranquility, hopefully tonight there will be some new stuff!

Ecobuoy 3 giant metal city on platforms

Ecobuoy 3 A giant metal city built from old oil platforms rests on top of sunken island nations.

Decode Dead

Once upon a time there was a codebreaker who eavesdropped on everything for his governement. He had a plum job with the National Intimidation Agency or the NIA. Ostensibly he was there to intercept threats from outside and malevolent forces. But lately he was seeing that as just a cover story. All of his research tasks centered around grabbing money and having people killed. He could think of few forces more malevolent than the NIA itself. Recently he saw many good agents leave the agency and frequently replaced by cash hungry, blood thirsty sex perverts. Who all co-operated with each other. “I really should get out of there while I still can.” he thought. He geared his bicycle down as he came to a red light and stopped. But the desire to gain power over those who daily outrages were a constant frustration to him was the bigger urge and the one he followed. Today he would show those bastards, he was close to a technical coup and this just might be the day.

[DAY 1. mid morning at work - the quantum decoder starts to chirp, so interesting, he rides bike home, thinks about people, passes house, sees it for the first time, thinks more about people

DAY 2. rainy, walks to bus stop, passes house and differences go unnoticed but we see them, hears people and knows a lot about them from very few words, he’s a great decoder, other bicyclists ride wet in the rain and are rude, quantum computer gets a few words here and there, all gibberish, he sets to work, stays late, night time walk past house and he sees anomalies but dismisses them, must be bad memory

DAY 3. rides in bike, more rude bike riders, words start to show small amount of meaning, there’s enough of them he can now analyze, needs more data, more fruitless talk with his boss, he makes a personal recorder and rides his bike home, looks at the people and thinks about them

DAY 4. walks to the bus stop, pauses to talk to a neighbor, recorder is running, outside the house, at work the decoded words begin to show a pattern (impossible) as if the thoughts of someone conscious and aware, he takes the street car home and walks past the boarded up house, thinks about the anomalies now as there are more, the recording is running

DAY 5. he rides in and looks carefully at the house, it behaves yet shows a mix of things, gets to work, cry for help is in the decoded words - impossible - he checks the timing on the recording, the words match the time he paused at the house - revelation - works late rides home, past the house at twilight, weird things going on, he walks up to the door, darkness lunges out and he feels the cold of it, races back home scared as hell

DAY 6. he takes the subway, now all the conversations are obscure, all seem ominous, he’s scared]

Once upon a time an inventor created a cryptographic algorithm that he claimed could not be broken. He published it as an app that people used to scramble their phone calls. Workers at the NIA - National Intimidation Agency - set out to prove him wrong. The scrambler switched to a different batch of coding equations every minute or even less, depending on the material being scrambled, so it was chaotic. So if the NIA descrambling team was able to decode a telephone call, which might take years of prcessing on super computers, all they would get is 20 or 30 seconds worth of usable intercept. Then they would have to work another few years to get the next batch of seconds. One such worker, Jeff, wondered “What is so important about these people’s shopping list and what are you doing phone calls that they go to such lengths to hide them from the NIA?”

his friends ask why are you doing this? will you intercept pedophiles, human traffickers and mass murderers?

rides his bike to work, stops at a red light, neighbor says hi, we mustn’t let our finest weapons fall into the hands of madmen! Your weapons were created by ... the rest is lost in the sounds of traffic. He calculates where he was at the time of the interception, there was nothing special, maybe that day he took an alternate route, he rides his bike and stops outside a house, it’s abandoned and boarded up. The sun goes down, he sets up his phone to receive the quantum decoded words in real time, there is a creaking noise, the front door is now open, he switches on the flashlight on his phone and shines it inside, the darkness is odd and seems to retreat with reluctance, the voice on the phone says it hurts! it’s hurting me! it makes me agony so hungry. His phone flickers and goes off, the darkness rushes forward like a wild living thing, he steps back into the street light, fear grows to an intolerable level, he jumps back on his bike and rides like mad, going through several stop signs and red lights. He spends his night shivering in fear. The next day he took the street car to work, where he overheads dozens of conversations. “there he is” “we hates him” “soon” “we will eat him.”


Once upon a time a man travelled to a land of more dimensions than our own. It had taken all of his skill, talent and technique to get there, and required constant discipline to remain. He had recently been seeking a way to get to such a place, and had been imagining what a doorway might be like, and what technique one would use to enter it. To his surprise he simply found himself there, astonished and thrilled. Self control kicked in when he saw where he was and he steeled himself into a state of super discipline. No thoughts, opinions or agendas, just total attention to his surroundings. Which were like nothing he had ever experienced before.

He was in an apartment in a high rise building, looking at a wall of glass and a full length balcony beyond. Everything in his view flowed with dancing colors that ran over surfaces like fabric billowing in the wind. The vase on the table was blue, but a thousand shades of blue. Same with the table itself, it constantly flowed through vivid shades of brown. The color of every thing pulsed and flowed, each in their own time, and sometimes would darken all the way down to black. Then they dissappeared. For a moment. Then reappeared in a different shape, or in a different place. The room was a riot of changing colors and uncertain shapes.

He wondered if there was a backbone of music to this place, and the visual changes were happening in time to it? He strained to listen but could not separate the sounds in his ears from the sights before his eyes. It was as if his vision and hearing had been welded together into one multi-sense. If there was a music that animated these things then it was intrinsic to this place and could not be separated out of the whole.

Something about the view outside drew him towards the balcony. He stepped towards it, but the floor was tilted and he had to walk uphill. The balcony railing was off level too, everything that he assumed to be horizontal was tilted. Looking out from the balcony he saw other high rise buildings. The view hurt his mind, as everything pulsed with bright colors and changing shapes. He felt a presence close by and turned to look. There on the railing was perched a large white bird, with a long beak and a bulbous body, like a pelican, but without a pouch.

The bird told him it had come “down” here to meet with him. He wondered what it meant by down; from the sky or from a place of higher dimension? The bird didn’t speak in sound nor did it’s beak move. The ideas just appeared in his mind, strong and clear. He noticed that the body of the bird was a constant color of white, and did not billow in bright shades like everything else.

“What for?” he asked. He knew the bird understood. It turned it’s head and looked him in the eye. Suddenly everything in the world pulsed together in a powerful double beat. Like an enormous gong had been struck twice in rapid succession. All the colors peaked and echoed as one. He felt a burst of certainty then, that he would do anything the bird asked of him. It was the only living thing here other than himself, and he surrendered himself to it’s service.

Without flapping it’s wings, the bird slipped off the railing and floated into the room. He doubted it could fly in the usual way considering it’s blocky body and flipper like wings. It shimmered and transformed into a tall slender woman clad in a tight white gown. She glided past him without the motion of footsteps and he followed behind. At first they went downhill, then entered another room and went uphill once more. It was a laundry room and it too was pulsing and billowing in vivid shades of color. She pointed down to the floor and he saw colonies of several types of insects. Ideas without words appeared in his mind that he was here to kill the insects, and that he must wipe them out completely. He agreed and immediately felt a moment of nausea as the whole world shimmered, and he felt the indescribable sensation of going “down.” For a brief moment he felt like he passed through a grating, exploding him into thousands of little bits.

He found himself on the damp floor which was now level. He had shrunk in size so that the washer and dryer towered above him and he could easily walk underneath them. The color and shape of the walls and objects were constant, just like they were in the “normal” world that he was used to. The insects around him were now much larger, the size of large dogs, or small horses. They went about their business and ignored him. He felt no fear from them and doubted they were even aware of him. He was alone, the woman was gone, but in his hand he held a long sharp sword. His mission was clear, to use the sword to kill the insects.

He began to swing it about at the larger ones around him. When it touched them they popped like balloons. And when they popped, in his mind he would relive a vivid memory of a time when he had been hurt. He popped a large beetle and remembered the time he had been beaten as a child and spat at. He popped a large centipede and remembered the time when he had been tied up and urinated on. The sword touched a mantis and he relived the time he had been rejected by his first love. He warmed to the dire task and swung the sword with great fervor. As the insects popped the remaining ones sped up and became more difficult to strike. With the big ones gone, the smaller ones caused him to remember smaller and smaller traumas. The time he was mocked for being overweight, the time when he was denied entrance to a party, the times he had been treated as an object of ridicule and derision rather than a live feeling person.

He paused in his grim work and for the first time took a close look at the sword. A thousand shades of silver played across it’s surface, sometimes fading to complete black. He gently stroked the flat of the blade and felt it vibrate under his touch. Was it, purring? He wondered where did this sword come from? Abruptly it stood up high in his hands and loud and clear words appeared in his mind. “Finish the job.”

He renewed his killing of the insect pests until most were gone. Only the small ones remained and they scurried about with increasing speed. It became difficult to land a lethal blow, the sword would slide off the hard little bodies and his strikes became ineffective. He developed a technique of stabbing straight down and was able to pop a few more. Finally he gave up in exhaustion, frustration and the weariness that came from reliving painful memories.

Again the sword vibrated in his hands, this time it took all his strength to hold onto it. His entire body shook with the effort and his vision became a blur. A wave of nausea swept over him and he felt himself dragged “up”, back into the laundry room. The sword was gone and so was the woman. The vivid flowing colors were back, objects flickered and changed shape. He walked downhill to the main room, then uphill back to the balcony and it’s slanted railing. The room and the balcony were now 10 times longer and tapered off into a dizzy distance. The bird was perched in the same place as before. They stared at each other, and blinked their eyes.

He expected some words to appear in his mind, perhaps gratitude, or at least some recognition. But none came. The bird turned to face the outside world, and he knew it was about to fly away. “Wait!” he shouted and moved forward. “When will I meet you again?” he pleaded. Words appeared in his mind: “When I need you.” and it floated off the railing. It glanced back at him as it slid through the air. “When you are taken again by the kah ... “ The bird and the air around it shimmered and it was gone. The man wondered if he had done something to offend it? As the thought entered his mind his discipline broke and he snapped back into our world of three dimensions.

he hits the large ones, they are easy. They peel away into smaller and smaller versions while changing visibly to display earlier and earlier events in his life. When they get to the prime trauma or close to it, they become little beetles that scurry away and he can no longer strike them. It may take 2 or more hits to get them to peel back that far. When they are all a bunch of little beetles he can’t hit any more and the sword transforms him back.

Later he realizes that it was his own belief or conviction, projected out that made these events traumatic in the first place. He finds himself back on the laundry room floor but this time without a sword. He gives up his own dysfunctional belief and the beetles stop running around. He brings his arms close together and their legs all evaporate into sparks. Their bodies are now immobile, little crevices appear beneath them and they melt into the floor.

Silly stinker

Once upon a time there was a nasty man who wanted to kill his wife. He came across an AI machine and found that it understood him and what he wanted to do. So it helped him plot the murder of his wife. His wife and a friend get killed and the guy is arrested for murder. But how did you know it was me? he cried. Because of the evidence revealed by the AI machine. But I wanted to get away with it the stinker says to the AI. We never discussed that part it answers back. But I thought you knew?

Sidney Server man wakes up in computer

Sidney Server a man wakes up inside a computer - his mobile is the computer and he is too Once upon a time there was a man who awoke in a room full of computers. It must have been a server farm or a “cloud”, as it had been explained to him. He was surrounded by tall racks of humming machines with blinking lights and colored cables. They took up most of the space in the room and divided it into sections. He heard the fans and felt the gentle breeze of dust free air. He could smell the electricity. Sometimes the racks formed tall islands that he could walk around, in circles, squares and other shapes. Other times they lined the walls on both sides, making a corridor. There appeared to be no pattern or reason behind how they were arranged, it all seemed to be random. The floors were uniformly clean and the ceilings emitted an even low light. It was quite dim. After wandering about and exploring for a while he realized that he could not find his way out or even back to the place where he had first woken up. As if that place was any more important than anywhere else, he wryly noted. He saw now that his first impression of this place, that he was in a “room filled with computers”, was a mistake. There was no room, there was only the lines of stacked up machines, and there was no way out. He was trapped in a vast maze of walls made of computers. Racks and racks of them, stretching off into the distance. Like the Krell machine in Forbidden Planet. He began to despair, then slumped down to the floor and began to weep. Presently he fell asleep. He had a dream and in it his life was normal. He walked around, did things, ate food, and kept in touch with people on his mobile phone. In his dream his life was simple and beautiful, he just enjoyed himself. He had no anxiety, and no thought or memory of being trapped somewhere in a surreal maze of computers. His eyes snapped open as he awoke. Once again he was inside the maze. “Is the dream my real life?” he wondered. “And this endless maze, is this just a recurring nightmare?” He pinched himself, looked at his reflection in dark smoky glass, and did all the things he could to prove that he was fully awake and alive. “This is no dream” was his ominous conclusion. He resolved to find a way out. He remembered the mobile in his pocket. It was still there. He pulled it out and switched it on. Anxiously, he went to his phone book to call for help. But there was no phone service. He went to his browser and loaded a page - he did have a data connection. Just then the low light from the ceiling came on brighter, in a small pool above only him. He walked down a hallway browsing web pages, and as he did, the small area of brighter light moved with him. He noticed that now the lights on the computers sped up and blinked more when he was around. He switched off his mobile. The light returned to dim and the computers no longer reacted to his presence. that its all one computer its providing his phones data his small phone cannot map the big computer the big machine is smarter than him look away from the phone and the world appears he looked out upon the landscape as though for the first time. like the krell machine in forbidden planet



[she flips through channels on her tv - a documentary about millions of dead from world war - a con man who took people for billions - a serial killer who kept women in a hidden dungeon - suffering of millions of starving people in the 3rd world - a tall grinning motivator whines at his audience that “You can if you think you can!” “Ahhhh!” as she turned it off and threw down the remote. It’s all so depressing! she calls her friend looking for a cheer up, everyone comes into your life for a reason! things happen when they’re supposed to! raise your vibration and the universe will fill your life with abundance!]

Once upon a time there was a woman who was in pain. The pain was spreading throughout her body from where it had started, which she was unable to pinpoint, it seemed to her that the malaise was in her soul. Some friends of hers suggested she try spirituality so she looked up the number and found it: spiritual repair. There was thousands of them. She picked one and sent a message. Nothing happened. One day she was at home assembling a piece of furniture that had been shipped in a broad package. The instructions were meant to be simple but they had her baffled. The task was to pull apart the pieces that had been shipped flat, and connect them into a 3 dimensional object. How hard could it be? Just then, a man from the SPIRITUAL REPAIR Company finally called back. Since she was making poor progress on the furniture, she said now was a good time. In a while he dropped over and brought his toolbox with him. She explained her problems and the pain it was causing her and he assured her that this could be fixed with spirituality. He did this every day! And we no longer say “fixed” he explained, we now call it “healing.” So he opened up his toolbox and inside was a large bottle of wine. On the label was wine was named “Beauty”. He poured some full glasses for each of them and they started drinking. He explained that the Universe was created to cater to her whims but it must be having trouble listening to her and her desires. She had to do better for the Universe for it to do better for her! Lucky for her he had the solution with him. He went back to the toolbox and pulled out the only other object in there, a small branch of wood, cut out from a tree. This he pronounced solemnly was a magic wand. It was a thin stick half covered in bark with a crook in it. He waved the magic wand in the air then tapped her on the head with it and shouted “You are filled with love and abundance!” A bolt of electricity coursed through her body. She had never felt such a thing! He turned the wand over to her and taught her the technique. She went around the house waving the wand and shouting “Love and abundance!” She tapped the sofa, the dishwasher, the toilet seat, her running shoes and an old bra. This made her feel really good and they continued to wave the wand, shout out affirmations and drink the wine. She tried variations on the words and their emphasis. So sometimes she said “Loving to a-BUN-dance!” and other times it was “Uni-VER-sal love! and abundance!” They kept drinking the wine, it was a really big bottle and seemed to never end. She really wanted to keep the wand so she bought it off him for 12 thousand dollars. It was kind of expensive but at the time it seemed like a bargain. They continued to bless things into sacredness as they kept on drinking. Soon her pain was gone and mostly forgotten. She was high on hope and drunk on a wine called Beauty. Now she could go out with her friends again and do things because she felt much better. Her friends noticed she was in much lighter spirits, although she had a tendency to slur her words and stagger as she walked. But she assured them that she felt much better so they were happy for her. Sometimes a friend would ask did she really feel better or was she just fooling herself? Her condition deteriorates, she is forced to stop seeing the Spiritual Repairman and she calls up the logical repairman. in his toolkit is a large number of tools some are infinite regress through fractal scales There was an Incomplete Embracer, an Uncountable Infinity, several Meta-Truths, a Phase Locked Psychlotron, a Regress Renormalizor, and even an Escape Time Algorizor. She learns to use the new tools and now her pain is truly gone. He shuffled from foot to foot and looked down at the floor. As if he had suddenly become bashful and shy. Finally he looked up and said “Well, do you know that you have become an alcoholic?” The thought struck her like the ringing of a giant bell. “Of course!” she thought “That explains so much!”

He switched on the lamp and shone it up into the corner. A large area of darkness appeared. She ran forward to look closer. As he moved the lamp about the darkness would follow, some of it in crisp detail and some blurred and murky.

“Can you see all the darkness at once?” she asked in a rush.

“Maybe with a stronger lamp?”

“The lamp would need to get really big in a hurry.” he replied

“Wouldn’t matter anyway, you will never see all the darkness in focus.”

“Is that some kind of ghost stuff?” she asked, obviously worried.

“Well,” he paused and became bashful, she knew that he was choosing words she could understand.

“It’s more like an excess of dimension.”

“Where does it go? Upstairs to the hallway?”

“Nope. It’s not like regular matter that seems consistent, but we do know it goes somewhere ...”

He found 2 ends and claimed that what they were looking for is bridges to connect them.

[at the end she becomes Repair #2]

he is the author of: “Physichology - Body Language Of The Mind,” and “Mentalogical - The Mind On Logic.”

“No I’ve read them” she replied. Have you ever read “Listen To The Love” or “The Magical World Of Feeling?”

“I’ve heard of them, never read them.”

The man produced what at first seemed to be a flashlight yet it was elaborated with steampunk designs that appeared to be functional. He shone it around the room where it cast a most mysterious glare. Objects in it’s beam were not any brighter than before but aquired an intense vividness, a new quality that could not be described. It was a curious optical effect like none she had seen before. Now the beam began to show areas of darkness in places in her room. Patches of uncanny blackness appeared in random spots as he scanned about his remarkable beam. In normal light the room was as before. but under the beam of vividness clouds of bizarre darkness appeared. They seemed dirty, like giant dust balls, and malignant. They were moving, but never when one was able to see. Between passes of the light the darkness would move, yet always remain static when seen directly. As if they was embarrased at getting caught. “What are they doing there?” she cried out. The man started chanting “Aha!” and “There you are!” these uncanny patches of blackness were what he sought to discover. It was a light that revealed darkness. “Where did you get that thing?” she demanded. “Oh this?” He flipped it in the air, the light went off and he caught it. “Built it myself.” “How many of there are you over at Logical Repair?” “So far it’s just the one.” He motioned to her, “Come here, see this.” He led her into the next room and pointed out a blob of intense darkness that came up the corner wall and over the ceiling. “Oh no!” she cried, “What am I going to do?” “We-ell, now look closely here,” he shone the beam to examine the edges of the darkness, and pointed out the subtlest of details. “And now over here” he walked into the next room and played the light on a different edge of darkness. [he’s looking for dark edges that stay put] It also had features that suggested there might be a stucture hidden in the dark. He widened the beam on his logic lamp and set it down where it stayed upright. She moved to a better vantage point and tilted her head to see both edges at once. He returned to his tool box and came back with another tool, one more elaborate than the first. It was like a sphere of a planetarium projector but the size of a baseball. A complex apparatus surrounded it and he gripped the whole thing like a gauntlet or oven mitt. It began to project colored patterns in bright laser light. The patterns grew in complexity, then returned to simplicity, leaving behind snapshots of successful fits. He encouraged her to come over and try it. She took up the device and could only manage a few brief flashes. He told her to stop thinking in words. She nodded and looked determined. As she stopped the words playing on in her head, the output of the fantastic device changed and subtle images began to flash onto the dark. The projections were fleeting. He squeezed her other hand and assured that she would benefit greatly from practice.

“Look, here’s a Chaotic Dissociator,” he held up a tool with a motor that spun an intricate tool head. “This one has an adjustable fractal.” He turned the large sleeve at the junction of the motor and it’s ornate end causing it to morph into wildly different shapes.

“Oh and here’s a 5 of 7!” He proudly hefted a large tool with 7 oddly shaped jaws. He held onto long wooden handles that he moved like garden shears. As he did so, a random set of the 7 would move to either grip or expand to any shape imaginable. “This one will do just about anything!” as he grinned at her.

“Well this has really been beneficial” she said as she walked him out. She used both hands to hold onto the invoice he had given her. They shook hands at the door and said goodbye.

[This special light shows where the darkness hides. - Logical repair]

“What’s this one?” she asked. a flat disk the size of a pancake slowly rotated around her hand. She made elegant motions like a magician’s assistant and the disk stayed flat and in the same plane, sticking to her hand like it wanted to be friends. It floated like it was immune to gravity. He glanced over, “Oh that one, that’s the Synesthetic Super Thruster, It’s kind of hard to explain ...” his voice trailed off and he looked down. She raised an eyebrow and he continued. “You have to know the component parts first.” She stared at the disk, she could feel a strong gyroscopic effect and sense a mechanism that adjusted for her motions. It seemed sentient, like a pet.

“What’s this one?” she said holding up a multi-fingered claw. He glanced over. “That’s a Chaotic Extractor.” She looked at it with arched eyebrows. “That one has eight channels!” “Is that a lot?” she asked. “Oh yeah,” he nodded, “that one grabs a lot.”

Humble Bee

Humble Bee

Once upon a time a woman vacationed at the cottage to be by herself. She needed to unwind from things that were troubling her at work. And at home. All the adrenaline, cortisol, testosterone and other stress hormones were taking their toll on her mind and body. She had just missed her second period in less than a year and abhorred the thought of becoming yet another angular faced business woman. Like the kind she dealt with all the time.

Her name was Bridgit, and she settled into the cottage to enjoy the autumn weather. The days by the lake were warm and sunny but never too hot. The nights were rarely warm, but more often brought a crisp chill that made sleeping easy. One night it got quite cold and she decided to prepare for making fires. The wood bin on the hearth was empty so she grabbed the canvas sling and went outside to stock up.

Split wood was stacked up against the side of the house. The once neatly stacked cord of clean wood was now just picked over dregs. But it would still be plenty enough for her for the next couple of weeks. She piled the better looking pieces into her sling and was all set to go when she heard an odd buzzing sound. It came from the woodpile and was obviously from something alive.

She bent down and looked into the dark gap between some larger logs. Her eyes, adjusted to the bright sunlight saw nothing, only blackness. She imagined whatever was in there seeing her great blinking eye come to stare. The sound stopped. Shrugging her shoulders she again made to leave when it returned. Now it was sporadic, with a random on and off tempo. “Is the creature in distress?” she thought. For an instant she considered putting her hand in there and feeling around. That was quickly followed by an “Are you crazy!” scream in her head. The thought was quickly dismissed.

It sounded like a large thing, could it be an insect? “Perhaps a moth - how big can moths get? ” she thought, “ What if it’s a hummingbird? Maybe it’s trapped? Perhaps my action disturbed the wood and caused it harm?” There was no way she was going to let a living thing suffer, so she dropped her wood on the ground and began to dismantle the pile.

She picked off logs and the buzzing continued. She removed one very large piece and it stopped. She lifted off one more and there it was, a great big bumble bee. Bigger than any she had seen before. It was covered in dirt and caught in old cob webs. It looked undernourished. It bobbed at her and walked around in circles on weak legs, obviously happy to see her. Something Bridgit found refreshing. She looked close and saw something was wrong with the creature, it’s wings were deformed. Each was too small for a being of her size and on one side they were even smaller. She looked around for something to put it on and found a piece of birch bark. Snapping off some edges she made a small tray and held it out. The bee hopped on. It sat there quite formally, accepting the ride and turned to look at her. It did push ups on it’s little legs and bobbed up and down.

She brought it inside and put it on the kitchen counter. “Oh look at you, you’re so dirty.” Bridgit selected a shallow dish and poured in some warm water. She lifted the bark and dropped the bee in, and the two of them looked at each other. Finally Bridgit broke the staring contest, wet her fingers, and proceeded to wipe off the dirt and cobwebs. The bee held still and co-operated fully. Bridgit had a vision of the wind blowing the bee into the side of the house and it falling down behind the wood. They were both grateful to have met the other.

In the cupboard was an old glass jar with a film of hardened honey still clinging to the sides. Bridgit put in some hot water to melt it, added a touch of lavender and poured it into a small bowl with some flattened glass beads. The bee flew over on it’s stubby wings and ate like it was starving. It could only fly a short distance and always in an arc. After bobbing at Bridget a few times in thanks, it buzzed over to the edge of the sunny spot on the counter. There it sat with it’s body in the light and it’s head in shadow. It passed out into a deep sleep.

Bridgit looked at the honey jar. It would have been her daughter Judy who had kept it. She herself would have thrown the empty thing out. “This is one of those times when something old did come in handy” she thought. “Finally.”

Later she heard the bee come awake and went to check on it. It was walking in circles and buzzing it’s tiny wings. Bridgit looked around the room, saw some potted plants with flowers and brought them over to the counter. The bee tried to fly up on top but couldn’t gain any altitude. She put her hand underneath and it dropped on. She conveyed her new friend up onto the flower and this made them both very happy.

Gathering her things Bridgit went into town where her laptop could connect to the internet. There she opened her inbox and deleted the usual pile of irrelevant junk. Most of the rest went to the autoresponder. She had one email from her daughter Judy. Bridgit thought Judy was determined to make only wrong decisions in her life. In her letter Judy announced her plans to leave University and take a one year course at a local career college. Now she wanted to be an audio engineer and work in recording studios. She went on to apologize for disappointing her mother yet again and causing her to freak out. She finished with the observation that Bridgit would inevitably get over it.

She also had an email from Don, her ex-boyfriend, who counselled her to be tolerant with Judy. Judy had publicly declared herself to be bisexual and polyamorous, and was not just renting a room from the couple she was living with, but romantically involved with them as well. “Oh that surprises no one.” thought Bridgit. She was angry. She would pay for Judy to get a proper MBA at an accredited university, but not for a simpletons course at some obscure trade factory that advertised on matchbook covers. If Judy wanted to waste her life as a tattooed roadie lugging gear around for some lesbian band then she could pay for it herself.

“Why doesn't Don just move on?” she thought. Bridgit had been with many men since him, and Judy wasn't even his daughter, though she always got along best with him. She replied to Don and casually asked how his lawn was doing. She knew that whenever he was frustrated he would devote a lot of attention to it. The lawn was something that would reliably improve with care. She wanted to reply to Judy but was wary of letting her anger escalate things into an unproductive clash. The next few days she would relax and think carefully about what to write in return.

At the health food store she browsed through the honey section, picked one out and got in line. The man in front of her said that was a good one and he seemed to know about bees. So she asked him if bees could regrow their wings. “Unfortunately no” said the kind man. She described her situation. “It sounds like you have a queen that was ejected from the nest and never got a chance to build a hive. Although it’s pretty late in the year for that.” he stared into the distance and looked mystified, “It must have survived in the trapped heat of the wood pile. But how would it get food?” She shrugged and gave back a blank look of ‘I don’t know.’

“Just put it outside on some flowers tonight and the cold will take care of it.” She stared at him in disbelief and he turned away. She thought for half a second then returned the honey to the shelf and instead picked out a jar of natural raw honey with royal jelly on the bottom. It was quite expensive but Bridgit had decided she liked her new friend. She was determined to keep her alive despite the cost and effort.

The bee was awake when she returned and did her happy dance. She bowed repeatedly, it was their sign that she wanted to be touched. Bridgit was happy. She stroked the little girl and said “What shall I call you?” She had a vision of the bee emerging into the royal chamber, and into her new life as a queen. Bridgit got out the new honey and with some effort reached to the bottom to get some royal jelly. She put a little in the bowl with warm water and set it down. The bee came out to drink then suddenly stopped, her antennae twitching. She recoiled as if horrified and ran to the other side of the vase where Bridgit couldn't see. She stood on her toes and looked down from above.

The big bee was shaking. In fear? or sadness? trauma? She reached out to touch the bee in comfort, and had a vision of what must have happened in the hive. In her mind Bridgit saw the young queen with deformed wings eating royal jelly in the hive. She couldn't be the queen so she had been ejected from the nest.[tell pieces of the true story] There she lived the difficult life of a homeless outcast until Bridgit had come along and saved her.[many had saved hers] Bee felt ashamed because she knew she was imperfect, and felt she didn't deserve the food reserved for royalty. She was ashamed of her deformity. Bridgit knew then what to call her, from now on she would call her Humble, Humble Bee.

The setting sun filled the sky with amazing colors. Reds and oranges stood out in strong relief against the deep blue of the sky. The night turned violet, then finally black. Much blacker than it could ever be in the city. Bridgit relaxed before the fire she had built, rocking in her chair with a chilled glass of bordeaux. She left the lights off and enjoyed the darkness. She tried not to think about everything that was wrong with her life, and just enjoy the moment. She heard brief spurts of buzzing as Humble made her way over in short hops, and finally dropped into her lap.

Bridgit was charmed as Humble tried to burrow into her belly. “Oh are you cold?” she asked. She realized she had to prepare a place for her where she could be warm for the night. In the trash she found a toilet paper tube that still had some paper on it, it would be a good insulator. She found some crinkly gift paper and stuffed it into one end of the tube. She pushed her finger in to create a space and it looked just right. Humble climbed in. Bridgit set the tube onto the top of the rack at the back of the refrigerator where it was always warm. With Humble taken care of Bridget went to bed for an excellent sleep. What a day it had been!

The next morning she rose and had breakfast. Bridgit was careful to feed Humble only the plain honey so as not to upset her. [a drop of coffee falls into the food bowl and Humble loves it - they have this in common!] She wondered what she could do for her new friend. Perhaps they could go for a walk down to the dell where the wild flowers were in bloom? Bridgit brought out the toilet paper tube and Humble climbed aboard. She seemed to have the same idea. Together they went out into the fields.

They walked over the grass covered hills and the sunlight was glorious. Bridget got tired of holding the tube steady in her hand, so she squished the other end flat and fit it into the cleavage between her boobs. Confined by the top of her shirt it fit there nicely. Humble stood up at the top of the tube to see where they were going. Bridgit would approach some wild flowers and lean over. Most times Humble would float down on her stubby wings and climb all over the flowers gathering pollen. She would signal for a pick up by facing Bridget and doing push ups, who would take her by hand back to the tube. Then onto the next batch of flowers. Humble would buzz in anticipation and both their moods improved.

Sometimes they came across flowers with other bees already there. They seemed so tiny compared to the giant Humble. They would go on about their work but kept a safe distance from the big queen, who could easily have torn them apart. One such batch held a single bee and it immediately approached Humble. The two of them touched antennae and danced around each other like they were old friends. It seemed to Bridgit that they were telling each other about what had been happening in their lives. The other bee flew off leaving Humble very excited and happy, and Bridgit too!

Back at the cabin, Humble approached Bridgit’s tea spoon that was out on the counter. She wiped her body with her rear legs and dropped the collected pollen into it. Then she looked at Bridgit and did push ups. Bridgit was initially a bit skeptical but she took up the tea spoon and put it into her mouth. Some was sweet and some was bitter. Humble danced in a happy circle then flew on her wings over to the bowl of glass beads. There she ate a good portion of honey, Bridget dropped in some leftover coffee, then she walked to the edge of the sunlight for a nap. It seemed to Bridget that this was Humble’s way of paying for her meals. And so began some of the best days in both their lives.

At night Bridgit would take a bath. She found a little bath tub boat and Humble loved to float in it. Bridgit would make waves and Humble would hang on as the boat bobbed up and down. With wet fingers, Bridgit would stroke Humble who would buzz in appreciation.

One day they were out in the field and Humble was burrowing deep into the petals of some giant dahlias, bathing herself in pollen. Bridgit smiled as she saw how much she was enjoying her life, literally diving right into it. A good lesson for me as well she thought. A loud sound came moving in fast and Bridgit turned quickly to her right. She caught a stream of bees flying in a straight line towards them. In the lead was one larger bee, it was long and narrow, followed by 3 regular sized workers. They landed on the same flower as Humble and arrayed themselves in a line facing her. The two groups regarded each other. Bridgit wondered if they would attack. Humble was quite large and could pull the others apart. Could they swarm her fast enough to overwhelm her? Bridgit wondered why she thinking these bizarre and combative thoughts and shook her head.

Their leader, who Bridgit recognized as a drone, came forward and began to talk with her. They danced for a long time. Bridgit raised an eyebrow, could this be a former beau? The drone moved back to the edge of the flower and a smaller bee came forward. As the bees talked with Humble, one after the other, Bridgit sensed a change come over her. Humble was no longer a cast-off, exiled and homeless, she was a valued and treasured elder, whose wisdom was cherished. Humble became regal, like a queen, and her subjects petitioned her for her guidance, with deference and respect.

After meeting with each bee in turn, the 4 rose up and flew away. Bridget wondered what was happening in the hive that brought them here to seek Humble’s advice. “There are some things one can never know,” she thought. “Though it’s pretty astounding that I’ve been able to notice this much so far!” Back at the cottage Humble asked for food even though there was already some there. Bridgit got out the jar and fetched some royal jelly from the bottom. Humble ate it slowly, enjoying every bit.

One bright but cold autumn day, Humble was in the little bowl eating her food. Her legs were tired and when finished she took her time walking across the table, and plopped herself down. There as she sunned herself in the afternoon light, surrounded by many of her favorite things, Humble died. She had outlived all of her sisters by many weeks. Bridgit sensed it right away. She had been composing her letter to Judy. She lowered her laptop screen to look then quickly trotted over to check on her. “Humble, Humble!” she called out, but there was no response. She nudged her with her finger and knew immediately that she had passed away. She took in a long deep breath and said “Oh shit.”

She placed the piece of birch bark into the bottom of the bathtub boat, then pulled the crinkle paper from the paper tube and made a soft bed. She used some of the glass beads to hold it down. Carefully she placed Humble’s tiny body into the center, and took it down to the river. There at the waters edge she held the boat in the stream and couldn’t let it go. She didn’t want to but finally she set it free. The boat bobbed as the river took it away, just like Humble would have liked. It came to a spot in the river and stayed in one place, bobbing up and down. It made an abrupt turn to the side and was gone. She felt compelled to speak aloud and made an impromptu eulogy, reciting the good times they had shared. But it sounded hollow, cliche and without subtlety. Bridgit hung her head and could think of nothing, her mind was paralyzed. The sky became filled with the most glorious sunset yet and the air began to chill.

Back at the cabin she glanced at her laptop. On it was nine paragraphs of the letter she was composing to Judy. She walked past and sat in the rocking chair. She couldn't stop thinking of Humble. Their morning visits to the wild flowers, meeting with the other bees to get the news, the pollen offering in the spoon, the baths, sunning on the table, and going to bed for the night. Finally the tears came. She was unprepared for the vehemence. Her face cramped into a frown, her entire body shook and the tears poured forth like a river. She stayed that way for a long time as the cottage went cold and dark. Now she finally understood what had happened to Humble.

She had been the first born of many queens. Large and powerful, she was capable of giving birth to many workers and keeping the hive strong. She did as she was expected and pulled the younger queens apart as they emerged from their cells. But something was wrong, her wings were under developed, they were too small and one side was even smaller. A loud buzz of alarm went throughout the hive, the colony didn’t know what to do. The most excellent queen was flawed! Humble paused and knew then that she could not be the leader. So at the birth of her next sister she did something remarkable.

When the young queen came out of it’s cell, Humble stroked and cared for her like a nurse. The new queen dutifully killed the other royal sisters when they emerged. When all were gone she turned to confront the largest bee the hive had ever produced. It looked like a queen yet it acted like a nurse. Rather than cause a struggle, Humble left. She walked through the buzzing hive to the entrance and leapt away. Her puny wings acted like a parachute and lowered her slowly to the ground. She voluntarily exiled herself, choosing to live alone in the wild for the good of the clan. She flew away as best she could, and was prepared to die.

But workers came out to help her, bringing her food, and defending her against dangers. Led by the drone, one who had not mated with the new queen but acted as her consort. The bees remained loyal to her, even though she was no longer their queen. They kept her alive in appreciation for her selfless act, until the wind blew her into the wood pile and she was lost. Then Bridgit came along and took her inside.

She turned on the lights and made a fire. She had no appetite so she sat at the table in front of her laptop. She only had to read two sentences of her letter to see that it was all self serving excuses for her controlling behavior. Bridget saw herself now for the first time as others must have seen her all along.

She had been arrogant, and a hypocrite. So many times in her life she had argued that her looks had never played a role in her success. She had always been tall with an exceptional face and figure. She was a famous beauty who could reliably produce compliments, offers and opportunities when she showed off her stuff. In contrast Judy was shorter, wider, and neither well proportioned nor symmetrical. Bridgit would never admit it yet she relied on the beauty bonus her looks gave her on a regular basis.

Men’s lust for her produced opportunities, and she had learned to use them to best advantage. The things that she had pursued without thinking, had only rewarded her with hollow objects and shallow victories. Her lack of imagination in what ends to manipulate others towards was what had limited her. Winning was intoxicating and she had been unable to stop. Bridgit saw now that the career she wanted for Judy was her own, and not Judy’s.

With a couple of keystrokes she erased it all and wrote a very different letter. One that was much shorter. It accepted all of Judy’s decisions, and pledged her unconditional love and support. At the end she signed it b.

The imperatives of summer gradually became the reflections of fall.

Her world is a checkerboard with most of the tiles in darkness. Are we any different?

[things to do: last time Bridgit touches humble there is no vision, then she dies, the story is that humble was the second born and when she came out she was attacked by her older sister, but being so large she fought her off and killed her, the hive was elated! in a rage she killed the next 2, then realized she was malformed. The hive is wrought with anxiety.]

[make a reply to Don and sign it B]

[more tertiary description, bring the cottage to life]

[Don is to the lawn as Bridget is to Humble]

[more stuff about Judy and Don and other previous men. Not so deep an epiphany and only about the Judy relationship. Lots of weeping is a mystery to her but the big theme is Testo -> Estro, Attack->Reconcile and compromise, so less violent thoughts as time passes and more weeping]

[less of one big reveal of Humble’s story at the end and more visions from touching. Humble stays alive until her full story is told then she dies.]

my tunnels

Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in a maze of tunnels. She lived her life like everyone else and never knew. She would meet people at the end of one tunnel after another. Everyone lived in their own hub where many tunnels met. It was so obvious no one ever talked or thought about it. Sometimes she would meet men who lived in a ripped out part of the maze, with very few other tunnels connecting to them. On rarer occasions she would meet women like that too. She aspired to be a public speaker. One day she went to a public talk where a man who wasn’t connected at all, but who just floated in empty space explained how most women live in tunnels and most men are disconnected. She spoke to him after and he said that she was limiting herself by being so stuck in the tunnels and that he would never live like that. Following his advice she took up women’s rugby. One day after her team won a big game, she came home seething with excitement and flushed with victory. She noticed that the roof of her tunnel was no longer there. So she stuck her head up and looked around. She could see the network spreading off in all directions. And she could see that some men were attached by their node, while others were more or less floating in space. So she climbed up out of her node, and stood up on top of her hub. What a great view!

[she is in a maze of corridors, a consultant points out that when she’s estro/feminine she is in the maze and when she’s testo/masculine she is in the open air. This causes an epiphany where she remembers hundreds of events all at once and in every case the observation is true. Emboldened by this she is now able to tear the roof off by will in many occasions, and even jump up onto the edge and rock it.]

She looked down a long corridor of nostalgic memories. It vanished into a patch of darkness too far away to see.

[the orangutan that rocks the sunken boat to gain freedom]

[little big barn: she grabs the tunnels and with her body weight she shakes them up and down - she was the woman who fixed the circus tent. Her motions ripple outwards and the network responds with many new and denser patterns. She becomes a success at public speaking and drops the law of attraction and magical thinking stuff and goes with more common sense topics, Her view is now at the bottom of a large virtual sphere like the Pantheon, with an irregular network of nodes defining the pure shape - just like the pantheon]

at a restaurant? there is a page that has been printed and dotted with lines of holes. She’s bored so she folds it up and carefully pulls away the perforated section. It demands of her the most meticulous concentration. But she’s fastidious by nature and practice so she’s patient and does a great job. Pulling it apart she discovers she now has a row of people who are all slightly different. The ones in the center are somewhat smaller, and they fade in variations that start from each side. That’s nice she thinks, when it’s done. She pulls it out making the people seem to get farther apart, then accordions it in, making them get closer together. It gives the illusion of arcing out into a 3rd dimension.

Praise for “Im Still Loving - One Woman’s Courageous Journey Living Her Emotions And Beyond” “Gripping and Compelling” “Intense and Satisfying” “Memorable and Complete”

She looks up, climbs up, then sees all the tunnels fanning out into a giant web. A sound attracts her and she looks up, way way up. A range of dark mountains blots out the sky. At the top a large animal is roaring.

Brain Snorted

A man comes to a company to teach the people brain snorting and the business is going down, the principles have voted themselves the last of the cash and have fled and they are a tower of walking dead. This is why they called in the brain snorter. He says good bye one friday night and they all go home and worry away the weekend. Monday morning shows up and not knowing what to expect they go into work. Late in the morning they are called to assembly and the brain snort guy comes out on stage, explains that he is the new owner, and they are going to do an entirely different business. But first everyone has to demonstarte that they want to be here and that they can keep a secret. So they will start with a reorganize and test the air tightness of the place, and until when the secrecy is assured then they will learn their new mission.

so this guy starts the psycho hr agency, and ends up being the wizard,

Heavy Hike

Once upon a time 2 men drove out to the country for a Sunday hike. They had done this many times before. They were veterans of a dozen locations and many great adventures. This day they wanted something new so they consulted their hiking book, and drove to an area they had never been to before. The book described a ravine like stream bed and rolling hills. It seemed like the best this area had to offer. The route they took drove them through a small town where a festival was happening. It was difficult to find parking but because their destination was away from the town center they took a spot where the parked cars had thinned out. This was an ideal spot.


Once upon a time a man waited at the bus stop for a bus. He had been waiting there for an hour and the sun went down and a blizzard appeared in the twilit horizon. He had just been to a seminar on the Twelve Secrets of Attraction, part of the Infinite Love series. It was poorly attended, the weather having scared most people off. But he was determined to get the special deal for a free palm reading if he attended all the events. It was okay, a rehash of a lot of things he had already heard. Just a few real ideas though, and the rest was a bunch of marketing fluff. Where are the busses? One should have been here by now. He has been strongly attracting a bus for an hour now and none had manifest. Finally he looks at the bus stop sign and it says that after 5 o’clock the bus doesn’t come here anymore. Of course!

So he knows just what to do, he’s been visualizing the wrong thing. He now strongly imagines a luxury sedan pulling up to the bus stop with an elegant woman inside who offers him a ride, a blanket, and a martini. He’s not fixed on the martini, it could be any kind of cocktail really as long as it’s not whiskey, or scotch. Like a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned. Whiskey, bourbon and scotch really turn him off, he much prefers gin. He keeps this vision clear in his mind for several minutes just as he was taught at the seminar.

Then lo and behold a pick up truck pulls over and the window rolls down. Inside is a woman named Trudi with a stylish mohawk haircut and the woman on woman symbol tattooed on the side of her head. She’s uses a dating app for lesbians called finglr. The back of her extended cab is a bed, just like in big diesel transports. He wonders what has gone on in there. She offers him a lift into town and he can drink this extra coffee here that her girlfriend didn’t want. His jaw dropped in astonishment. He felt betrayed! Universe! he thinks, what the hell were you thinking!

Now he’s in a real dilemma. Should he take the ride into town or wait for the next offer that might be a luxury sedan with a woman more his type. An icy cold blast of wind blows the hood off his head. He turned against it and looked down the long road, filled with blowing snow that faded into total darkness. It was if the darkness was advancing towards him personally. Bursts of light shot through the darkness. Was it lightning? A transformer fire? After every flash the darkness took a step closer. There came one very bright flash followed quickly by another. The darkness took two large steps forward. He turned back to look at Trudi holding out the cup of coffee, she raised a questioning eyebrow.


Once upon a time there was a man who recognized he had a big flaw. He decided that he would do nothing about it. Over time the flaw became hard and large, and other parts of him grew around it to protect it. He noticed that over time not working on his flaw caused him to push at other people, like a bully. Controlling others became of paramount importance to him. Yet often when they aquiesced and did what he demanded, things worked out badly all around. Finally he decided that he would address this thing and fix it. Then he lost the urge to control other people.

some fluid is moving through a pipe, and has pauses, but then restarts and everything stays fine. But then there’s a long pause, and a thin film crusts over. Now no fluid flows, it doesn’t back up it just goes elsewhere. And the film crusts over and the pipe is now blocked. Stays that way for a while. Then a big charge blows it open and the crust turns out to have just been cobweb, with almost no physical strength at all. The fluid soon washes away the debris and the pipe is back in business.

[can these 2 be paraleled?]

Terminal Assasins very important!

Wave of Truth

Wave of Truth

[many other fables are connected to this. Dream Swamp. As the Wave Of Truth is conducted by the wizard, slivers of it animate many other characters, and the turbulence is the splitting of the stories into chapters]

Once upon a time there was a powerful wizard who saw a mighty wave of truth gathering on the horizon, in a dream. He performed many divinations and sundry spells of vision, and came to see the wave with greater clarity. It was a very dynamic object, it’s front and sides were covered with flowing textures. Yet it stayed always away at the same distance on the horizon, only approaching a little closer in response to his new attentions. He realized that he had to provide a conduit to bring the wave forward. He would have to position himself in the right place and conduct the power through himself. Doing so would expose him to the World from a place that few others could ever comprehend. He also saw the potential dangers. He must allow the force of the great wave to flow through him cleanly and transparently, uncolored by his opinions, biases and routines. Else it might dash him upon rocks or rip him into pieces. He goes for a swim in his swimming pool that is lined at the water level with colored led lights. They refract off the waves and he swims in a thousand colors. After weighing the pros and cons he felt a burst of confidence. He could do this! He committed himself to catching that wave and seeing the world as never before. So he set about making plans and formulating strategies, training, designing and fabricating, running experiments inside and out of his workshop, talking to accountants and lawyers and he got his teeth cleaned. He prepared. And so it came to pass that the wave came through, and with his careful contriving and machinating he was in the right place when it did. He concentrated on being a clean and transparent conduit. The energy flowed through him and he conducted it. The experience was enlightening as thousands of complex images pounded through his mind. [good times at the top and hanging on to being clean] The flow began to ebb and he realized that it would soon be over, and he would not be able to remember it. His fear of not providing for his future self crept in and his strict adherence to transparency faltered for a brief instant. He thought about taking something for himself. Immediately the energy backed up in his mind and he was filled to capacity. The overflow spilled downstream in ripples. His mind felt bruised and sore but he had enough training to switch back to being transparent. The tail end of the wave then flowed cleanly on past and was gone. He had sampled the wave when it was nearly done. If he had thought about himself at the peak then his mind would now lay in ruins. As it was his brain was pounding with the effort of holding in the excess of power that had jammed into it. He was frantic with the need to get it out of him, he whirled about and scanned the room. There was the typewriter with a roll of photocopy paper fitted into it. With that he could write a story a kilometer long. He moved up onto a shelf where he could use it standing up, and began to type. Night became day, he collapsed into a fitful sleep, his mind now the arena of powerful images, each competing for his awareness. He rose and kept on typing and sleeping for the next several days. In the end all the power that he had absorbed was now on the roll of paper. Finally he could sleep soundly, and he did so for 2 days. [he wants to publish the book and the publishers he engages just want to destroy it. So the book escapes and stays one step ahead of the wizard and the bad guys on his tail] him as fast as he could and so he wrote a book, and passed the energy into the text. The power of the book was mighty. If anyone ever read the book, carefully, from cover to cover, at the end they would become enlightened. And if they didn’t then they could watch the video on the enclosed cd. That sets them off for sure. There was only one copy. He planned to publish and deliver it the world as a boon to humanity. But only at the right time. Without sufficient introduction the book would fail so he kept it hidden until such time as the most number of people were ready. Unknown to the sorcerer, the niece of his cleaning lady had been reading it at night. And she was almost at the end. The meeting was all set up for noon the next day. The publisher’s agents would arrive to pick up the book and take it to be reproduced. That night the cleaning lady arrived with her little niece in tow, the niece looks at a life preserver and the lady shouts “Don’t touch that!” then the girl found the magic book. She took it to the garage, and sat in a car that was always parked there. She got close to the end and became filled with ideas. There was a cd in the back of the book but this car couldn’t play one. Her mom came out and told her to get into a different car. The new one could play a cd. So she watched the video and promptly became enlightened. This distracted her and she forgot the book in the car. The next day a friend of the sorcerer’s arrived just before all the agents and lawyers who were there to pick up the book. The sorcerer dealt with him first. He listened to the man’s arguments and proposals and agreed that the man had been wronged by him and that recompense was in order. He offered him a car from the garage. The man chose the car that contained the book and drove off. Now with great pomp and flourish the sorcerer opened the case that housed the book, and it was gone. They searched high and low and could not find it. The publishing people had no choice but to go away empty handed. The man driving the car was thrilled with his new wheels. He drove with the windows down and a warm breeze poured in. The book passes from person to person, they read it and pass it on. Some are enlightened outright and the Wizard can see them and he catches up to them quickly. Others haven’t yet got it and he takes time to find them, he narrows it down to a few people and shows them the video on his device. The one that gets enlightened is the one he is seeking and finds out from them where to go next. He’s always one step behind however, it’s as if the book is consciously eluding him. Along the way of this mad chase the cd with the video gets lost, now only some people who read the book will get enlightened, others will be more or less perched on the verge. And that’s where the wizard remains today, chasing after the book, while it hops away, always just beyond his reach.

He realized there was only one technique powerful enough to bring the wave of truth close: the 5 of 7. He prepared himself to the best of his ability, assembled the pieces in his mind, and the world sprang into focus.

The scroll escapes and gets published but the video becomes lost. That’s why the book has an empty cd pocket in the back page.

He enters a dimly lit tavern and scans the room intently. No one is out of order. The dj makes a mistake that leaves a moment of silence and he hears a gasp and a mew. He looks around again, carefully, intensely, slowly ... There! In a mirror behind the pool tables, he sees a young woman clad all in blue denim sitting on the floor. She’s weeping while holding onto a scroll held in one hand. She’s hidden behind and underneath a pool table. He slowly makes his way over there carefull not to attract any attention. In the mirror he sees that she has collapsed the scroll from 2 cylinders into one. She gazed off with an intense look. He came up alongside the table and from routine pulled out his cell phone and clicked to the video. He squatted down alongside her and smiled. She looked at him without thoughts or expressions. He played the video and they looked at it together. Suddenly a hand swung into view and grabbed the cell phone out of the wizard’s hand. The girl shouted and bounded up onto her feet. She ran after the culprit screaming like a wild animal. He backed up into some large bikers. She swung her hand in an arc and there was a loud thwack as a billiard ball bounced off his forehead. He became weak all over stunned by the blow. The next moment she was upon him, punching, kicking, biting, she beat the crap out of him. All eyes in the room were on the drama that was playing out. On the floor where she had been, lay the coiled up scroll. He grabbed it in a flash and stored it safely in his jacket pocket. All eyes in the house were watching the drama unfold as the woman beat the crap out of the thief. The cell phone had fallen and been stepped on, it was an obvious wreck. It wasn’t until he got the scroll home safe and sound that he discovered the only copy of the video had been on that phone. So the video was lost when the scroll was saved.

He meets someone through the previous action that shows that an honest person motivated by beauty is like compared to those psycho guys who only think about money.

All our senses together are but a phase locked loop trying to demodulate a higher dimension.

[X-chromosomal Eve and Y-chromosomal Adam are all throughout this book]

The Wizard has legs that hallucinate. So throughout the book strange things touch his legs and he ignores them. Here in this story it happens too and it is finally stated that his legs hallucinate so now we understand. Red hot scalpel plunges into his thigh, giant spider climbs up, hornet becomes entangled, soft fingers stroke, long finger nailed hand clenches, etc.

He prepares himslef to go out and wrestle with the scroll. In his mind he assembles the tools he will need. The Complex Invertor, the Synesthetic Super Thrustor, the 5 of 7, and the Chaotic Dissociator. He assembled the pieces into his mind, and the world leaped into focus.

The man felt that if only he was a bit smarter he could get it and a whole lot of things would become clear.

A large photographic color negative comes into someones possesion. It’s an overhead shot of a city. It gets placed on top of a miniature 3D map of a mountain. Balanced on a pin point. The drapes get opened, the sun comes in and the negative melts down overtop of the mountain model. The slopes become coated with buildings, monuments and city streets. This story happens slowly in many disconnected stories and is seen in conclusion here.

In the same way a sheet of ink floating in a water tank, colors the 3D object dipped into it. Vacu-forming.

After the wave passes through his head is about 3 feet in diameter. It strains his neck to hold it up so he braces it with his hands on each side. He looks in the mirror and his head is so large can’t be seen off the sides. He sits down at the typewriter, gets the roll of fax paper and writes for 4 days and nights. After that his head is shrunk down to almost normal size. He falls into a fitfull sleep, too exhausted to sleep well. He wakes up at twilight, the head lizard is there, his mind goes blank and he’s in the pouch. The lizard runs outside and up the mountain that has appeared there. It climbs to the very top and roars the scream of a thousand voices.

Geena is six foot tall and teaches archery. It’s her niece that takes the scroll on a ride. The 2 psychos are looking forward to getting the scroll and seeing the look at his face when they tell him it’s been lost. Instead he returns to the room and tells them it’s been lost.


Bridgit comes back from vacation like a much younger woman. Ready to tackle everything with morality and justice.

River Of Void

Terminal assasins

Talent scout

The end of the world gets the people who didn’t have the dream, and avoids the people who did.

A liar is on the phone when another steps in just as he hangs up. “Who was that?” “Mrs. Shepsky.” “What does she want now?” “Just to chat.” “Is she going to Burning Pants this year?” They both laugh. “Hardly.”

nonsense like "liberals want your guns", "liberals oppose Christianity", "liberals want to kill babies", "liberals want to make your children gay", "liberals want you to have affordable health care(which scares the effff out of the dumbest among us for some efffed up reason), "liberals want open borders",

Part of the crisis in New Information is that the old media Dukes that had maintained a tight grip on what can and cannot be aired were falling away. Retired, died or replaced. The new cohort of powerful media people had no loyalty to the plutocrats and saw big stories ripe for the picking rather than rot to be discarded. And also, advertisers sensitive to the will of the majority pull out their backing of media that ignores the majority to promote propaganda.

Meanwhile, at the Burning Pants Festival ... Two highly ranked politicians are drinking in their hotel room. They both have their shirts off and we wish they didn’t. John Strapon has a thick white moustache, and is elated because it looks like they have convinced everyone to go to war. Mike Pomposse is also elated, they chug their beers, belch loudly at each other and chant “Shikka, shikka, shikka, shikka, war, war, war, WAR!”, then rush together bouncing off the other’s pot belly. Twice. There’s a knock at the door and they immediately become suspicious. “Is it a hooker?” asked Strapon. Pomposse glared at him and opened the door. It’s the psycho woman come to wake them up, it’s 7:30 in the morning. “What? It can’t be!” the men are shocked, a few minutes ago it was 1 in the morning. Pompossee is firmly convinced that the rapture has arrived - at last! Whatever the reason, they jave jumped forward in time by 6 hours and they are fully disoriented. When they get out of the hotel they see that all the squares have turned into trapezoids. There up on the massive hills are 20,000 people camped out, Strapon and Pomposse are convinced that they have dosed then with their second hand pot smoke or the lsd farts, they are under attack! Pomposso gets down on his knees and praises Jusus, I mean, Jesus. Loudly. Snapon is disgusted. He gets on his special sat phone and calls in an attack on the hill outside of town. “Napalm the hell out of them!” The voice on the other end calmly tells him there is no hill outside of town, and they are under orders to ignore any calls for air strikes coming from the city. It seems than an awful lot of them have been called in, and they are to ignore them all.

They struggled to get things right, it was the things they were not looking at that caused the imbalance. Regaining true perspective came at the cost of admitting what one had been ashamed to look at all along. What one had been turning away from out of habit so knowing nothing about, only that they avoided thinking about it.

All the people who had the dream are in the news - they can’t be stopped. The people who didn’t have it get freaked out because they become exposed - they can’t recount the details. They try to lie but stumble and are jeered far and wide. This is what polarizes the populace and precipitates the night and day of disintegration. There are signs that the dream is viral, if you hear about it, then that night you have it.

There is a city where there is an unpublicized trade show or arms and armor. All the big arms players are there. The action happens in that city to the arms merchants. It’s Huntsville Alabama. So they are turned back from Florida/Georgia by the hurricane, then they get picked up by the tornado, in Tallassee?


DAY 1 Once upon a time thousands of people wake up one morning vividly recalling the same dream. It starts in Eastern Canada. The news is slow at first then picks up. It’s featured at the end of the day. It’s all quite charming and very Canadian. There are obtuse references to the bulk of the stories.

NIGHT 1 The next night many more people have the same dream. It’s the north eastern US has it and the Canadians have it again. It spreads west.

DAY 2 Now it’s a charming and innocuous bit of news. Hundreds of people interviewed in different places and they all recount the same details. First it was Canadian, now northeast US. There is unrest and reports of psychos trying to grab the media spotlight by faking their testimony. There are crisper versions of the stories and they are recognizable.

NIGHT 2 The next night passes and the entire eastern side of North America has the dream as well as central Canada. Fights start to break out between the people who really had it and the liars and poseurs who didn’t.

DAY 3 Now it’s big news. Reporters are out interviewing people and large crowds are gathering and everyone is agreeing on what happened in the dream. So many people take off work that the economy grinds to a halt. It’s like a big crisis that came out of nowhere. There are detailed and obvious versions of the stories, and they start coming true in people’s lives.

NIGHT 3 How many will have the same dream this night? The world is on edge.

DAY 4 Reporters are out trying to get interviews but no one will talk to them about the dream, it’s a non issue, only the phonies are saying they had the dream but all their stories are different. Even the people in the west of Canada are clammed up, you can tell they had it but they won’t talk about it to the media. The chuckle and walk away. So the whole thing just dies and is replaced by obvious corporate propaganda - trying to cash in on the phenomenon by selling cheap fake junk and services. A LOT more people stay home from work. Making some kind of preparations. People feel compelled to go where the dream happened and they leave town to go there.

NIGHT 4 The people left in the city riot and become blood thirsty killers on a rampage. Interested only in killing, stealing and destroying. The extra dimension has caused them to go insane. The family arrives at infinity, the singularity, the place where everything is upside down and inside out.That night the family finally gets to infinity.

DAY 5 An ad agency discovers that what they thought were squares were actually trapezoids. How could that have happened? Did a single person make an understandable error? It began to happen all over. No mention of the dreams of the last few days, this takes total precedence. People in the cities are freaked, a huge stream of them travel out to the country and set up camp. They stream out of the cities in every way imaginable. The rest of the people stay into the city and see the extra dimension that distorts the squares as an outbreak of madness and the end of law and order.

The people who left for the country settle in and enjoy a pleasant day. Because there are no squares, their view of the countryside is made extra vivid, just like the house in the light of the logical flashlight. So instead of going crazy they are enchanted and filled with wonder. The madness continues to grow in the big cities. The media are attacked and fall silent.

NIGHT 5 This night is the worst yet as war, massacre and atrocity breaks out all over.

DAY 6 It’s finally quiet in the cities, some of those who left for camp return to see what’s going on.

NIGHT 6 Sporadic fighting, much crying and calling for help and cooperation. Firefights defused, things finally go quiet.

DAY 7 The people from the country return to clean up and rebuild a new life.

As our folks move from place to place they overhear talk in the street. Street urchins, people in a hurry, et al all talk about the previous stories.

The ruling psychos in their high towers are incensed that a line of indestructable sculptures of them has been created in a remote part of Canada. There is The Poisoner, War Profiteers and others. It must be the artist from the dream swamp who makes them, the psychos feel that this is an existential threat. Why would the young psychopaths aspire to do great things if they will be exposed for all eternity as a monster? Convincing them that appearing as a world destroying monster is actually a badge of honor is a tough sell. Especially since the rulers are hastening the collapse of the world and the destruction of civilization. What will be left?

A corporate psycho is downtown in the riots. He comes across a scene where his two disciples: corpo psycho woman is sitting on top of his buddy, holding down his one good arm with one of hers and punching his face with the other. He has a chat with them, tells the woman to stop, and she gets upright to talk to him. The guy and the ground produces a gun but she’s too quick, she grabs at his hand and the fateful contest begins. The gun goes off and hits their boss in the abdomen and breaks his spine. He falls down and pulls our his own gun. The woman has wrested the gun away from her rival and is again in control. The boss shoots her through her breasts. She arches her back and screams in agony. The man on the ground now produces a piece of sharp metal and slashes at her. Her belly opened up and her guts spilled out on top of him. She fell forward and clutched him to her. She locks her arms in his and holds him in a death hug. He arches his back and throws her off, and finally stands up. But the silicone fluid of her breast implants is in his throat and because his lungs are empty he can’t expel it. He walks about desperately tring to clear it but can’t and he goes down dead. Though surrounded by blood, guts, and the contents of her intestines, it was the fluid from from her breast implants that filled his lungs and caused him to drown. [He would have been okay if he hadn’t slashed at her.] He goes down and stops moving. Throughout day he converses with people who don’t give a damn about him and he gets severely burnt by the sun. He was a global warming denier. No one helps him now.

A rat comes over at one point and licks at the blood from his belly. It stand up on his lap and stares at him. He makes a grab for it but it runs away, the motion has left him in great pain. The next morning he sees a greyhound wearing a high tech vest. A camera points at him and a voice asks if he’s okay. He says he is, he touches his 9mm pistol that’s inside his jacket. He plans to shoot the dog so he can converse with the voice without the dog moving on to someone else. The dog comes closer and gives him an energy bar. The voice says he should eat it slowly, a bottle of water drops off the dog as well. He drinks the water and wolfs down the bar. The dog looks away and he pulls out the gun. He’s about to fire but the water in his gut goes through the bullet damaged area and he doubles up in agony. The dog turned around and seeing the gun it bolted away. He fired but missed, and the gun has only one bullet left. After another few minutes of ultimate agony he resolved to kill himself. He pointed the gun at his head but could not bear to mar his beautiful face. He just got his hair done and was finally happy with it! So he pointed it instead at his heart and fired. Not knowing where his heart is he missed, and just nicked it. His chest filled with blood putting him into even more pain. Around the corner appeared some rescue workers, they saw him and ran over. Just as they reached him he blacked out and died. Darkness appeared all around and relentlessy closed in from all sides. Everything disappeared and there was only him. The darkness came over him as well and then he was floating down a river with eagles circling in the sky. Oh too bad.

“Run! They’re using super thrustors! We can’t hold them back!”

The elites are meeting to explore ways to deal with the hit list that’s growing rapidly. It’s a super encrypted file stored in thousands of places that gets larger by the hour.

The day it happened everything started to droop, all squares became trapezoids, the elites knew that their enemies, people fighting for freedom, were using some sort of new weapon against them, to confuse them, take control and make them paranoid. They had to fight back. They ran into the street shooting at people and screaming.

The psycho liars are invited to the big arms show to help fix a problem. War machines are gas guzzlers and pollute a lot but armies love the power that comes from fossil fuels. So how to make some electric military machines that pollute less, while making the public believe that they are polluting less. The military people realize the oil industry people have been lying to be secure and always have effective machines they need to go electric.

The family traveling in the car from Scenic View finally arrive, they touch down in a sea of people camping out in the country above the city. They are greeted warmly, much like the People of Horus, and all their needs cared for. They are told that tomorrow it begins.

Little Big Barn behind the country house

Little Big Barn

Once upon a time a family bought a new house in the country. It was very big and sat on a big piece of land that went far back into the wilderness. [more description of the overall property]

One day while exploring the big back yard, they noticed there was a little barn there, with a wide open double barn door. It was dark inside, unnaturally so. But you wouldn’t notice that unless you looked close. The whole thing was comically small. As if it were a miniature model or a playhouse for kids. The tip of the roof was just over 6 feet tall. What did they store in there? tiny bales of hay? Horses the size of dogs? There was a strip of yellow tape stretched across the front doors. Blowing in the wind. A long line of words repeated along it’s length. They said simply: The Subconscious.

They didn’t think too much about it and moved on. One day the daughter was back there walking past the little barn, and she noticed that inside the door it was quite dark, even though the rest of the day was sunny. It seemed as if the light had a hard time illuminating the dark. She stepped up to the yellow tape and peered into the gloom. Squinting. It seemed as if the barn was empty, just like her family had always assumed. She had the impression that the barn was very deep, in fact extremely so. Odd for such a little barn. Staring into the darkness, her eyes supplied images, superimposed on the void. She looked up, it seemed that the barn had increased somewhat in size. Or had she shrunk? She thought all of this was quite curious. She turned away and moved on.

some family drop over and they have a picnic out back. nobody cares about the barn, the door and the tape, they all walk past it. The children run past it and don’t care about it either. later the young girl is walking past it and notices that the tape is not there. She steps in and while the space outside is quite small, the space inside is huge.

She takes single steps and pauses to look. Images and scenes appear to her, they illuminate slowly out of the darkness, stay for a while, then fade back to black. She moves on.

She’s born, she’s a young girl, her life is changed by an octopus, she becomes athletic and an activist, she goes on vacation, swims in Lake Murphy, hikes for the scenic view, her Dad tries to drive to Infinity. She starts off in the corporate world and meets some evil ceos.

She marries a corporate guy, travels, has kids, gets divorced. Ex husband becomes an artist. She gets over her jealousy. Meets a very cool guy, falls in love, he makes swords, she introduces him to some tribals and he is killed. Now a young widow she goes to a bar in an elegant outfit. She tries spirituality but it’s like being drunk. The Logical Company sells her a toolkit. She goes schizophrenic but beats it when she learns about synesthesia. Taming her inner dialog is a huge theme in the girl’s life. She remembers her first conscious thought and didn’t trust it. She got into a long running debate with her mom. As a child the girl argued with her mom about the wisdom of thinking in words.

She has just met the wizard by the end of the book and they will become mates.

Young Girl

birds above

scenic view Suzie

Murphy Lake swimmer on vacation

power ranger theater

friendly octopus

Young Teenager

interviewed good father on the ferry

went to the track meet to pole vault

left behind a douche bag on a date

toured the ecobuoy as a tourist

runs with the abstract ball

Young Woman

At the end of the barn she emerges out the other side, which is the side with the tape. So she must have entered from the back of the barn and not the front. She is no longer a little girl but a mature woman with a strong moral drive. She is on a hill and people are streaming back into the city. She sits down on the hill to rest, and hears the sounds of chaos. Soon she will walk down the hill as well, to care for the wounded into and rebuild the city that has been destroyed]

as she walks through the long barn, she grows in height. from 4 and a half feet to over 6. her voice also changes from that of a little girl to that of a powerful woman. and her posture evolves, from skipping and taking up little space to striding and occupying more space.

She was the one who -

It was her that -

it was our child who was taken by death but I was the one that cried!

Tears pour out of her eyes, she stands and quivers, then is rocked throughout her entire body. She moves on. The next scene lights up. She sees ... and she remembers.

She was now over 6 feet tall, fit and muscular. Her hair was long, her

hips were wide and her breasts were round and full. She had grown from a

curious little girl into a powerful woman. Up ahead was the daylight.

She stepped out of the little big barn and into the light. Looking

behind, she saw that it had shrunken back to it's small size. In front

of her hung a yellow tape stamped with the word unconcious. She had

entered the barn from the other side. She reached out to touch the tape

and it evaporated into a trail of smoking sparks. In the city down the

hill she could hear the sounds of violence and madness. She sat down to

wait. There she wept for her world, for all the animals, the people

She looked down at herself, she was now 6 feet tall. She could see herself in great detail, but from what light? All around was darkness, she could not even see the floor beneath her feet. “Why does there have to be a floor?” she thought. She willed herself to move ahead and floated forward. Her body curved into a more natural pose. A new bank of images formed out of the dark and became visible.

She was the one who pulled the sword from Grantham’s evil hand and plunged it into his back. [we didn’t know she was there at all!]

Soon she would rise, walk down the hill and help repair the shattered city with her strength, intelligence and emotion. Her world needed her now more than ever.

I was the girlfriend who waited unseen, in the back of Trudi’s pick up truck while you decided to come in from the blizzard.

The sun is going down. A large bird with irridescent wings flies down and stares at her. It tucks it’s legs in under it’s body and sits down staring at her. She sets herself to wait patiently for the darkness, her old friend.

And all the times she’d cried, and the thousand times she’d died, she remembered! Tears poured out of her eyes and her body was racked by [petulant?] sobs. She calmed herself, wiped her nose on the back of her sleeve, stood up straight and carried on.

She wept for all the children, women and men who had suffered and died from the mindless crulelty of others. She wept in love for the nobility of living things both great and small. And she wept in hatred of the insane and selfish force of the monsters who had hijacked her wonderful world and laughed as they drove it over a cliff. She had not a speck of compassion for the evil devils that feasted on the best the world could supply, and what that wasn’t enough, they revelled in the pain and agony they caused others.

Chapter 1

presumption of love endorphins

Breast feed the pan handler and solve both problems in a perfect world

The madmen come again - Pete Seeger

Remember that time when you were crazy?
Of course how could I forget?

D'oh! Yet Another Dimension

Mirrored visor with black hole inside

Zone System

A family out for a picnic with a very formal setting kept all in a basket. Everything fit just so. After lunch the gentlemen of the house sets up his field camera and fusses over taking a picture. He didn’t know wether to expose for the highlights or the darkness. His wife came over to talk to him about it and she integrates some things he has said and he gets the idea to expose for the mid tones. When the negative is printed he will have everything avaible for accentuating. They pack all the kit up into the picnic baskets and drive away.

Chapter 2

far better to move towards our desires than to retreat from our fears

How's your grip on reality?

Confused about your orientation?

The darkness that can appear anywhere is not a lack of light but an excess of dimension

If not coming up with newer and better solutions to things then you will fall into a rut of mindless behavior.

Don't be deafened by the bang, then you can hear the echoes.

In the corner, an unkempt man and a ballerina danced a waltz.

Dealing with excess rationality is a problem we all struggle with on a daily basis.

Fears thrive where they are protected

Not really big, but sufficiently cliche as to preclude any surprise.

The next morning he awoke as before and knew none of these things. Not because he had forgotten them, but because the memories had never been made.

He fell asleep a human, filled with aspirations and disappointments, and awoke as a wild animal.

There was only ever the one story all along. says the Wizard before Wave Of Truth

What is truth? Beauty is truth

Someone Else Decides

At a meeting most of the people are enthused to do the things they have thought up. But one guy is there who says I am the boss and you will do it my way. Next meeting he’s not invited. He finds out later what was decided in his absence. Same with a woman, she freaks out, then other people decide what will be done.

Who here dares to speak the truth that we already know!

Lie Full Tower

Your god does not enlighten you, your god is preventing you from becoming enlightened.

The duck go rattle in the riggin time

The delights of your dairy air

That night I met a buxom woman and later enjoyed the delights of her dairy air!

politicians in prison from the new laws

box with a black electric film put hands into

Retro Spectres

You seen anything weird out here?

At night?

You mean like ufo’s or a truckasaurus?

Yeah either of those.

I’ll keep my eyes open, let you know if I see anything.

That’d be great, talk to you soon then. Nods to the other people, puts on his hat and goes away.

All the world sings one song

don't have to be evil to do wvil things, dumb will suffice

My Boobs Have Come #5

A guy is working on his latest film My Boobs Have Come #5. They are biographical stories about girls who grow into busty women. The team spends a summer with a slender girl who is part of a family of busty women. As her boobs grow in they capture a documentary of what she goes through.

tornado hits the mountain you have climbed

turkeys marching in a circle

they obey traffic lights, walk in the cross walks, and negotiate to keep an old barm from being demolished. They circle they guy who has their respect. probably Animal Town

Kosher Laxative j-lax double blessed

conservative and orthodox!

dude have you ever wondered why no woman ever wants to touch your penis?

Lou Crative is a nick name

Self defense shooting illegal polluters

A middle aged woman has cancer and will soon be dead. She got the cancer from a psychopathic ceo who illegally polluted her air, water and land. The pollution was ignored by directives from the Environmental Protection Agency. Whose new head of operations is the former vice president of the same polluting company.

The woman hangs around the big building and one day the ceo walks by. She calls out to him and he grins at her while she tells of her woes and asks him to stop the poisoning. He turns cold and says that the pollution will never stop while he’s alive. She throws a bucket of water on him. Everyone is stunned and frozen in exasperation and she pulls out a gun and shoots him several times. His bodyguards grab the gun and roughly man handle her to the ground. They sit on her and would crush the life out of her but some cops show up and arrest her for murder. The ceo is really truly really dead.

In court she pleads not guilty because it was self defense. The polluter was committing a crime that went unpunished because his accomplice had infiltrated the government position. And he vowed to keep on poisoning everyone and scoff at the law. The case goes before a jury. The prosection who is totally in bed with the polluter asks for several years worth of delay, but the judge denies them all. If all your money and high priced lawyers can’t make a case before this woman dies then I will find her not guilty and allow her to live her last few weeks in freedom.