Heroic Journey Hypnosis

Introducing a new and unique type of therapeautic hypnosis.
We provide an improved inner story to replace your old one, with
Fantastic elements that make it memorable, powerful and efficient.

You Are the Hero In Your Inner Landscape

Life is long and complex and full of sorrows and joys. To deal with it directly could break your mind, battering us with trauma and addicting us to pleasures. Nature has evolved a workable solution over time to keep us sane and effective:

Your World View:
A story that presents the world in a better way

It cushions us against the trauma and the thrills, and makes sense of all the madness. Our World View is a jacket of safety as well as a vehicle that can move us faster. The one we ended up with is hammered together by random events and our reactions to them. It is both a cultural artifact and a personal creation. It is rarely intentional and can usually be improved.

Engineer your World View

Our actions and perceptions are determined by our world view. What we believe is true and what we feel is appropriate all stems from there.

By assembling all the details of how we see the world into an abstract landscape, we discover where the problem spots are.

Building a new mythical landscape from an enlightened perspective creates long lasting positive change.

Hypnosis for Everything

     People often seek out hypnosis treatment for specific issues like Smoking, Weight Loss, Creativity and Relaxation. These are direct suggestion strategies that home in on unwanted aspects of one's life.

In contrast, Heroic Journey Hynosis looks at understanding and healing the whole person. Fractional issues will fall into place when your entirety becomes harmonious.

We see and act according to our
inner definitions of the world

Rational Hypnosis - Only Faith in Science Required

Many people consider hypnosis to be on the fringe of rationality and the realm of kooks and weirdos. This is far from the truth! Hypnosis is based on solid science. Here are some links

Scientific American National Institute of Health
Stanford Medicine Time Magazine
American Psychological Association Eureka Alert

There is even a study that shows the more rational and scientific the explanation of the trance experience given to the client, the better the outcome will be. This is as true today as it was in 1944.

Stronger Outcomes

The first hypnotic therapy strategy was Direct Suggestion while in trance. For example:

Your friends are cheering for you.
You're not interested in eating/smoking.

Suggestions are powerful but fade over time.

The next strategy was Age Regression: you are led back to the root cause of your trauma and your present self reconciles with your past self to heal and repair.
Age Regression, while long lasting, repairs damage but doesn't create new abilities.

A New and Unique Technique

Now there is a third strategy.
Heroic Journey Hypnosis.

Under trance you are led to a mythical landscape designed to help you succeed while avoiding pitfalls and repairing past traumas.

This is a unique and powerful strategy that works in every aspect of your life, not just in moments of weakness.

Fantastic story elements in the new story make it more efficient and memorable.

Holistic Addresses the Entirety

Many people think therapeautic hypnosis is for specific issues like smoking and weight loss. These techniques "Home In" on specific moments of the day and seek to change a person's behavior at those times. Moments of weakness like lighting up a cigarette or eating unhealthy food then become easy to navigate.

Heroic Journey Hypnosis instead looks at the entirety of a person's life: all that they are and all they have been. The world view you have now is a haphazard collection of life events and your reactions to them. We provide a replacement story customized just for you. This enables you to perceive your life from a more enlightened place and act more mindfully.

Similar To Shamanism

In Shamanism, the shaman takes you to an abstract place that is the same for everyone, and acts on your behalf with entities that are always there. It's a one size fits all solution.

In Heroic Journey Hypnosis, you are taken to a unique place that is custom made just for you in your life and your situations. It's a solution made specifically for you.

Like Past Life Regression

In Past Life Regression you are taken to a place in the past, or the future, or in outer space. Details of these places come from your sub-conscious imagination, and may or may not be helpful to your situation.

In a Heroic Journey you are taken to a place that directly addresses your issues. Gaps are filled in, misconceptions are corrected, and new opportunities are made available.

Changing your world view
will change your life

What Hypnosis Feels Like

Have you ever been talking to someone on the phone and they were so boring it put you to sleep? You were hypnotized. And just before you entered deep sleep and became unaware of everything, you probably answered their questions with minimal words. That's the trance state. Suggestions made while in trance, that you agree with, can be very powerful and can change your behavior. It's like your conscious thinking mind knows that you want to quit smoking, but your body and emotions aren't yet on board. Hearing "Stop smoking" while in a trance state, is heard by the subconscious parts of your mind and your entire self is now all for it. Instead of pulling in different directions like before.

Suggestions You Agree With

Hypnosis works when the suggestions are things you agree with. It's a myth that hypnosis can be used to manipulate you to do things you don't want to do. If you don't like broccoli then someone boring you to sleep and telling you that you love broccoli will not change your mind.

Long Lasting Benefits

When positive suggestions for the changes you want are experienced while in trance, your behavior will change. Simple suggestions will last for a while. Repairing traumas with age regression will last longer. And correcting flaws in your world view like Heroic Journeys can last a lifetime. 

Does it really work?

Hypnosis is one of the best therapies for quiting smoking, losing weight, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. These are all specific issues that can be focused on.

Heroic Journey looks at the entire person and their world view. So it is strong on dealing with stress, obsessive inner dialog, boosting creativity and performance, general anxiety, focus, finding direction and energy, increasing self worth, becoming calm, mindful, and a better person.


Run, Swim and Fly

Run like a cheetah, fly like an eagle and swim like a barracuda. Make friends with the things that once scared you. Break out of old limiting patterns and revel in a new world of possibilities.

The challenges you overcome and the lessons you learn while in trance will stick with you the rest of your life. You don't have to feel incomplete or unable, you will be free to strive with all your being and win bigger than before.

Fantastic Elements make connections fast

Your current world view is as old as you are and is very complex. It's built of thousands of events, emotions, decisions, thoughts, beliefs and memories. A mythical landscape is an improved replacement that is much smaller, more efficient and more powerful because it has Fantastic Elements. These are parts of the story that don't obey the rules of physics or relationships.

Lakes can have feelings, people can be creatures, and situations can be landscapes. Allegorical elements like these are easier to remember, impart greater meaning and tell the story much faster than hundreds of ordinary events. You are a hero in your own mythical landscape, this is not only what it feels like but also how your brain encodes memories and meaning.


Engineered is Better Than Haphazard

The world view you have now, with all it's good parts and flaws, was assembled by random circumstance. An improved world view with flaws corrected and potential for greater things, can be engineered to be much more useful.

We will design and compose a better world view for you and take you through it while in trance. It will be vivid and memorable. Once you have the foundation, the other details of your life will find their place to stick to it, and it will soon include everything, but better.


Probably What You Need

The covid pandemic has changed everything and there is no going back. Many people are languishing without purpose and looking for meaning in their new life. 


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